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Captured And En Route To A Medical Facility For Dissection And Study, Cyborg Lyon Expects Nothing But Pain And Degradation From His Captors But Samara Isn T Like The Others, Treating His Wounds With Care And Igniting A Fire Deep Within When She Neglects To Ensure His Cuffs Are Locked Tight, All Hell Breaks Loose A Hot, Sensual Hell Against The Cell Wall When His Team Arrives, Lyon Knows He Should Walk Awaybut He Can T His Little Human Has Gotten Under His Skin He Ll Take Her As Payment For His Suffering, Keep Her In His Bed And Pleasure Them Both For As Long As It Takes For Him To Lose Interest What He Doesn T Expect Is To Lose His Heart In The Process

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    I enjoyed this sci fi romance The hero was a cyborg and was nicer than the cyborgs in Laurann Dohner s Cyborg series which I also like.

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    I really, really liked this book In fact this is just what I was hoping it would be, though I do wish it had been longer so it wouldn t have ended so soon This book does have instal love but it didn t bother me My only other thought is that I wished we had scene them talk to each other in this book so we could have scene their love grow But this is a fun, fast book that I am so glad I found.

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    Second time around is just as good as the first

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    Warning Sexy Cyborg Hotness

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    Posted on Romancing the Book s blogReviewed by CrystalReview Copy Provided by the PublisherLyon s Price is a really great book Yes it s short but, it s worth it When I started reading it I got so into it that I hated when I got to the end I hope she decides to write another story to this book so we can see what happens with the other characters.I ve read many books by Mina Carter and they just keep getting better and better I love how she comes up with her characters and the story line that she weaves around them I m always left wanting for .Lyon is the main character and let me just say he is so hot I m a Leo so I understand his personality He has deep feelings When he loves it runs true so you ve got to expect some jealousy to show it s face He makes a mistake on his mission and he blames no one but himself He let his ego get the best of him.Samara is a spicy and woman She is strong and sticks up for what she believes in She doesn t let prejudice get in her way She doesn t listen to what people say about cyborgs She s the kind of woman that you would want on your side when things get tough When you think all is lost she comes through fighting You get these to together and there s bound to be sparks The passion between them is so hot that it catches you on fire Lyon is the man that you would want by your side and in your bed.I can t wait for my next adventure and I ll be on the look out for a second book to this story.Favorite Quote Pursing her lips, she gave him a coy look Well, I don t know Perhaps I should take a look at this fan club you say I have before I make a decision

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    So 5.00 is a bit high for a short 95 page book, but some books are worth it to me This has some really hot scenes and when Lyon and Samara start to understand each other things work out I really would love a continuation of this story though because there is so much potential for a sequel I just love the Cyborg Human combination and the fact that now the colony will have a medical person available Anyway I recommend this sci fi erotic romance to anyone who likes this genre To some who aren t familiar with this genre give it a try.

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    Damn do I love great Cyborg booksand this one was really good.delicious These two shake my head.whew Lyon is a Cyborg who was caught and being experimented on and Samara was the nurse taking care of him His Cyborg crew comes to break him outbut not before he has Samara up against the wall Yeah, you read that right, these twoyummy Anyway, he takes her with him and there is some drama with her old crew She ends up saving Lyon and his crew and develops a bit of a fan club Loved this book and look forward to reading in the series.sci fi crack right here.

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    What a hot start to what I hope will be a great cyborg series Super fast paced and quite steamy.Can t wait for .

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    There were so many things I didn t like while reading this book, that I don t even know where to start.Cold, bossy male lead and a hopeless pushover of a heroine just didn t bode well for me, even so in their non electrifying sex scenes Their interraction was insufficient to say the least, the plot was lacking in many ways, and the story wasn t even a good erotica one to afford such drawbacks.The author s writing was a shallow repetition of the same lines over and over again, which had been introduced to us already in the first book So, yes, 1.5 stars actual rating turned 2, just for the heck of it

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    I liked this one It had some development and attachment formation to the characters There were funny moments as well.