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Side Effects by Jennifer M Barry4 StarsSixteen year old Isaac Matthews suffers from an unusually bad case of night terrors and as a result most nights he gets little or no sleep causing his days to be spent in a blur When he wakes up one morning not remembering most of the last 2 months he decides it s time to get help Initially too young for drugs Isaac has to learn to cope with his debilitating anxiety attacks and deal with the normal high school dramas that all sixteen year olds have to go through Side effects is a very well researched detailed account of Isaacs life The steadily paced drama describes to perfection the inner feelings of this young boy making it easy to connect with and feel for his character He is a social leper and this YA book could go a long way to help young people realise we should not judge people for what we see because we really don t know what is going on in their life Isaac was lucky enough to have a couple of good friends, friends that were able to see beyond his issues and not only accept him but also try to help him There are some very touching scenes when Isaac struggles to act on his feelings when he begins to fall for Grace a very helpful and understanding new girl in the school The story is realistic in the way that there is no sudden magic cure Isaac doesn t have a rapid recovery, instead it shows us that with help his condition is controllable and he can lead a normal life Mostly an interesting read but I did become a little bored hearing over and over Isaacs constant inner turmoil which may make me seem a little heartless knowing full well that some people do suffer these struggles for real.Copy supplied for review Everyone remembers the difficulties of our high school years Imagine going through that period with a debilitating disorder that makes you different from your peers and effectively cuts you off from any chance of having good friends, or simply enjoying yourself.That s the life of Isaac, the main character of Jennifer M Barry s Side Effects Intelligent and perceptive, Isaac is isolated from his peers by a crippling anxiety disorder that manifests itself in an inability to take part in his own life Many times, he can t even summon the courage to speak to his classmates Disturbing nightmares rob him of sleep, and he often dozes off in school The other kids don t know what to make of him, and he endures their taunts and indifference in stoic silence Isaac s family is loving and supportive, but even they cannot ease the isolation he feels as a result of his disorder The term side effects is poignant in its double meaning It refers not only to the effects of the medication he tries for relief, but to the effect the anxiety disorder has on his entire life It isn t until Isaac meets Grace, a new girl at his high school, that he finds the strength to overcome these side effects, both emotional and medicinal.Grace discerns Isaac s worth even though he can t easily express himself verbally She intuitively knows the best ways to communicate with him, and how to help him feel safe enough to respond to her Their friendship is truly the heart of Side Effects, and it s deeply rewarding to see how Isaac blooms once their relationship takes flight Grace sees the person and not the disorder, helping Isaac believe in his abilities and his worth.Yes, there is a romantic element to the story, but Barry has written it as much than that Side Effects is really about a young man s struggle to keep his illness from defining him We see the real Isaac a smart teenager and brilliant musician grow confident each time he wins another battle over his anxiety Barry writes his story very effectively, pardon the pun She skillfully lets Isaac gradually emerge from despair and disability, and it s very nicely paced At the same time, Isaac and Grace grow closer, though it s not until the end that they admit their true feelings for each other Barry wisely lets the friendship take center stage in most of the book, because this is where Isaac learns to trust both Grace and himself It s not enough to say I enjoyed this novel I loved the story and found myself rooting for the two young people who are at its core The characters will stay with you for long after you finish Side Effects I hope there is a sequel planned, because I truly feel that Isaac s real story has just begun. Ongoing review Just started and Isaacwhat a life this boy hastrying to get through the daysand NIGHTSwith extreme anxiety Couple that with the tormenting he receives at school and his life is hell.We ve just met Graceand she s like a ray of sunshine to him He SEES herand is amazed that SHE sees HIM.Page 151things are looking upwhich is good, because the angst at the beginning was very hard for me to readand I imagine it was, IS, even harder for those with an anxiety disorder, to live through.Donewhat a journeyone that hurt as we see how badly Isaac feels at the beginning, but one that grows throughout these pages.This reads true The fears that apply to medication and the fear of what how one could live without it The fear that some of the SIDE EFFECTS will overwhelm youand the fear that there isn t a way to just LIVE.This was a journey of discovery and there is hope If Isaac can survive, maybe another with an anxiety disorder can too.Anyone who knows someone who suffers from anxiety attacks could learn from this book And they can find hope here too. A wonderful story, built slowly, lovingly and delivered with Grace I will admit, I was sceptical in the beginning Grace seemed too good to be true, but I was sure a relative or close friend would be shown to have the same or similar difficulties as Isaac, and he was It made the unbelievable patience and instant ease with which Grace handled Isaac realistic The climax came so naturally, I almost got disappointed that there would be no BANG at the end, but there didn t need to be There only needed to be a love and acceptance of self, which shone brightly Kudos, Jen, this is a marvelous novel. Jennifer M Barry s Side Effects is a superb offering It s been a very long time since I ve read a Young Adult Realistic Fiction of its caliber The story of Isaac is that of the underdog, as he struggles through life with daily limitations caused by anxiety that most of us would be afraid to even imagine Barry s lovingly crafted characters allow the reader to empathize with their situations Her thorough research makes the story credible But her talent as a writer is what truly left me in awe It s not every day that you read a Young Adult novel that begins with the author paying homage to Edgar Allen Poe Yet, Barry does it seemingly with ease In fact, as I read it, the word literature came to mind several times And I think that is a worthy description of this novel, because it is everything that a classic novel should be. Wow.Way to start off the year One of my new favourite books, I absolutely loved every single thing about this book and the messages it portrays I could honestly talk about this book forever and I can t wait to pick up the sequel Thank you to Jennifer for sending me in exchange for an honest review.This book surrounds a young boy named Isaac who suffers from severe anxiety and depression He doesn t really have any friends at school, and is constantly bullied by his classmates and the popular jocks He barely even speaks two words to his parents, and he gets no sleep every night as he s terrified to go to sleep and experience the night terrors again.When pretty, bubbly cheerleader Grace joins the school, she s instantly drawn to him and sets out to befriend him and show him what life is all about.This book is so beautiful I honestly can t explain what it made me feel The writing style was amazing, it kept me engaged and drawn in constantly, I thought about this book even when I wasn t reading it It s rare for me to be fully connected to the characters but I was so enthralled with all of them, especially Isaac and I wanted what was best for him the whole time This book made me so emotional but in such a good way, I don t even have words for it.A full review will be posted tomorrow on because damn I need time to collect my thoughts properly. Side Effects by Jennifer M Barry is a moving story of a young man struck by paralyzing anxiety disorder, facing real life situations, which makes his condition even difficult to deal with Many young adults will be able to relate to Isaac s fear which may help them empathize and sympathize with issues many of their real life friends may face This book may help bring compassion and understanding where once there was pain and ridicule.Also, Isaac s real healing comes it the form of friendship and love, not doctors, psychologists and pills It s a message of hope and the story was truly engaging The writing is excellent Highly recommended for readers of YA. The frightening world of teenage anxiety disorders is rarely explored with the gripping intensity found in Side Effects Jennifer M Barry has created a quick read while keeping a strong message of hope and self discovery that will last long after the final page has been finished. Side Effects by Jennifer M Barry is an important young adult work, because it captures a very real antagonist in vivid detail without abandoning story for message Isaac Matthews suffers from anxiety disorder, and his treatment options are limited by his youth as well as fear of what the side effects may bring The first chapters come with an intensity that would be exhausting if it were the pace of the entire book I don t say this critically, as this intensity highlights the realities of Isaac s plight and packs emotional punch to his setbacks and triumphs throughout the rest of the story The author ties several true to life concerns in her protagonist s battle the social stigma and general poor understanding of anxiety disorder, the dangers associated with treatment particularly in young people, and the need for sufferers to find a reason to face their fears and choose to be well.Isaac s reason comes view spoiler in the form of aptly named Grace, the beautiful new girl who seems, incredibly, to understand Isaac in a way no one else does hide spoiler High School Can Be Hell On Earth, Something Isaac Matthews Knows From Experience His Ex Best Friend Is Now The Biggest Bully In School The Medicine For His Anxiety Disorder Is Supposed To Make Him Better, But There S A Chance He Could Just Get Worse And Then There S The Beautiful, Outgoing New Girl Who Shakes His Very Foundation And Grounds Him At The Same TimeGrace Is Drawn To Isaac From The Moment They Meet She Holds His Hand Through His Panic Attacks, Draws Him Out Of His Shell, And Changes The Way He Sees The World Why Would Anyone Try So Hard To Help The School Freak She Has Her ReasonsWarning Side Effects May Include Increased Heart Rate, Dry Mouth, Interrupted Speech, Elevated Body Temperature, And Dizziness Or Lightheadedness Upon Seeing Her Smile