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UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHLike I said in my previous review, for book 5, this book and the previous one. just weren t for me Pretty sure I just repeated everything in my first sentence but that s because these two left me so shook Not in a good way It s getting tiring to see the same thing constantly happening.Temperance is ALWAYS in danger.She misses her kid.She misses Ryan.She solves the murder..but it takes FOREVER.The one thing that kept this a page turner was trying to figure out who killed the baby So yea, the only thing that got me into this book was when she found those bones Other than that, I just didn t care Yeah, the other murder was an interesting add but it just seems to be repetitive I don t want to say that I m getting bored. but I am and it s sad because I m listening to the freaking audios Those kind of books shouldn t make you bored. but it s like I d rather sit in traffic than keep hearing Temperance being in danger.I have no idea when I m going to dive into the next book but I feel like I need a mini break from this series Hopefully the next book will bring me out of this weird funk I need something to get me interested into this book and characters again. Reviewed first at Brunner s BookshelfIn the past I have loved Kathy Reichs s books and I am still a big fan of the show based on her books Bones My Undergrad degree is Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensic Science with all of that why is it I just didn t care for this book This is now two of her books in a row that I was less than thrilled with I m starting to worry that I have grown out of Kathy Reichs I keep wondering if these books have always been this way and when I started reading them I didn t have a lot to compare them to Have my tastes just changed Has this ever happened to you I would love to hear from you in the comments just so I know I m not alone on this So the plot of the story is there is a suspicious fire and Brennan is asked to look into some charred remains putting her vacation on hold While stuck working she decides to step away and meet her daughter s friends While at a Bar BQ with them her dog finds bones Not just animal bones but human mixed in Is this poaching that went wrong, or did a bear snack on a picnicker only to choke on a bone and die I ll let you read and figure that out if you would like TheI think about this plot I keep picking at it Why do these books have so many different victims cases mashed into one book There have been times while I am reading that I have no idea which bones she is referring to belong to what case or victim It can be frustrating It s almost like trying to keep straight the characters of Game of Thrones without a character list handy I also have started to hate the whole romance or lack thereof angle in these books I remember when I first started reading these books cheering for Brennan and Detective Ryan Now I am just irritated with the juvenile I love him , I hate him , I love him again It doesn t really advance the story in my opinion I think I am going to keep this short I m really indifferent on this book I didn t care for it but I didn t hate it I will try to go mid road here and give this 3 out of 5 stars I feel it really isof a 2.5 star read but I m going to round up this time I have a fewto read and if the next one is about the same I might end my run there. An unconvincing, totally forgettable novel Like many other readers, I miss the elements that make the Bones TV show so appealing I made the mistake of thinking that this was the first book in Reichs series, so I was initially surprised at how phoned in and convoluted it felt The only part of the book that seemed passionately written was Tempe s environmental speech featured on the last two pages Reichs writes in sentence fragments that read like sporadic bursts of machine gun fire, as if she had sent the manuscript to her publishers via telegram and was being charged by the word Publishers Weekly refers to it as cut to the chase writing, but I think it s lazy Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy the occasional verb now and then I also don t care much for the cutesy elements throughout, such as the constant attention to the lovable antics of Tempe s pets or the way that her boyfriend continually acts cute in wholly unrealistic ways And don t even get me started on Reichs Sex And The City syle attention to fashion and brand names I can see the potential for Reichs to be a good writer, but this outing contains for too many cheesy paperback romance elements that do nothing to serve the story and will simply alienate the male audience Then there s the actual plot of this novel, which is incredibly weak and coincidental It all builds up to an even weaker,coincidental endingand Tempe is given the fortuitous opportunity to kill the main villain in the absolute lamest way imaginable I m curious whether this is a series that simply jumped the shark, or if it was really this bad from the get go. With a background in anthropology, I was intrigued by the idea of a book starring a female anthropologist, written by a female anthropologist Kathy Reichs, of course, does and writes forensic work, which is far afield from the applied cultural material on which I once focused but she writes a darned good novel I liked the characters, and was pleasantly surprised to recognize the author s name when my kids turned on the TV show Bones, which I d not watched before Kathy Reichs is associated with the show, which stars the same lead character Dr Temperanceas Brennan, or Tempe as her series of novels.The only real disappointment was that the plot was rather strongly formulaic, so that as I neared the end of the novel I found myself thinking, OK, when is Tempe going to find herself unexpectedly trapped alone with the killer, with no escape in sight until someone from the supporting cast just as unexpectedly bursts in to save her I won t tell you whether or not that happens, but I ll go ahead and say that the word spoiler wouldn t really apply On the other hand, formulas come into being because they work, and there s something comfortable sometimes about settling in with a novel whose basic outline you can predict, just to see how a new author explores the genre.The actual book recommended to me was a later one in this series, and I decided to start with this one, which I mistakenly thought was the first It was good enough that I plan to read the others in the near future.And the big surprise I ve actually watched a couple episodes of the TV show now, and like them too It S A Summer Of Sizzling Heat In Charlotte Where Dr Temperance Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist For The North Carolina Medical Examiner, Looks Forward To Her First Vacation In Years A Romantic Vacation She S Almost Out The Door When The Bones Start Appearing A Newborn S Charred Remains Turn Up In A Woodstove A Small Plane Crashes In A North Carolina Cornfield On A Sunny Afternoon Both Pilot And Passenger Are Burned Beyond Recognition And What Is The Mysterious Black Substance Covering The Bodies Most Puzzling Of All Are The Bones Discovered At A Remote Farm Outside Charlotte The Remains Seem To Be Of Animal Origin, But Tempe Is Shocked When She Gets Them To Her Lab With Help From A Special Detective Friend, Tempe Must Investigate A Poignant And Terrifying Case That Comes At The Worst Possible Moment Daughter Katy Has A New Boyfriend Who Tempe Fears May Have Something To Hide And Important Personal Decisions Face Tempe Is It Time For Emotional Commitment Will She Have The Chance To Find Out Everything Must Wait On The Bones Why Are The X Rays And DNA So Perplexing Who Is Trying To Keep Tempe From The Answers Someone Is Following Her And Katy That Someone Must Be Stopped Before It S Too Late My mother in law gave me this book at the beach because she knows of my interest in forensics, but, also, because Kathy Reichs attended UNCC and she teaches there The story was good, but, I do not enjoy Kathy Reich s writing style She uses improper grammar, incomplete sentences, seemingly random punctuation at times, overuses metaphor, and is sometimes hard to follow Clearly, her style has not hindered her popularity I had forgotten exactly what it was about this book I didn t like, and, I am addicted to BONES, so, I thought I d give her another chance when I came across Break No Bones Her novels read a little like I would imagine a screen play would read, as she describes the attitude or facial expression of a character in only a word or two, without using complete sentences Somehow, it just seems strange to me, but, as a medical mystery goes, she does a pretty good job as a forensic anthropologist. I loved that Tempy was not in a love triangle in this book And she picked the guy I wanted her toI was confused at first because I thought she picked the other guy, but I am glad to be wrong I think Tempy really showed her vulnerable side in this book It seems like a lot of the crimes she witnesses have taken a toll and the constant danger isn t good for her mental health I am glad she has a certain someone to lean on The ending to this creeped me out because there are certain reptiles that were involved and I am not a fan by them So I was very happy when the scene ended and I didn t have to think about them any. Outlandish as usual, but a really fun ride just the same Although I m hoping after book six we ll stop finding Temperance getting knocked unconscious then saved by men just in the nick of time You d think by now she would at least take a kick boxing class or tell people where s she s freaking going Despite all this and the dark subject matter, I m addicted because these books are amazing for when I need a break from the heavier stuff I usually read On to the next Brennan Bare Bones is the sixth novel in the Tempe Brennan series, and as such builds upon previous characters, past events, and past plots, but heyif the formula works, don t mess with it Brennan, like author Kathy Reichs, is a forensic anthropologist who works between North Carolina and the province of Qu bec identifying causes of death and IDs remains too badly mangled or maimed for local experts including the occasional animal.In Bare Bones we find Tempe back from her expedition in Guatemala the setting of her last novel Grave Secrets about to go on a much needed and long anticipated beach vacation with detective Andrew Ryan, a colleague from Montr al However, a series of ominous events derails her leisure time a newborn s charred remains found in a crack house, a downed drug plane, a cache of bear and human bones on a farm, and missing federal agents draw Tempe into another sinister web of deception, danger and death A mysterious stalker, the Grim Reaper, threatens all that Tempe loves by leaving chilling snapshots as seen through the scope of a high powered rifle What has Tempe stumbled onto This time around and much to my consternation , Tempe spends no time Qu bec That was one of the draws that I loved so much in D j Dead the vivid descriptions of La Belle Province, the descriptions of local Montr al hangouts and restaurants, the charming qu b cois touches, all set Kathy Reichs apart In Bare Bones, however, Reichs grounds Tempe in the South I loved the research about Melungeons a subject of great interest to me Melungeons meaning cursed or lost soul live in the Appalachians and are believed to be descendants of Portuguese sailors, Roanoke survivors, First Nations, and possibly Turkish slaves among others , but overall the book seemed to cover less new ground than past outings Similarly, the three plots are much less loosely connected than in previous novels The budding romance between Tempe and Ryan was very deftly and gently carried out, although Ryan is not actually present for most of the novel Tempe s Green Party rants at the end of the book seemed incongruous,a political statement than in character for Tempe, but overall Bare Bones is another enjoyable read from Reichs I only hope the next novel is set in Qu bec once . A hallmark of the Tempe Brennan series is a plot that seemingly starts as one thing but morphs into something that you couldn t have seen coming as the book progresses Bare Bones is no exception.The remains of a dead baby come across the desk of Dr Brennan as she s working in her native North Carolina At first glance the book seems like it s going to be a standard who dunnit Was the baby stillborn Unwanted Who would do such a thing How to identify the murderer if there even is one But, a Tempe Brennan book being a Tempe Brennan book, nothing is ever as simple or as ordinary as it seems While at a picnic gathering of locals, Tempe comes across a cache of buried bones ANIMAL bones, wrapped and buried in hopes that they would never be discovered.On top of THAT there s a plane crash in a local field that brings with it its own set of mysteries.Without giving too much of the plot away, this is not a simple who was criminal who tried to erase the evidence of a full term baby story As you can see, it s multifaceted and there are plenty of twists and turns as is usual in this series and the plot both gathers steam and finds a life of its own as the chapters progress in rapid fire fashion.Sometimes it seems that having Tempe just stumble onto all of these mysteries that tie into one another even though they don t seemingly at first is a little coincidental and maybe even cookie cutter, but that s far outweighed by the interesting a varied subject matter from book to book Psycho serial killers, biker gangs, secret societies, drug traffickers It s the variety and the ever evolving characters and character relationships that overshadow any negatives After all, if Tempe didn t get embroiled in these deep routed mysteries, it wouldn t be very fun reading now would it