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There Are Lonely, Single Skeins Of Yarn In Every Knitter S Closet Casualties Of Projects Discarded In Mid Row, Single Balls Of Alpaca Or Cashmere Because You Can T Afford Than One, The Leftovers From Long Completed Projects They Really Should Be Used, But For What Here Are Original And Charming Solutions To The Perpetual One Skein Problem Contributed By Yarn Shops Across The United States, These Patterns Include Hats, Mittens, Scarves, Bags, Socks, Baby Sweaters, Belts, Headbands, A Cell Phone Carrier, And Even A Tea Cozy And A Set Of Coasters, Each Using Just A Single Skein Of YarnWith Patterns Arranged By Yarn Weight, You Ll Easily Find Broad Ranges Of Possibilities For Your Particular Yarn Orphans Each Pattern Includes The Names Of The Contributing Yarn Shop And The Designer And An Image Of The Completed Project

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    I own several knitting books, and this is usually the one I reach for first when I m looking for a basic pattern for a quick knit The book does contain a small number of crocheted items, but don t let the name fool you this is primarily a knitting pattern book Indeed one could find similar projects online, but having them in book form is convenient The patterns in this collection were submitted by yarn shop owners and designers Organization is by yarn weight rather than subject which makes this a great stash buster book All the patterns call for only one ball of yarn, but some of these skeins such as the brand called for in a lace shawl pattern contain over 1,000 yards of yarn Of course one can use any yarn of equal weight to that called for in the pattern, but I ve found that unless the yarn substituted has the same or longer yardage, a second skein might be needed.The projects range from baby knits, bags, gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, shrugs, socks, to other miscellaneous items like a bookmark that I ve knit with size 1 needles and a skein of embroidery floss, and a cell phone carrier that I use to hold my iPod If you knit a purse you can easily make one of these little carriers from matching yarn to button around the handle and hang inside the purse for quick access.I have knit several items from this book and have found the patterns to be well written The fact that when I pulled the book from the shelf to write this review I found 9 flags marking patterns that I intend to knit should speak for itself It s a keeper.

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    It took me a minute to see the logic in organizing the patterns by yarn weight but I could see how that could be really useful The pictures of the projects, however, were not at all well organized I would have liked to have seen all the hats and like things each in their own sections As for the project themselves there were the expected scarves and baby items There were also a lot of what I call bazaar junk You know them, they are kind of things that give knitters bad names Fortunately there are a few gems and some I have already made having found someone s altered version posted online I wouldn t call this the best pattern book but it has enough for beginners that I think it s well worth it for a newcomer to knitting and experienced knitters may find enough that they can alter to their tastes I have hopes for the second book in this series 101 Designer One Skein Wonders and will review it once I m finished.

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    I found this book lackluster I only found one pattern I m going to make for sure and I have to alter that one note I did decide on a few , see below This isn t a bad book, it just didn t speak to me There are a very few crochet patterns in here it is mostly knits One additional note, before you start any pattern in this book check the corrections page There are a lot of mistakes for a book of this size I ripped out many rows trying to figure out what I had done wrong apparently I was attracted to the mistake ridden patterns Turns out it wasn t me When I finally thought to check the errata on the publishers website , I found all my problems made clear There are 23 corrected patterns in all I have to wonder if there was any editing involved in this project at all It s very unprofessional I m tempted to downgrade it to one star but the patterns are better than that After you get the proper instructions, that is.

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    This is one of the very best of the One Skein books I can t even count the number of things I have made from this The patterns are greatvery fashionable and yet most are simple to do It s great when you are working on big projects and need a little break, a quick gift or for charity knitting If the house was burning, this is one of the books I d grab.

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    I am super excited about this It s divided into sections based on yarn type, and now I have ideas on what to do with the small amounts of cashmere and sparkly novelty yarn I have Yay

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    I got this when I was newer to knitting, and oh my goodness, it s a treasure Nowadays it s a bit simple for me, but there are plenty of great ideas I like the unusual format and the way pattern stitches are put on the margins so you can refer to them The little blurbs add a lot of flavour to the book and each pattern Some of the hat patterns are kind of dumb, but you don t have to make anything you don t like I hate the fact that the picture index in the middle is all mixed up and out of order, but they fixed that with later installments to the series Strongly recommend all the 101 One skein wonder books.

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    This is a handy little book packed with a variety of patterns that require just one ball of yarn I like the way the book is divided into sections according to yarn type bulky, heavy worsted, worsted mohair,worsted, sport weight,fingering, and novelty So you can immediately go to that section to match a pattern with the yarn you want to use The middle of the book contains color photos of all the projects for quick and easy browsing.Be sure to check out the publisher s website for corrections to some of the patterns.

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    It s kind of weird that I own three of the books from this series, but I don t think I ve knit a single project from any of them Still a useful book, I will probably knit from it eventually I got this one when it was deeply discounted.

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    Wish the color pictures were placed with the projects Nothing for me.

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    I have a many single skeins of yarn, so this series is perfect for me I can use enough of the patterns to make the book well worth the price.