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We’ve all done it. Somewhere on your bookshelf—and mine—there is that one book that you devoured in one giant gulp. The book that fulfilled you body and soul. The book you just had to read out loud because the words tasted so good on your tongue.

You might not suspect it but The 2011 Book Blogger’s Cookbook is such a book. It’s a beautiful blend of a cookbook about books. It’s worth reading straight through if only to find new books to add to your “toread” shelf. It’s worth savoring page by page if only to try all the new, easytomake recipes. The lineup is stellar (and I say that not just because I’m included in the list; I'm honored to be in such company) and the recipes are equally stellar. Main dishes, desserts, drinks—there’s a little bit of everything in this cookbook. Each recipe is inspired by a specific book—mostly from the YA field—and the food ties into the story in some fashion. For example, the recipe for The Hourglass Door is “Timestopping Chocolate Truffles.” (Yum! I can't wait to try it out for myself.) Those who regularly visit my blog know that besides reading and travelling cooking and baking is my other passion. In my Sunday Treats on my blog I combine my love of reading with my love of desserts by sharing with you recipes of some of my favourite treats.

So when I heard that someone else did the same and even compiled a blogger's cookbook I was beyond excited and couldn't wait to see Christy Dorrity's selection. And it is wonderful!

The recipes are special and one of a kind enough to stand out of the more usual meals, but simple yet in both the ingredients and preparation as to not discourage you from trying them out at home. I love the creativity behind each of the recipes, how with a simple addition of an ingredient Christy Dorrity turns an ordinary recipe into something fancy and special.

While browsing through the cookbook I kept stopping and exclaiming "Mmm.. I want to try this one!" and "I want to bake this one!". It is a wonderful selection of a variety of creative and fresh recipes and I loved reading at each one of them the connection to the novel which inspired Christy and her personal retelling of the link between food and book.

One of my favourite recipes was the Fearfaire Lavendar Custard which is the treat accompanying Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

I love desserts and custard is a favourite of mine. Be it with apple pie or some other cake, I love it. And as we have a lavendar bush in our garden, I knew I had to try out this tasty and unorthodox combination.

In my opinion this upgraded custard is wonderful to have with pies and cakes just as you would use a normal one (so no need to freeze it, it is just as wonderful as a sauce). If you want to make the experience even more explosive tastewise, sprinkle the lavendar custard with grilled walnut/hazelnut pieces on top of the cake. I guarantee it will be unforgettable!

Verdict: The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook is a wonderful and imaginative compilation of extraordinary yet easy to prepare recipes with an explanation of the link to a specific novel Christy Dorrity has read and reviewed. The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook is more than a mere cookbook. It contains review bits of 20 bloggers stating what they loved about the featured books. The blogger testaments make you want to read the novels and the photos make your mouth water. Perfect combination! My only complaint it that the 20 recipes aren't nearly enough, I want more! :)

Content: 9/10
Cover: 10/10I am amazed at the professional and top quality look of the cover! It looks both professional and beautiful, and I love how both the reading and the delicious treats are included on it :)

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Moving on, I love cooking, so you know what I am going to do with all these recipes? Try them out of course! So thank you to the lovely ladies who took the time out to make this cookbook happen. Christy's writing is engaging and full of charm, while Amanda and Devon played key parts in the execution. Besides the tasty recipes, I also appreciated the contribution from all the other book bloggers. It gave me the chance to discover new bookworms, while enjoying the quotes from bloggers I am familiar with. It's a positive project that I am proud to be a part of and I hope you all take the time out to support it. Overall, it's sort of a dream book for readers who love cooking. Recipes: This is my first review over a cookbook, so I decided to split the review into three sections: recipes, cover, and overall rating. First off, I have to say I was a little curious about this because it put book blogger and cookbook into the same title. I wondered how Dorrity would be able to combine the two. I was happily surprised to see that she took elements of well known books and turned them into recipes. Some of the books included were Wings, Shiver, Mockingjay, Before I Fall, and many more. The recipes were simple and looked delicious. I liked these recipes because they are things anyone can make. They're recipes that you can make right before or for dinnner or create for a fun dessert. Below is one picture of a recipe, it is a FearFaire Lavender Custard which was inspired by the book, Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

Cover: I do and don't like the cover. I like that it shows some pictures of the recipes in the book, but not the girl reading at the top. I wish since it is for book bloggers that it would have a person typing, something along those lines.

Overall Rating: I didn't find any real faults to this cookbook. The recipes were very wellthought out and the pictures are great. Plus, you get a synopsis of the book if you have never read it before. My only thing I wish was different was that after the recipe, you get reviews of the featured book. I wish there were reviews of the recipe. Other than that, I loved this cookbook and really want to make some of these recipes. I give this book a three out of four. What do books and food and blogging have in common? Well, Tristi, of course! And so what better place to find a review of The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook than here? There are other sites reviewing it, and doing a mighty fine job of it, and I think it makes total sense that I should be included on that list. Seriously, my middle name is BooksandBlogsandFood. But it was hard to fit on a birth certificate, so my mom decided to cut her losses and use Paige instead.

But I digress.

The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook is a compilation of recipes of foods mentioned in books that have recently been published by some of the most exciting upandcoming authors I've seen for a long time. Compiler Christy Dorrity had a unique ideashe found book bloggers who had reviewed those books, asked their permission to quote the review, and then partnered the review with the recipe and a bit about the book. What a great way to join together the things that feed our bodies with the things that feed our minds.

You might notice as you flip through the book that two of the quotes are from me. That was a lot of fun. It was also fun to read the other reviews and then to salivate over the recipes. Yes, salivating can be fun.

If you like books, if you like to eat, if you like eating while you read, this book is a musthave.
This is such a great idea taking books, book bloggers, and mouth watering recipes all in one book. All the recipes went really well with the books. They all had descriptions why that certain food was chosen and it just made sense. "The 7Day Layer Dip" for Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall went perfectly with the story. With each recipe there was also excerpts of bloggers reviews of that certain novel. It was a nice touch, to an already great book.

I was able to make one of the recipes "Fairy Touched Calico Brownies" based on the book Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. The brownies were topped with a mint icing and a hard chocolate topping. I have yet to read the book but this recipe just looked to good to pass up and I already had most of the ingredients at my house. The instructions were easy to follow and the brownies came out perfectly. Everyone loved them. I can't wait to try out some more recipes from this cookbook.

This is a great cookbook for any blogger, author, and reader to have. At only .99 cents on Amazon it's a hard deal to pass. I think everyone should have a copy of The Book Blogger's Cookbook. Tie a recipe to a book, what a fabulous idea! I'm probably bias because I'm a book blogger but I absolutely love this book! Here certain books are featured. For each featured book, you'll see an image of the book, its blurb, brief reviews from few book bloggers, and a recipe correlating to the particular book. The food featured looks divine and the recipes seem simple and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed the foreword from Amanda Hocking. She gave a wonderful shout out to book bloggers and I felt proud that I could include myself in her praises. She recognized that book blogging is a tough nonpaying, juggle with our day jobs ... parent, student, etc. Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying to bake "Raised by Magic Quick Rolls". I love rolls and these look soft and golden. Oh, and the book, Alvor by Laura Bingham, that it was paired with sounds like a magical read. Never heard of it, now I have! So yes, this did have something for moi! Great job Ms Dorrity.

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