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Guide To The Hunger Games Offers A New Way To Interact With The Enthralling World Of The Young Adult Publishing Phenomenon That Is Suzanne Collins Hunger Games Trilogy This Companion Provides Deeper Insight Into The Inspiration Behind The Thrilling Adventure Series, As Well As The Contemporary Themes At Its Root Profiling The Main Characters And Providing Coverage Of The Th And Th Hunger Games Tournaments, Long Standing Fans Can Refresh Their Knowledge While New Ones Can Explore The Dystopian Setting Of Panem In Illuminating Detail Complete With Beautiful Illustrations, All The Most Fascinating Elements Of Collins Creation Are Covered Here, From Muttations To The Amazing Designs Of Katniss Stylist, Cinna Guide To The Hunger Games Comes At The Perfect Time, Coinciding With The Highly Anticipated Film Adaptation Of The First Book Whether You Are An Avid Reader Or Just Seeking An Introduction To The Film, Guide To The Hunger Games Provides The Perfect Way To Engage With The Most Exciting YA Books Of The Moment Covering All The Aspects Of The Series That Fans Love Best And Including An Exclusive Guide To Winning The Hunger Games, This Companion Brings The World Of Panem To Life And Is A Must Have For All Aspiring Tributes

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    It was amazing,it was an awesome book,lots of sci fi

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    this actually started from my mistake when buying a discount book Usually before buying a book, I definitely read the review or at least a synopsis But I didn t do it when I bought this book I think this is a novel hunger game without reading the top title and the author Miraculously, it turned out that I did not feel loss to buy this book This is like a summary of all parts of Hunger Games Unfortunately, I bought this before reading the original novel of course I am lazy to read the original novel because I already have a guide book that is even complete.

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    B t n seriyi tek tek ele almas bak m ndan gayet g zeldi, tek eksi i i inde yeteri kadar izim vs olmamas yd.

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    Many Hunger Games guides aren t any good However, this is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the Hunger Games, second only to Hunger Games Companion It provides plenty of details about everything, from the characters, to the muttations, to the rebellion It provides sharp contrast between the two main forces the Capitol, and District 13, and explains how Panem was inspired and Suzanne Collin s thoughts when she wrote the book Packed with tours and activities, it keeps the reader engaged to a level which no other guide can match.

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    For a relatively short book, it s a pretty good overview of the HG trilogy characters, events, connections to history, events, explaining what dystopian means I read it in preparation for a teen book discussion I m helping facilitate and it was helpful to have it as a refresher Some parts were repetitive for example, the same event is summarized from Peeta s and Katniss s point of view, which could maybe have been combined or written differently, but that s a nitpicky comment and for teen readers, this is a good breakdown.

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    This is the kind of companion that I am NOT looking for This book has a few boring quizzes, rehashed plot summaries, and descriptions of characters and things using details I already knew This is a good beginners guide, perhap for someone who just saw the movie or read the book It is not intended for people who ve read all the books several times and want new insight on the novels because that is something this guide completely lacks.

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    While it provides correct information and basic ideas, plots and incites for a die hard fan it offers little to think about All the information can be found within the book without having to ponder the big ideas like who is real to blame for killing the tributes and how different is Panem from the world we live in today If your looking for something in depth i would recommend The Hunger Games and philosophy or the Panem Companion.

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    excellent to have to learn about each tribute, each district, how Panem became Panem.the Dark Days.it has a diagram of the clock shaped arena in the Quarter Quell so you can better understand the clock like map Peeta draws on a leaf in Catching Fire.

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    Panduan sederhana tapi sangat berguna bagi pembaca Trilogi Hunger Games yang sering lupa nama tokoh dan asal usul mereka Paling berguna sebagai panduan saat menikmati versi filmnya atau saat membaca buku ketiga, Mockingjay

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