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When Sir Godfrey Tallboys Decided To Build His House He Was Thirty Five Years Old And At The Very Peak Of His Career As Knight Errant The Year , Still Only Eight Months Old, Had Been A Wonderful One For Him He Was Not Only Acknowledged As The Premier Knight In England, He Was For Once Clear Of Debt And Had A Hundred Pounds In Hand

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    This is quite unlike some of her other house books, as it is 1 in a trilogy that follows this family as much as the dwelling built at the beginning of this book 2 and 3 I will read in sequence These I read decades ago, but they are worth the reread This is not the usual characteristic Lofts deep characterizations either, IMHO NOT that the main protagonists are shallow or flat, but that their actions do surmount the word copy of their core wishes, desires, personality, etc In fact, in this book so much happens and at such a wide scale that it is rather an epic read.Sir Godrey Tallboys and his wife Lady Sybilla, this is their incredible saga He is a Knight in the last years of that cultural surrounding and institution Much is in flux and the times of the Civil disputes War of the Roses is imminent If I tell you any about the plot, it would be spoilers Suffice it to understand this This particular Lofts reflects OUR era in myriad of history repeating itself Sir Godrey is within the Spanish fight with Islam And the culture clash of nearly a decade s length is a large part of the story There is as much in Moorish surroundings here than is centered in England at Knight s Acre.We have an intense and dramatic beginning here And plague is also raging Cannot wait to get 2 The Homecoming 3 is Lonely Furrow.This is Norah Lofts at her best for the periods before the Tudors Serfdom in England is breaking up, as Knight s Acre is being built on land across the stream from 10 freeholdings started by individuals given leave to depart from their Lord s dominion And given scarce in size but trivial and unwanted land near Layer Woods to clear The particulars of providing foodstuffs, spices, clothing, animal husbandry, and many other cloth or leather by products from this period are exceptionally well done in this book The usual excellent Norah Lofts reality of the mid 15th century.

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    Godfrey Tallboys, in 1451, not the brightest bulb in the box, was conned into traveling to Spain to be in a tournament for Juan Enrique de Mendez, Count of Escalona, which, of course is a minor war His wife, Lady Sybilla, awaited him at home in the house he had just bullt for her, Knight s Acre, with, among other people, Walter, who helps her furnish it Sir Tallboys loses, is imprisoned and endures terrible things But he befriends a fiery girl from an unnamed, far away country, Tana, 16, who cleverly works to help them both escape The book has an odd ending, to me, but perhaps still within the characters personalities and the time.This a is VERY good novel, with enough people and places to give a modern editor headaches I liked it when Father Ambrose, with writer foresight or character absentmindedness asks about Sir Godfrey s return, was told yet again that he had died in Spain, and declared I am sorry, I will say a mass for his soul the crooked priest the gardens of Knight s Acre and of Juan of Escalona the ship that sank Acrol, but maybe his get did live on This is a VERY good novel, one of three I see, and I will definitely look up and read the others.

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    First in Lofts trilogy about generations of families in an English manor house It begins in the year 1451, with a stirring story about romantic love, war and separation, the plague, and mundane difficulties of life in the Middle Ages This book is followed by The Homecoming and The Lonely Furrow.

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    Love Norah Lofts

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    Norah Lofts was an extremely popular writer of historical fiction where I grew up in England I remember picking up this book up from my mother s coffee table when I was bored one Sunday fully expecting to toss it aside within the hour, only to become engrossed in the tale Knight s Acre the first of a trilogy tells the story of Godfrey Tallboys and Lady Sybilla who set out to build a manor home Godfrey is a man of many qualities, including his martial prowess, loyalty, and honesty, but he is also gullible and recklessly na ve Soon after moving into their new home, Godfrey is hoodwinked into fighting in a disastrous foreign war that ends with him being imprisoned, leaving Sybilla to fend for herself and her children as best she can.Some of the difficulties Sybilla faces are quite mundane planting a garden, growing a crop, furnishing the house, figuring out where everyone should sleep, and choosing what cakes to serve distinguished guests But she must also fend off unwanted advances from suitors who presume her husband to be dead, and protect her family from brigands wandering the countryside, all whilst Godfrey seeks to engineer his escape and make his way back home.From the cover, I expected the book to be a bit of a saccharine romance, but it wasn t at all There was romance, sure, but it was not the heart of the story The author s world is not a world full of swooning damsels Rather, it is a very real world, as befits her almost scholarly attention to historic detail It is harsh, unfair, and at times brutal You cannot presume a happy ending with Lofts And for any happy ending that comes, there may be a heavy price to pay Norah Lofts seems to be a somewhat forgotten writer, given the quality of her work, and how prolific and popular she once was She deserves attention.I have enjoyed other books by this author notably Gad s Hall , but for some reason this one novel has stuck with me.

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    Some of the story is a too unlikely for belief, even in a fiction novel, but in general I liked the book The other two books in this trilogy are much better not that this is bad by any means and it s worth reading this book as a prologue to the last two.

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    An easy book to read, still contemporary with themes not out of place in a modern TV boxset Not necessarily historical there is enough language to set the scene Characters and events race by on the pages to make this a bit of a page turner.

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    This is the first in the trilogy The kinght s acre, The homecoming and The Lonley Furrow These look very hard to find.

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    I didn t like the plot, the characters left me cold, and the ending was disappointing My first Nora Lofts novel may be my last.

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    Sir Godfrey leaves his wife and home for the Crusades.