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Sarah has only one person to turn toWhen Sarah's family moves into her Great Aunt Margaret's house Sarah can't help feeling something is terribly wrong She tries to believe she's just unhappy about having to spend so much time caring for her disagreeable invalid aunt Yet she knows there is There's a chill in the air which only Sarah seems to feel There are unexplainable heavy footsteps in the upstairs hall Lights go out doors slam unexpectedly and things move by themselvesSarah realizes that one other person in the house is just as scared Aunt Margaret Together a sick old woman and a frightened young girl they must figure out what evil spirit is trying to terrify them

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    Some stories do the paranormal such justice that the target demographics do not affect our investment At other times wonderful authoresses like Betty Ren Wright weigh down the pleasure with youth baggage If you pardon my language the Mother in this story is an insensitive bitch Comments are clear that if she were not present ratings would be higher Her decree that Sarah should not share her feelings or worries with her Father was the last straw If one parent is not understanding; one has a right to consult the other That is the benefit of having a pair of human beings raise you Something else rankled Raised in a struggling middle class where every advantage my folks obtain is frustratingly sucked somewhere; I do not fault a non educated Father for being ineligible for better jobs However this young one keeps losing jobs One cannot help asking why doesn’t he obtain the single electronics diploma he is missing? Sarah and her brother are in their first home where they have separate rooms; thanks to a disabled Aunt They have to move if she can’t live with them but sharing the residence means giving up Sarah’s endeared new bedroom Excuse her for expressing reasonable disappointment“A Ghost In The House” 1991 is about destructive paranormal occurrences taking place around Aunt Margaret when Sarah’s unhelpful parents are away I like that her brother Liam is not a rival and wants to discuss Sarah’s experiences They are so major it is appalling that she and Margaret still do not expect those adults’ belief It takes Margaret awhile to admit that a childhood tragedy is responsible The suspense grows thrilling For the second time in one of Betty’s novels the chief pleasure is in forming a bond with a relative who is unexpectedly endearing

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    This book reminds of me why I started reading books by Betty Ren Wright in the first place The spooky stuff is enough to become than a little tense as I'm reading The build up comes to a terrifying climax where you wonder if anyone is going to get out alive This is the kind of ghost story I lusted after as a child It was nice to end out my stack from this author with one of her better books Haunted house complicated family relationships a lot of good honest emotion and a main character that while sometimes was a bit too whiny comes off as authentic as the mystery deepens Just a good book overall

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    I used to love this book when I was a kid A Ghost in the House is an eerie but well written story with a number of other themes besides just the paranormal

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    I read a lot of Betty Ren Wright's books growing up yes I liked scary stories and although I loved the stories one thing I really didn't like about her books was how mean the adults always were Not mean but just so wrapped up in themselves that they refuse to listen to the kids In this book the mother of the main character would rather believe that her daughter is lying and playing mean tricks on a sick old woman than even try to listen to any explanation that may involve the supernatural I used to wonder if I would be the same if one of my sons ever told me he saw a ghost I still don't know Anyways this book was enjoyable enough I guess

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    This book was good because i rated it 5 stares It was good because the girl named Sarh had to give up her room for her aunt Margret and then aunt Marget sent in a ghost when she came to live there It was a bad ghost that had all this stuff against her Then sarh told the ghost to leave and he did then he came back and started a fire thats how his daughter died and then the ghost went away forever Then the lived

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    This was a favorite of mine back in middle school I read it 2 3 times throughout middle school and just recently found it at my local library and read it again as an adult Love it

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    Engaging mystery by Betty Ren Wright Sarah's Aunt Margaret moves in with her family and steals her bedroom and then scary things start to happen and no one believes Sarah Starts out with small things where you aren't sure if it's a ghost or not and then huge episodes of hauntings The scary descriptions are just perfect for kids not too scary but just enough

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    This story is as scary as Wright's Christina's Ghost I enjoyed seeing Sarah's character grow and become thoughtful towards her family I enjoyed her relationship with Aunt Margaret Wright does suspense well I shouldn't have read this after dark

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    It's a chiller WARNING Do not read at night unless you're on a really good part

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    This is only rated as highly as it is because if I'm being perfectly honest the kidlit ghost stories YA pulp horror like Fear Street genre is like popcorn for me It's not actually that great and I probably shouldn't eatread it but if I'm in the right atmosphere I'll keep shoveling it into my face whether I really want it or not And even if I don't really enjoy the experience I'll still enjoy the experience It's 100% guilty pleasure reading and even if these books don't completely meet my standards I still really enjoy them It's weirdFair warning The bulk of this review isn't so much a review of A Ghost in the House as it is a rant about a particular trope found within the novel that is found within damn near all of the similar novels I have read from this era Said rant is cordoned off behind a spoiler tag for any readers who rightfully choose to ignore itview spoilerSo here's the thing Both Betty Ren Wright and Mary Downing Hahn and I'm sure plenty of other authors within this genre during the height of their careers tend to write or less fun children's ghost stories with or less bearable protagonists and awful parents It's a bizarre cultural divide I think between the authors and myself; the children are so often portrayed by their respective narratives as mildly brattyspoiled and their parents stern and authoritative but like that's never how it actually reads The children read as you know children and the parents are always varying degrees of abusive or neglectful In A Ghost in the House we have a seriously neglectful father as is so often found in a very traditional nuclear family whether we're talking reality or fiction a psychologicallyemotionally abusive mother and a grumpy rude great aunt who turns out to actually be the most sensible and kind adult in the whole storyLike I get it It makes a ton of sense for the parents in children's stories to take antagonistic roles but personally I'm sick of it As much as stories need conflict I'd say it's important for children to see healthy relationships modeled in fiction Now I wouldn't be complaining if this wasn't such an overwhelming thing and hopefully the trend has fallen off in recent works but in these older ghost stories the parents are tyrants who hardly seem to give two shits about their kids and so these stories normalize that behavior But while these stories portray these parents as good or average they're not These parents are shit and for once I'd just like to read about a mother or father who supports their child who listens to their child who acknowledges the validity of their child's emotions and desires and fears who sets healthy boundaries for their child and allows their child to set healthy boundaries of their ownBasically I'm saying that I would've liked to read a book as a kid that could've helped to show me what the fuck a healthy parent child relationship looks like so maybe I could've figured out that my own parents were neglectful abusive fucks before I spent over half of my life wondering why I was suicidally depressed and incapacitatingly anxious Spoiler it was PTSD hide spoiler