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SugarLoaf Is Good At Many Things Here S What She S Best At Talking Baby Talk To Her Little Sister Waking Her Dad Up In The Morning Painting Portraits Growing Big Girl Teeth SugarLoaf S A Very Little Girl With Some Very Big Ideas Come Play With Her

10 thoughts on “My Very Big Little World: A SugarLoaf Book (Sugarloaf Books)

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    Pure cute.

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    The concept of big and little seems to be the main theme, but it gets a bit tangled in all he whimsey, Especially in naming things.

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    MY VERY BIG LITTLE WORLD is another precious book by Peter H Reynolds We experience the world through little Sugarloaf s eyes, in the sweetest, most authentic way We get to know her, her family and Sugarloaf s place in the scheme of things in a way only Peter Reynolds can convey She ultimately learns how things including herself can be big and small at the same time.I intend to own this book and gift it to my grandchildren It s a keeper

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    SugarLoaf, named by her baker father and dentist mother, tells us about her family, her neighborhood, and what she likes to do.Not as much a world book as I thought, cute but I don t know if the kids would get the concept of big and small because there are so many other elements that come up in this book.

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    Surprisingly, I did not like this book as much as Peter Reynolds other books This one fell short of a nice moral and even sweet, whimsical illustrations Perhaps there is a reason that there are no other SugarLoaf books

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    A bit of an odd story, written with three year old logic Makes sense that my three year old loved it Simple, but cute illustrations and a short narrative from a little girl s perspective We ve borrowed this from the library a couple of times.

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    Fun for either preschool or toddler storytimes Walk through SugarLoaf s day step by step until nighttime It s a fun and simple story, but I have to admit that I mostly like it because of the names SugarLoaf and SugarLump Fantastic

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    Absolutely charming

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    A very cute story about some creature actually species unknown named SugarLoaf who examines the big and small of her world.Really sweet illustrations.

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    So sweet I just wish there was story holding it all together.