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ueen Victoria rules with an immortal fist The undead matriarch of a Britain where the Aristocracy is made up of werewolves and vampires where goblins live underground and mothers know better than to let their children out after dark A world where being nobility means being infected with the Plague side effects include undeath Hysteria is the popular affliction of the day and leeches are considered a delicacy And a world where technology lives side by side with magic The year is 2012 and Pax Britannia still reignsXandra Vardan is a member of the elite Royal Guard and it is her duty to protect the Aristocracy But when her sister goes missing Xandra will set out on a path that undermines everything she believed in and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to topple the empire And she is the key the prize in a very dangerous struggle

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    Starting from a full five 1 star for Xandra the bodyguard wearing full Victorian dresses high heels and corsets on the job 1 star for Xandra's boyfriend likening her to his son Ew1 star for What have you brought us? Meat 1 star for nonsensical attempted explanations of the fantasy races and world building 1 star for every family member Xandra has slapped in the face1 star for every person she beat up that actually deserved it Let's call it an even 2 stars

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    This book is fraught with problems which might not bother those readers who are big fans of the urban fantasy genre but which bothered the picky and demanding reader that I am I also would use urban fantasy rather than steampunk here even though the novel is marketed as the latter because the book is far a mish mash of your usual paranormals than it is a combination of past times future technology In fact the author's note at the beginning contained almost technology than the story itselfI'm not going to be entirely negative I can see why some will find this entertaining I love the cover and I think the GR description is fantastic an alternate Britain where ueen Victoria is immortal and still on the throne where vampires and werewolves roam where goblins terrorize it's rare that you come across something that sounds so uniue Unfortunately it just didn't live up to my expectationsThe writing felt very juvenile I know for someone who reads mostly young adult this might seem an odd complaint but I expected something darker sexier and much adult I don't know how old Xandra was supposed to be I'm fairly certain we weren't told but whatever she was she read like a young teenager and this made the whole novel feel lighter and fluffier and the one night stand thing seem even weirder to me As if the thing didn't feel unnatural enough as it wasAlso too many creatures all at once I understand why authors might want than just one type of supernatural creature in their story it's exciting caters to people's interests mixes things up a bit and if we are to believe that vampires exist why wouldn't werewolves also? And goblins? But Ms Locke tried to create a complex world in which all these creatures are major players all at the same time it didn't work She could and should have done something like Charlaine Harris did and allow the readers to come to terms with one species first before introducing the others later on in the series Being British myself one of the things that struck me immediately about the book is that it is so British it just wasn't What I mean is and I'm sorry to disappoint people who seem to love this we really don't say shag and bloody hell and bollocks in every sentence Or twat Or sod off We say it yeah but Locke went crazy with it I suppose she was just trying really hard to be convincingly British but it felt fake Or it did to me anywayIf you were really looking forward to this and you have a lot of good experiences with the urban fantasy genre then you should definitely still check it out Unfortunately God Save the ueen just didn't work for me and I won't be returning for

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    I would LOVE to give this 3 12 stars but I can't here so I'm giving it 3 As a first book I liked it and will definitely try out the next one This is steampunk alt reality mixed with vampires and I randomly picked it up not knowing what was going on at all which was kind of fun I liked the world building but it was WAY too repetitive for the first third of the book especially I think the author needed to trust her world was being set up well without having to remind the audience all the time some editing could have def helped that part After that first half though I really loved where the characters went with the FAMILY part those relationships were really awesome and clear and I was invested in them I guess my biggest problem with the book was that the love interest was kind of 2 dimensional he was really perfect the whole time and I felt like there needed to be a bit of a twist there to make it interesting conflict I mean he's the KING OF THE WEREWOLVES and he was just kind of a Murray Sue Is that what they're called? haha I think maybe a big twist will be in book two with them? I hope so But I think this is good for fans of Gail Carriger's series for sure

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    What I Liked The concept of a virus creating werewolves and vampires was interesting I think the whole setup of the book could be a cool TV show like a steampunk gothic True Blood or something What I Disliked The book was trying really hard to be British It was uite obvious that it was not written by someone British but just someone who reeeeally likes British stuff Tbh the book felt like it was trying really hard in every aspect The world building was overly complex and there was so much info dumping all the time Xandra felt like a caricature of a badass woman and didn't have a lot of depth The characters were kind of bleh in general

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    Entertaining debut with interesting worldbuilding and a page turning mysteryLocke has created a likable complex protagonist who excels at kicking ass She's dedicated to her ueen as well as her job as a member of the elite Royal Guard and is fiercely protective of her family She's an admirable character who also shows vulnerability when it comes to seeking acceptance and approval from her father and the mentor who has guided herShe's also stubborn and remains in denial for a large part of the story While this could be an irritating uality in some characters it felt believable and was easy to understand given Xandra's circumstances and how strongly she felt about her beliefs and the people she loved Xandra's devotion to her family is what sets into motion a series of events that leads to the unraveling of an intriguing mystery with a surprising twist What is seemingly a story about Xandra's search for her missing sister turns into something far complicated and conspiratorial challenging her views of the Aristocracy and the role that she plays While there are some flaws they were minor enough not to affect my interest in the story Xandra's romantic relationship was a little less than satisfying It wasn't uite insta love but felt somewhat similar And the alpha werewolf wasn't uite alpha enough for my taste but that's of a personal preference as opposed to being a reflection of the author's writing Overall I found God Save the ueen to be a fantastic start to a new must follow series I wouldn't necessarily say this story is ideal for steampunk fans because those elements are very light compared to others that I've read But I imagine fans of urban fantasy will happily devour this debut

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    Cliche boring cliche predictable cliche zzzzzSuch was my reaction to this book which had a cool premise but failed to deliver anything uniue in the genres it tried so desperately to straddle steampunk urban fantasy paranormal romance An asskicking sassy neo noir heroine in some world building appropriate branch of law enforcement has unwelcome speshul snowflake issues that manage to intersect with family troubles mommy issues daddy issues sibling issues job troubles Snowflake Status is such a burden y'all romance troubles thank goodness for insta love with the resident werewolf alpha world ending troubles view spoilerGood Mentor Gone Badtm hide spoiler

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    would just like to say about this book that it does give an interesting perspective to an alternate time about the plague and Victorian era and what would happened if the plague happened differently to our bodies and the adaptations of it all ueen Victoria still reigns the plague has turned the people that it affected into camps also known as aristocrats the top of the food chain it also affected them by changing into werewolves but it's very hard to get a full blooded aristo from 2 vamps getting it on the same towards weres so they then had halvie's who are either half werehuman or half vamphuman but if a full werewolf and a full vamp do the dirty they get a goblin I know weird ain't itI have to say that this is a brilliantly written book with a super story line written in a different alternate timeframe from the Victorian era but in a way it still lacked a little something for me I will carry on reading the others as I am interested in seeing where everyone ends up hopefully Vexation McLaughlin in my bedI have to say that I do feel for Alexandra Varden as going through life with one dream only to having to uestion everything and having your dream shattered but at least she can run into the arms of Vex who wouldn'tas with another of my reviews that probably doesn't make sense unless you've read the book then somewhat sense thx for reading this Happy reading xx

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    Everyone should read this one of the best ufsteampunk vampwere books out therebeautiful written and very enjoyable readinghumour mystery ans action its got it alla very strong female lead

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    Rating 5 out of 5Review to come Corsets and handguns That's the time zone we are inIn a mixture of eras Kate Locke beautifully creates an environment that has elements of steam punk and urban fantasyThis is 21st Century ruled by an undead ueen Victoria The nobility are made up of vampires and werewolves the underground is filled with fearful creates called goblins half breeds vampire human werewolf human are used to safeguard the nobility and finally there are humans creatures fearful of the unknown but whose numbers make for a fearful opposition Then there is Xandra Vardan a half breed whose sister disappears As she trails her sister's whereabouts she starts to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the world around herThe best things about this book was the setting If I haven't gushed about it enough the next sentence ought to do it This book was ingenuous and mind bogglingNext can you imagine a bloodthirsty ueen Victoria OFinally the characters Xandra is a strong and intelligent heroine Trained to be one of the best half breed fighters she is a treasured guard who has much to lose from the secrets and betrayals she uncovers Even then she is determined to see this through to the end where others may have choosen to remain obliviousThen there is the werewolf Vexation MacLoughlin An alpha over all the werewolves one of the things I loved about him was how he didn't feel the need to demonstrate his power over others That is something which Xandra also comments on Especially when it came Xandra he followed her lead and trusted her even when they were uncertain about one anotherSo whether you are a steampunk reader an urban fantasy reader or just a reader who won't mind dabbling in fantasy I recommend that you immerse yourself in Kate Locke's world

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    This is a review of the AUDIO version The book gets 5 The audio gets a well deserved slap and 'null point' it's worse than eurovisionPlease don't spend a penny on the audio until you've sampled it extensivelyWORST reading I've heard since 2006 when I was unfortunate enough to listen to that chap with the Boston accent who speed read the Dolphins of Pern I was so disgusted I demanded my money back from Audible and I notice they've since replaced that version with a new oneThe narrator is one Courtney Patterson there is very little info available about her it may be the first book she has done in which case I'm sorry but audio narration is not the career for you dear As best I can work out she is an American doing the strangest upper class not British accent I've heard in a long time but it really doesn't stop there Oh no this woman can read an action scene with death and destruction as though it were a long soothing bath calm unmoving voice Imagine one of those slow dreamy chocolate commercials with the soothing voice over while bodies fall all around and our heroine saves two lives it was surreal I actually wondered if she was on drugsThe book written by an American is set in London and kudos to the author other than a couple of tiny little weird things She tossed me a Cadbury? A Cadbury what? Bar? Flake? Cream Egg? Twirl? Call me weird but She tossed me a Cadbury made me picture an actual Cadbury perhaps Lord Cadbury flying across the room now he's a nice chap but probably not what the author had in mind when she wrote itAnd fried dough at breakfast no just trust me no Fried bread yes However otherwise she does an awesome job and I wouldn't have known she wasn't a Brit It was a great book and I would have given it 4 except that I think the narrator spoiled it for me so much that I'm erring on the authors side and working on the basis that if I thought it deserved 4 after the narration clusterfuck that is Ms Patterson it must deserve 5 I mean I listened until the end and it was painfulThe story is great as I said fascinating world however the love interest is Scottish and that's where Ms Patterson moves from bloody awful to truly freaking world destroyingly bad First she makes no attempt to find out how the Scottish pronounce words so we actually have the love interest aristo werewolf Vex McLaughlin who can't say his own namePerhaps at this point I should make it clear that I'm a Brit I live in Scotland I know what all the people around me sound like there are many different Scottish accents Ms Patterson missed ALL of them Vex's accent moved from Yorkshire to Russian to Irish and eventually settled on a sort of comedy version of Sean Connery in Highlander It made it very hard to take his courtship of Zandra seriouslyHer other accents were possibly worse her cockney wasn't even as good as Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins She didn't even attempt the Welsh accent of one character for which I am eternally thankful And she keeps pronouncing Coffee as Kaaaaaawfie which is just weird and confusingAnd finally a key point the halvies half were or half vampire children They are a vital point of the plot Unfortunately the incompetent narrator actually cannot say the word Halvie She calls them Havvies like the opposite of Have nots through the whole book I was completely baffled until I read some reviews on here and realised she was trying to pronounce the word HalvieIt was appalling Do Not Buy It Get the book instead Original review 2012 this note added 2013Just in case anyone is put off buying book 2 or 3 in audio don't be Moira uirk does a wonderful job I obviously was not the only listener that felt that audio narration wasn't the career for Ms Patterson But Ms uirk is a pleasure to listen to