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Though Written Than A Century Ago, Elizabeth Barrett Browning S Beautiful Sonnet Rings True Today For Three Young Couples Who Believe In The Power Of LoveIn Night Vision, Brett Finds A Way To Brighten A Special Girl S Lonely Existence Bobby S Girl Features Dana, Who Must Choose Between Two Brothers, Both Of Whom She Loves Laura S Heart, The Third Story, Introduces Year Old Laura Carson, Who Is Hospitalized On A Regular Basis Because Of Her Weak Heart But When Tragedy Strikes A Loved One, She Realizes Her Heart Is Stronger Than She Thought And That Love Lives On Forever From The Hardcover Edition

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    In this book, I found that all three of these stories are romantic and it shows that you should still have hope and love even if your loved ones pass on, which is what Lurlene McDaniel wants to convey In Night Vision, I felt that Brett s and Shayla s relationship felt a bitrushed, even though I know that you can fall in love quickly or slowly, but that s just me But it was sweet to have Brett bring the sunshine into Shayla s life when she has been a child of the moon for her whole life.For Laura s Heart, the love between Laura and Ramon was slightly creepy, but not because of the age gap or Ramon s past I really don t know why I felt that, but I just thought that those two really didn t click However, it is satisfying and sweet to know that Ramon gave Laura his heart literally.My favorite story out of those three would have to be Bobby s Girl Bobby has lived his whole life being the second favorite of his family and half brother, Steve And it s all because Steve can play football and Bobby can t So imagine how happy Bobby was when he got the perfect girl, Dana, and knowing that for the first time in his life, his life was actually better than Steve s But Dana has a secret Years ago, she met Steve and fell in love She thought that she would never see him again, but then he comes home because he has sudden, weird headaches, which turns out to be brain cancer Dana loves both Steve and Bobby, but she seems to like Steve better, and wants to spend time with him before he dies, and keeping it a secret from Bobby Turns out, after Steve dies, and right before Bobby leaves for colledge, he writes Dana a letter saying that he knew all along that Dana and Steve loved each other, and that he kept silent because he wanted Steve to be happy At first, I wasn t too sure how I felt to have Dana see Steve behind Bobby s back, but then I realized that you can t chose who you love, you just KNOW.All three stories are touching, and give you the miracle of hope after finishing.

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    Oh nostalgia I remember when these books were super popular in middle school We all read Lurlene McDaniel and Paul Zindel and Sweet Valley High and we were jealous that our lives would never be filled with drama and sadness and tragedy, much in the way that only 11 year olds can long for a life they will never have And probably shouldn t even be jealous of Cancer, brain tumors, car accidents, these are the things we were reading about and pining over What melodramatic preteens we were I love a good drama still, but the romanticized stories in these novels are just unrealistic Yes, someone dies Yes, someone else lives happily ever after I don t think that s how it works in real life and I don t really want to 11 year old me is upset with this statement, but it s the truth I ll take my boring life over anything in these stories anyday Sorry.

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    Lurlene McDaniel s new book, How Do I Love Thee, takes its title from the famous sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning Each of the three novellas that make up the book, takes its theme from the final line of that sonnet I shall but love thee better after death By the time you finish the final story, you will know what it is like to completely give your heart to someone The girls love anything written by author McDaniel I finally had to read one to see what all the fuss was about.

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    I d have to say this book was my favorite besides please don t die the last story was the best because of the way it ended That story is kinda like Romeo and juliet meets lifetime If you like a good cry check this one out o

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    Night Vision While this was the story I was most looking forward to, it ended up being my least favorite It was so rushed, and the characters didn t feel real I didn t feel for them at all.Bobby s Girl I wasn t entirely fond of the subject matter, but I did like the story well enough It was sweet and I actually really liked the three main characters I wish it were longer to have shown of the aftermath, though I get why it wasn t Laura s Heart I think this may have been my favorite of the three It s short and sweet and the only gripe I have is that it was predictable I get the point of the story and context of the anthology, but I wish it would have gone in another direction just to stay away from being obvious That said, I did enjoy it.

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    I read it in middle school it made me realized that love is a lie I should never love

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    This book is emotionally driven and very well written I love the fact the stories are all connected each one of the story was about true love, sacrifice, and hope.

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    This Lurlene McDaniel s series consist of three books The three books are Night Vision, Bobby s Girl and Laura s Heart These three books are related in a many ways These ways include the main characters having metical conditions that play a main role in story s plot These books are all very short but if you re into the romantic novels with a twist these books are recommended for you.The writing style of this series of books is easy to read and comprehend These books are fast reading books because the story line grabs your attention These three books do not use the same characters and in the third book they don t bring the characters together As you re reading the third book you think you have figured out what this book will be like until an unexpected an unexpected twist comes The first book, Night Vision, a girl has XP or Xeroderma Pigmentosum This medical condition is a genetic disorder and they are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation This condition plays a big role with the life of Shayla In this book an exchange student from Key West moves to Massachusetts where he meets Shayla and they start to date Brett soon exposes Shayla to the life of an actually teenager during night hours so Shayla is able to be outside There is soon a twist to the book that is unexpected In the Second book, there are secrets that are floating around between a teenage couple The boyfriends brother is coming home and his girlfriend is worried But why Steve, the brother, has bad headaches that leave him in pain In this book a teenage girl is torn between two brothers who long for her attention This book is about a medical condition and about choice that have to be madeIn the third book, Laura s heart, Laura faces a difficult life with a heart that is weak During Laura s visits to the hospital a guy named Raymond works the night hours and gives her attention and a life besides the hospital Her parents are forbidding her to see him as she is stuck in the house watching video lessons from her classes She soon sees him and they become friends again Soon an unexpected turn come for the worse that leads Laura to devastation Within these three paragraphs you will see that the main characters are somewhat relatable to actual teenage relationships The only downside to these books is that they are predictable and somewhat cheesy These books are fast reads and interesting plot lines I would recommend this book to my classmates only if they like love stories.

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    I liked Brett and Shayla s story the most, I think At first I thought Brett was just whiny and his mother was a stereotypical finger wagging Stern Parent, but I was glad the how dare you sneak around busines was resolved quickly when Brett explained about Shayla And I was happy Shayla was so easily accepted by Dooley and the gang, which made her death even sadder She was happy, she felt like she belongedit was tragic, but it was handled really well Bobby s Girl wasn t terrible but Mr Harrod pissed me off by being a dick to his healthy son just because he had a tighter bond with the sick one Surprisingly, the love triangle didn t end in a ton of screaming drama, I thought Bobby handled things gracefully considering the circumstances.Laura s story can be half summed up with this Parents You are never to see that boy again, we don t care that he makes you happy, he s an evil older man and a stranger and we re going to tell him to stay away Ramon I will stay away because your parents yelled at me That is the noble thing to do.Laura YOU DON T UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND cries a river Thankfully, that didn t eat up most of the plot and it didn t turn out so badly At least Laura and Ramon got to see each other and it didn t include the tired old they get caught, her parents throw a shit fit and there is drama businessmainly because just when Laura was about to try to have Ramon get to know them and vice versa, he was murdered And gave her his heart for a transplant I won t lie, that wasreally touching, even if it bordered on glurge.

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    This was a reread for me I had read so many Lurlene McDaniel s books when I was younger, and when I saw this for only 1.00 at my local book store, I couldn t pass it up I loved all of her work and couldn t read it fast enough There s something about her stories that just draws you in and won t let go This novel is comprised of three short stories Night Vision, Bobby s Girl and Laura s Heart Each is unique, but all the the theme of finding love and terminal illnesses Night Vision is a short and sweet story The characters fell in love too fast, but overall, it was a great short work I wish it was longer so I could learn about the characters Unlike when I started Night Vision, I didn t remember Bobby s girl at all from when I was younger As the story went on, pieces came back to me, but overall, the story was still new to me The MC in this novel faces a difficult decision when she has to choose between brothers I couldn t decide who I was rooting for Steve or Bobby, but either way, the story was still good The final short story, Laura s Heart, also wasn t familiar to me but it was pretty good I m thinking Night Vision was one that stuck out because it involves a disease that I had never heard of before Regardless, it was very enjoyable to reread these stories Took me down memory lane to my childhood a bit I have another McDaniel book on my shelf now also 1.00 , and since they re fairly quick reads, I ll be starting that soon