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    very funny book I particularly enjoyed his accurate yogi descriptions met a lot of these types in various yoga classes over the years

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    This book has offered a full breadth of emotional experience that did employ every part of my body in its best endeavour to empathise with the author’s life slides Indianised Such humour such colourful writing Absolutely creatively drawn his various Indian scenes lately I have been doing Pilates my instructors find me just too flexible to get into any pose so swiftly they say and my appearance is always calmpainless but what this book teaches me is the focus on breathing right I have taken that as my input to improviseYou live through him and if you are an Indian reading this book you are in for such a splendid time such great laughter Beautiful momentsI will buy this book It’s a keepsakeThankyou very much That day I randomly chanced upon this bookat the library luck had me Yay

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    I enjoy reading books about places I have been as much as the places to which I am yet to travel especially when author can perfectly captures the essence of experience of a location’s character This is exactly what Michael Booth does in “Eat Pay Eat” which chronicles his trip with wife and two young children to India in attempt to write the definitive book on Indian food As the travel across the country from the pink city of Jaipur with buildings faded to a shade of salmon like a German gam show host’s blazer to the sludgy litter filled open sewered slums of Mumbai they meet locals and sample the ‘swirling cavalcade of aromatic flavours’ of food along the way which are all brought to life through his writing The fact that Michael Booth is not ‘the sort of person who sits cross legged on floors like some moth eaten hippie’ only adds to the authenticity of his observations in what is a very readable account of a world in which guests are considered temporary deities by their hosts and the traffic is unlike anything you have ever seen

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    I sort of just wanted a book about Indian food that is frankly too spicy for me to eat and I got a pleasing amount of that although I also got very caught up in Michael’s very personal breakdown and am so pleased he found some euilibrium at the end It was a bit of a surreal read in that I found him to be a strangely accurate mix of my dead alcoholic father and me in that his thoughts and reactions to various situations struck a little too close to home in places Funny and enjoyable and I’m glad I read it but it did end up being slightly harder work than I’d anticipated

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    Author Michael booth relates his experiences with his wife and two young boys during a three month stay in India He was overweight depressed and drinking to excess Anxious irritable and difficult to live with his wife gave him an ultimatum; either take a yoga class from an Indian master or she and the boys would return to England without him Booth describes his intense classes and their effect on him and how he eventually also took up meditation I found the yogameditation part mostly boring but the descriptions of life in India were fascinating to read

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    Funny and entertaining

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    Enjoyable easy readA rather witty writer Booth's accidental stumble into the realm of self help literature is a comedic curious and engaging account of his travels in India Despite the first half feeling a bit muddled between a travel diary and culinary review the author's tone is cynical in the most humorous way exposing the uirks of a country so far removed from western culture Booth opens a window into another world and I for one was intrigued the way through

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    Michael Booth is a recent discovery for me I read his delightful ‘The almost nearly perfect people’ which was his take on the utopian Nordic countries and found it amusing and insightful as well With great hope bought one of his earlier books ‘EAT PRAY EAT’ which is his discovery of India – its cuisine and its people interwoven with his middle age crisis as a not so successful writerThere are actually two books in this book At one level it is interesting if you read it as the anxieties and angst of a man punching below his weight in life who finds the world passing him by A married man with two kids and his struggles with his editors publishers and his idiosyncratic views on life and his worries that he will end up as a has been consumed by alcohol If you read it as a travelogueof his travels in North meandering into Mumbai and finally ending up in South then it is a different story He has uncharitable views on most things Indian Having said that uestion is why I got annoyed about thisprobably because our ability to digest a white man’s unvarnished view on our country and all its problems is low We are so brainwashed on the India on Steroids largest democracy secular vibrant economy etc etc that we find it difficult to absorb an outsider’s critical view of all the muck and filth around us relative to the orderly world that he comes from Story in the end takes a happy ending when he cleans himself out in a yoga camp in Kerala And from what we know he has made a reasonable success of his life later with multiple best selling travelogues to his creditOverall avoidablethe one liners are good but if we want one liners to keep us amusedwe can view any standup comic on YOUTUBE rather than enduring this book

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    A story of the author's trip to India with his family where his initial preoccupation was with eating Far from being a book on cuisine he lists the various foods without any detail on ingredients preparation or culture importance that would add to the reader's knowledge of Indian foodsThe second half of the book talks of his involvement with pranayama yoga and transcendental meditation partially as an intervention with his alcoholism The author does not believe himself to be a spiritual person but does decide there is a positive effect on his mental and physical habitsThe book is interspersed with travel anecdotes of mild interest

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    This is a book celebrating life and how you sometimes have to take an unexpected route to help you appreciate it It's also a lot about food so that's always a winner for me I really enjoyed this book despite reading it in an unusual way I went to the library to find a book about Kerala but on not finding one picked this one up instead Started reading it conventionally but couldn't get into it so I skipped to the chapters set in Kerala I then got engrossed in his unwanted experiences of yoga and meditation and read right up until I could see he was winding down to returning home and as I wasn't ready to leave I went back to the beginning and then came back to the final 2 chapters As a foodie myself I loved his food descriptions and was truly inspired by how introducing yoga and meditation to his life in a non zealous way helped him with his demons I'll be looking up some of his recommendations prior to my trip to Kerala so I got my guide book after all