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In A Refuse Dump Next To The Charlotte Racetrack, A Flash Of Lightning Illuminates A Hand Reaching Out Of A Barrel Of Asphalt There S Not Much That Can Shock Dr Tempe Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist, But Even She Finds The Sight Of The Hand Macabre And With Race Week Just A Day Away, She S Under Pressure To Find Answers And Clear The Area Before Thousands Of NASCAR Fans Arrive But Before She Can Carry Out Proper Examination, The FBI Confiscate And Destroy The Body With No Explanation Infuriated, Tempe Is Determined To Find Answers, So When A Young NASCAR Engineer Comes To Her With A Story About His Sister Who Disappeared With Her Boyfriend Twelve Years Before, She Decides To Try And Find AnswersDigging Deeper Into The Mystery, Tempe Comes Up Against The Patriot Posse, A Shadowy Right Wing Group Whose Dubious Politics Repulse Her, But Could They Really Be Behind The Disappearance Of The Young Couple When The Young Man Is Found Crushed Under The Wheels Of A Racecar, His Body Covered In A Mysterious Substance, Tempe Realises That She Is Dealing With Something Far Sinister Than She Imagined But With Both The FBI And The Patriot Posse Taking An Interest In Her Movements, She Has No Idea Where The Danger Is Coming From, Nor Whether It Could Threaten Her Own Life

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    Either the formula is wearing thin or I m tiring a bit of the formula but I didn t love this latest installment in Kathy Reich s long running series about a forensic anthropologist This episode takes place in her home town of Charlotte, home to NASCAR, and has tie ins to the race business It also links to American extremists, and several missing people.I m not going to give away plot points here My main problem with the story and its telling was the telling too many repeated comments about her cat, too juvenile a response to a new male character, occasional choppy writing, repeated descriptions of FBI operatives, etc I don t recall being struck by these elements in the past Has Reichs changed or have I All that being said, it was a quick read and I did want to know who did it though I knew before Tempe.

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    It was 1 50 p.m My sweat soaked tee was pasted to my back My hair was yanked into a ratty knot Sand lined my scalp and undies Nevertheless, I was humming Al Yankovic, White Nerdy What can I say I d watched a YouTube video and the tune lodged in my, off to a really terrible start, aren t we, kathy reichs conclusion why do i keep reading these ridiculous, ultra formulaic booksso boringso bad

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    UGH This was probably my least favorite out of the series Flash and Bones was so freaking boring Thank god it was an audio because I would have burn the book if I had it I m also really happy with how short it was because if it was longer than it was. you would ve been smelling my new candle burned book I m not a huge fan of NASCAR. because, well. I honestly find nothing fascinating with watching cars drive in a circle I d rather watch paint dry or I don t know a baby being born I will admit though, that since I m not a huge fan and know jack shit about the sport I was a bit intrigued A TEENY TINY BIT THAT WENT OUT THE WINDOW ONCE I DOVE INTO IT.Other than that, I have no idea why Tempe keeps introducing me into what she does work wise You d think by book 14 I d know that already. but nope, apparently I think she s going to quit her lifestyle and become a stripper or a clown Then there s the random murders, that can t possibly be random at all, and wham bam the case is solved.Overall, Tempe did nothing for me in this book She just kind of said some stuff and that was that She didn t need to be there or solve this crime really I also have no interest in NASCAR and I have no idea when I will find the time to dive into the next book of this series I hate this roller coaster of liking despising the books in this series Is it too much to ask for a series that I love From book 1 whenever it finally ends I need that in my life.

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    In the past, I have enjoyed the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs, but this one fell rather flat for me I did read the entire book, but it was an easy read and I figured I might as well find out who dunnit I think why I did not enjoy this book as much as some of the others is that there was a lot less forensic information in the story except of for the discovery of a body in a barrell which pulls Dr Brennan into the observation, her forensic skills are not really that needed she just needs to be nosy A lot of the mystery was of the classic mystery variety conflicting stories from witnesses, mixed and unclear motives, and secret FBI files Although Tempe has some insight, she didn t seem to be as necessary to solving the crime, except of course, she s the series protagonist.The change in setting was interesting, though I agree, I missed some of the characters from the Montreal setting Ryan has been getting on my nerves lately I wish they d either be together or not The comic subplot with Sumner and Pete was funny, though.

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    Well, whenever Kathy Reichs come up with another Bones book, my wife and I grab it from the library which means we have to wait our turn, because she s popular , and then read it very quickly.We discovered Kathy Reichs when we took a vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada My wife usually grabs an audio book or several from the library so we can listen to it while we drive and PEI is something like 15 hours drive That time, she borrowed Deja Dead a terrible title, but a great book , Reichs first Bones novel, and we loved it It grabbed our attention, we listened to it all the way there, and there was still some amount of additional listening while we drove around PEI That was amusing in a way because my wife doesn t like anything violent or ghoulish, but she does like Patricia Cornwell, and so it turned out Kathy Reichs, both of whom do examinations of dead bodies I haven t figured that out yetI wish Kathy Reichs books had kept up the standard of her first or first few books, but unfortunately she has descended into too much of a formulaic approach for my taste Oh, she s still entertaining, and the books do provide a variety of locations, contexts, boyfriends, villains, etc Still that probably won t stop us from grabbing her latest as quickly as in the past.Incidentally, if you ve seen the Bones series on TV, which ostensibly is about the same character and Kathy Reichs is a co producer , don t think for a moment that it s anything like the Bones novels it s decidedly not I find the TV series to be relatively asinine compared with the books The main character in the TV series is characterized as lacking in social skills, to the point that she is probably autistic brilliant at what she does, because she s totally obsessive about it, but lacking normal social interaction abilities An interesting idea, perhaps, but one that is wasted in the series The additional characters in the TV series seem to have inane conversations with each other not really grown up interactions, if you see what I m saying The books are intelligent, but still they are approaching a sameness I hope Kathy Reichs figures out how to add pizzazz and put back some life into the Bones books I have found the books that were based in Montreal were usually interesting.

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    I ve been a fan of the Temperance Brennan series for about six or seven years now I ve read all fourteen novels in the series and this book was the worst one yet I loved most of the books that Kathy Reichs has written They are usually well written but this one was something of a letdown The author only writes one book per year Every year I wait in anticipation for the new novel but for the first time it really wasn t worth the wait Flash and Bones is contrived, repetitious and extremely dull I was left feeling frustrated and disenchanted by this novel The plot was slow, flat and predictable and the characters were one dimensional and boring I guessed correctly who the killer was 30% into the novel which is something I m not normally able to do with this author s other books but this one lacks the twists and turns the other books have It seems like the author had writer s block while writing this novel and just wrote down any old crap down just for the sake of having something to give to her publisher at the end of her deadline I have a feeling that the author was also getting paid to advertise stuff in her novel There are countless adverts for Youtube, iPhones, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Poptarts, Pringles, Pampers and other products throughout the novel I like the personal relationship between Andrew Ryan and Temperance Brennan, which was missing from this book Ryan only appears once or twice in the form of phone calls and emails This novel was also lacking the forensic science which is what makes this series unique than all the other crime series out there What hurts the most about this novel, is how Kathy Reichs has turned the character of Temperance Brennan from a brave, strong, capable, intelligent woman into a incompetent, indecisive, weak, horny nymphomaniac The character really deserves much better than that I mean, what was the deal with Gali Really Kathy What the hell where you thinking girl A disappointing two stars

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    Flash and Bones opens with forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan, reflecting on NASCAR race week at the Charlotte raceway, stormy Spring weather, and how Summer saved her life Summer is the self absorbed large breasted twenty something squeeze of her ex husband Pete, who annoyingly turns up rings up to wail about the upcoming wedding arrangements Summer is one character I would have liked to have seen on ME Larabee s slab, with a tag on her toe.With Larabee busy on an autopsy, Tempe is asked to arrange for the collection of a body, found in a barrel of asphalt at a section of the tip not in use for years, dislodged by heavy rains The tip backs on to the raceway, giving Tempe her early forensic traces A man s body is separated from the barrel and asphalt, but progress is muddied by a missing person report of an Atlanta man attending the race meet, and the arrival of Wayne Gamble, wanting to know if the body is that of his sister or her boyfriend The pair had known links to the right wing Patriot Posse, and disappeared 12 years earlier.Before the identity can be established, the body is taken by the FBI and due to some misunderstanding, cremated Files relating to the disappearance of Gamble s sister are also taken, leaving only a few notebooks from the investigating officer at the time, for Detective Skinny Slidell to work on Tensions rise all round the local police against the FBI and a former disgraced cop Cotton Gali, who was involved in the original investigation of the missing couple, now heading security at the race track Then Tempe receives calls from a paranoid Wayne Gamble, and when he turns up dead, she is wracked with guilt.The racetrack environment provides the usual array of petrol heads and airhead women, but the weather is the key.An OK read, but not Kathy Reich s best.

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    Dr Tempe Brennan is dragged into a mystery with the discovery of a body in a barrel at a NASCAR speedway This ends up linking to the mysterious disappearance of a 17 year old girl several years earlier, and her boyfriend, who had ties to militia groups The girl s older brother, pushing for the investigation to be reopened, also becomes the victim of a homicide And the FBI get involved, snatching the body from the barrel for their own purposes.I read 60 pages of this, and then all sorts of other commitments got in the way Rather than DNF, I persevered and read the first 60 pages again, and I m glad I did Another entertaining mystery from Kathy Reichs I like how she is able to create several different story strands and draw them all together The pacing is brisk, and I particularly liked the character of Erskine Slidell I think Reichs might have overdone it with the NASCAR and racecar driving research, because there s too much of it on the page, and the subplot of her ex husband s impending marriage to Summer wasn t really necessary The identity of the killer was kind of easy to spot, but getting to that point was entertaining, and it was still lots of fun watching how all the story elements would tie together If you re after a good mystery, Kathy Reichs delivers than she misses

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    I d complained back in my review of Devil Bones that Reichs left the readers out of a really important conversation between Tempe Brennan and her on again, off again boyfriend Andrew Ryan Rather than letting the scene play out in real time, she d related what happened after the fact She s annoyingly using that same tactic in the newest Bones installment and there s really no excuse, since the narrative clocks in at just 271 pages in the hardcover edition She mentions Ryan a few times and lets us in on one small talk conversation, but relegates the rest to a couple paragraphs of past tense exposition I can t figure out what editor is letting her get away with this malarkey Additionally, there are multiple scenes with Tempe s ex husband and his fiancee which seem to be serving as comedic relief, but the book ends without any examination or resolution of Pete s unhappiness that Tempe notices Full conversations between Tempe and Pete about this would have been a welcomed way to beef up the page count There s also a few paragraphs dedicated to telling the reader about some family drama with Tempe s sister and nephew, but I was at a loss for whether this has been brought up in earlier books or if it was just a random infodump of an undeveloped side plot It seemed like meaty stuff that was deserving of a lot narrative attention than it received.On the plus side, I felt like Flash and Bones kept the repetitive explain y bits to a bare minimum, which should be the case when you re at book 14 in a series But maybe this is why its page count is so anemic While the mystery was good as always, I read this series because I like Tempe, and I really hope that Reichs decides to spend time and attention on Tempe s personal life in the next book rather than just giving us some crumbs in between the mystery scenes.

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    I took a break from reading Kathy Reich s books for a little while because that had been all I had been reading it worked nicely because I really really enjoyed reading this and once I d picked it up I didn t want to put it down and I m looking forward to catching up in the series now