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My sense of humor, passed down to my sons Older son who is studying to go into bioengineering I m going to work on a robotic body that we could download our human brains into.Younger son who is a smartass I want my brain downloaded into a roomba No ability to talk, just roam around I ll love it, as far as anyone can tell Boys How many times have I told you no knife fights in the house This book is about Cyan a truly awesome human woman with a brain downloaded into a semi human body She is responsible for saving the cyborg race by helping them escape and was killed for her part in it Luckily, her daddy didn t download her into a roomba He had a much better model for her.No, he did better than that As a matter of fact, he used the model of a sex droid for her body, including some giant knockers Now, I just have to ask everyone who the hell s dad decides to download his daughter s brain into a sex bot If my dad were to download my brain into a body, it would look like this Message stay away from my daughter But, at least creepy dad made her totally kickass, and sarcastic my favorite of superpowersNo Yes No He backed away Decisive I like that in a man, she chuckled. The cyborgs don t believe that she is the same girl who saved them because of her new and improved body So, they assign to total a hole douche to guard her Krell Krell is an idiot It is so obvious that she is the same girl, plus she keeps doing everything she can to help the cyborgs again and again But, he refuses to trust herHe started to hand her a fork but paused, glancing at her and then it, and back Wariness narrowed his eyes For real Seriously She held out her hand, palm up What do you think I m going to try to prong you to death I don t know who that would be embarrassing for you dying by fork or me needing to use something so silly to take you out That s right, Krell It s not like it s a spork or something That, I could understand.Of course they fall in love very quickly But, I didn t get what she saw in this guy He never really stopped being a stupid jerk I guess love is blind, deaf, and dumb. An enjoyable read, for me the highlight of this book is Cyan she s a fab character and totally kickass A strong heroine, Krell as a character isn t bad but feel like he was missing something.The cyborg council is starting to really get on my nerves however, they really need to change things Overall the plot was interesting and made me keep going This is book 7 in the Cyborg Seduction series, but you don t need to read them in order. Krell Cyan Emily was a human with special needs who required assistance 24 hours per day Emily was also the daughter of the scientist who created Cyborgs She used to adore them and she wanted to stop their torturing Her best friend and her personal assistant, Mavo, is a Cyborg and she even had a little childish crush on him As a result, she helped them escape, send Mavo to save another Cyborg who was being tortured and scarred and she got lethally shot Many many many years after Cyborg s successful escape, Cyan is captured by them She appears to be a human soldier and she is after a bunch of humanlike androids, called Marcus models The fleshy androids are very dangerous for humans and anyone that lives and breaths around them Unfortunately they have managed to escape Earth and death is following them anywhere they land Cyan used to be Emily At least a advance version of her, after her dad work on her almost dead body Krell is the Cyborg that Mavo saved during the escape Scarred and lonely avoids everyone except Mavo who is his best friend.It is time for a reunion, but Cyan cannot convince Krell that she is the one that saved them She does not resemble at all Emily any She is shorter, indestructible, deadly and a true soldier.Krell is another Cyborg who hates humans Cyan will make him see the light and subsequently Krell will be totally addicted to her Ah, true love is all around Cyan Emily is my favorite kick ass heroine in the series so far She totally steals the show and shows Cyborgs a few tricks. I loved this one Cyan totally kicked ass I thought I would have trouble with the premise of the story, but it worked Krell totally redeemed himself for his shitty behavior in previous books and how he acted in the beginning I understood his anger and hesitancy Although I think his distrust went on way too long Safety Gang view spoiler I do not many recall specific issues Yes he is in a breeding pact but gets out of it.H pushes her away emotionally and is distrustful hide spoiler Book In The Cyborg Seduction Series Krell Hates Humans They Left Him Scarred And Undesirable To Females He S Lived A Lonely Existence In His Home World Because Of Their Brutality So He S Angry When He S Ordered To Interrogate The Captured Human She S The Enemy, A Soldier From Earth He Ll Show Her The Same Mercy They Showed Him None Cyan Didn T Expect To Survive Her Mission Against The Markus Models But She S Stunned And Elated To Be Confronted By Cyborgs The Past And Present Collide, However, When She Sees Krell He S Part Of A Dangerous Secret From Another Life And He S Also Completely Irresistible Krell Is Certain Cyan Can T Be Trusted He S Determined To Keep Her At A Distance But Cyan Is Just As Determined To Get The Big, Sexy Cyborg Into Her Bed 5 star re read I seriously had no memory what so ever of reading this book before However, scroll down and see that I have Seriously, it s awesome re reading books while having bad memory lolCheers all 5 AWE worthy stars Originally read in 2016 Again WOW Couldn t put this down i can t believe I ve been skipping on these books for so long So glad I started reading them and falling and for them with each passing book Pure genius and beauty Love this series and was so glad when this book came out that I bought it the first day As some of my Goodfriends know, I have this thing for the tortured hero and Krell sure was that Tortured and about to be killed, he s rescued by his friend when Emily aka Cyan, helps the cyborgs initially escape when she learns they are about to be terminated She s the disabled daughter of their creator and is shot in the chest when she helps with the escape Her dad saves her by changing everything about her except for her brain memories She finds out the cyborgs aren t really dead and has to convince them of who she is and that she can be trusted now that she isn t physically the same person any.Fantastic story For awhile I thought Laurann Dohner might do the menage marriages like Kaitlyn O Connor, but nope, she s a one man one woman writer As soon as the next one comes out, I m buying it. Some parts were good, but the romantic interaction was kind of blah.This was ok, but not as fun as the previous books The conflict between the couple was weak Throughout the story, Krell does not trust Cyan He thinks she is a spy from earth who will send back information to harm his people Cyan does many things to show she is on Krell s side, but he continues to have doubts until the end It was not the best story for me To add conflict, implants were put into Cyan s brain that caused extreme pain if she talked about her prior life, who she was, who her father was, etc This means she couldn t tell them who she was Why would her loving father implant things to cause torture to his daughter That was kind of contrived, but I ll go with it.The good parts were some cool action scenes with the heroine saving the day She outsmarts and wins against enemy androids and dangerous creatures, using knowledge, skills, and bravery.The sex scenes were pretty good if you don t mind Cyan being the initiator I usually prefer the guy being the initiator and or being alpha during sex Krell doesn t want to trust her and doesn t want to have sex with her, but he is turned on against his wishes Krell was tortured by humans and has scars He thinks all females are repulsed by him But Cyan is not It is hard for Krell to believe she is attracted to him.This is book 7 in the Cyborg Seduction series These are not full length novels They are about 2 3 the length You don t need to read them in order, but I d recommend it My favorites were books 4, 5, and 6 Touching Ice, Stealing Coal, and Redeeming Zorus I had problems with the first one, Burning Up Flint, gave that 2 stars.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 4,125, 240 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes about 4 Setting the future mostly on the planet Garden Copyright 2011 Genre erotic science fiction romance. re read,What can I say Laurann Dohner is a genius, I loved this book the story line was so original and fantastic and the way she excited it was perfect, This may be the best in the series so far, now I m anxious for book eight Many authors don t have the talent to write a series this long and not have a lag in the series or a complete falling apart of what the series was originally intended Mrs Dohner didn t have either of these problems this series started great and has just gotten better with each book, Laurann can write anything Krell s job is to interrogate and get information any way possible to make sure the Cyborg race is safe, and the claims of who many believe Cyan to be are crazy and he s sure that she is really a spy, When Cyan see s the Cyborgs she is ecstatic that the Cyborgs are safe and still alive but when she see s Krell she can t believe her eye s and she is soon trying to convince him she is who she claims and finds herself falling in love with Krell but Krell has a hard time trusting and he has good reasons to not trust Then Threat to the entire Cyborg race forces Krell to finally choose if he can trust Cyan and give into his felling for her If I could get everyone to read this book I would, this is one book that everyone needs to try so they can see the talent that is Laurann Dohner. Another great story in the Cyborg Seduction series The series seems to have really hit its stride and shows no sign of letting up I think the stories are getting stronger They seem to be getting plot driven and less erotica driven Sex scenes are all very well and the ones here are lovely but I really want to know what s happening with my couple and how the war with the Markus Models is going This was my favorite heroine so far Cyan was a kick butt gal but she was very sensitive and loving along with it She was physically and emotionally strong Krell was also a great character He was scarred and antisocial and was not a desired mate in the Cyborg world as a result Watching him fall for her and realize she wanted him was sweet I only wish the story had played out over a longer period of time to really allow their feelings to develop naturally That would have involved pages you say I would have been happy if the book had been twice as long The writing and plotting of this series is getting better and better Can t wait to see whose story is next and where the Markus Models will strike again.