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Jack Frost has stolen all the jewels from ueen Titania's crown Each stone controls a particular aspect of fairy magic Without them the fairies can't use their magic fairy dust or make pictures in ponds of water Rachel and Kirsty have to help the fairies get the jewels back before it's too late

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    Friends help friends no matter what happens

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    The Jewel fairies are India the Moonstone Fairy Scarlett the Garnet Fairy Emily the Emerald Fairy Chloe the Topaz Fairy Amy the Amethyst Fairy Sophie the Sapphire Fairy and Lucy the Diamond FairyTheir gems control different types of magic like good dreams changing appearing and disappearing etcWe love looking at the maps at the beginnings of the books A different location for this series as Kirsty goes to stay with Rachel this time Miss 4 liked the adventure playground bestMiss 4 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

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    I really liked this book

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    hi this is 2019 15 year old me who remembers that 6 year old me loved this book soyeeti'm going to repeat this statement for literally every book i add to my children's literature shelf okay

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    This ended uite well setting the scene for the next book

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    These little books absolutely fly off the shelves Jack Frost has once again taken magic items from the fairies This time he stole the jewels from ueen Tatiana's crown The jewel fairies can't do their job without those jewels The jewels are hidden in the human world and there are goblins guarding them Thankfully Rachel and Kirsty are good friends with the fairies and will help them get back their jewels In this novel they help Sophie the Sapphire fairy get back her sapphire that grants wishes The length of this book is good for young readers just beginning chapter books The text in it is a little larger than normal and there are still some illustrations included However these novels are very formulaic In the entire series Jack Frost always hides valuable magic items from the fairies and the same two human girls help the fairies find and get those items back While the repetitive format is comforting to young readers and makes them feel good about being able to read this form it stops challenging them after a while If a new villain or human characters were introduced it would really revitalize the series Boys will not enjoy reading this at all because the only male characters are bad guys As it stands this is an okay series for young girls just beginning chapter books It is recommended for purchase but only because there is not much material in this particular category

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    This is the sixth book of seven in the Rainbow Magic Jewel Fairies series by the group of authors who go by the pseudonym Daisy Meadows While the stories are basically the same and follow a simple formula they are entertaining for young girls who are starting to read chapter books and I love that our oldest is just ripping through them We both read the books separately and talk about what happens I'm not a huge fan of them but each story only takes about 5 10 minutes to read Our oldest is starting to read them very uickly too and she ended up finishing four of these stories in one day Feb 2012 update our youngest is now immersing herself in this series and is reading them very uickly too As inane as I thought they were I love that this series is making readers of our girls Hooray

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    This book pleasantly surprised me with a couple unexpected deviations from the otherwise formulaic series In this book as part of fairy goblin confrontation the goblins were transformed into other creatures I admit I wondered What will happen to them? Will they be stuck in the human world forever? That's sad Happily this concern was actually addressed Also for the first time that I've encountered this book had a twist The girls got the jewel the goblins were defeated but the book wasn't over yet It wasn't a huge dramatic turn or anything but it was still a nice change of pace

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    Another in the series of books where Rachel and Kirsty try to help the fairies recover their gemstones In this one they are searching for a sapphire that has the ability to grant wishes There are a couple funny scenes involving the weather and a water fountain although the usual goblin problem crops up alsoAlthough they have a wish granting sapphire it doesn't occur to the girls or the fairy to wish for Fairyland to be protected against Jack Frost and his minions; nor do they wish for all the goblins to be blocked from the world of humans which is where the missing jewels are Because of that I think this is one of the weakest of the series

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    The Jewel FairiesSophie the Sapphire Fairy can't make wishes come true without her magic jewel Can a local fountain provide a starting point for Rachel and Kirsty and lead them to the hidden jewel? As with the other Rainbow magic book that i have reviwed i recommend these books to all little girls that are facinated with Fairies