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Sometimes Life Requires A PartnerEd Maurer Has Bounced Back, Or Less, From The Neck Injury That Permanently Benched His Semipro Football Career He Hates His Soul Killing Office Job, But He Loves Volunteering At A Local Community Center The Only Fly In His Ointment Is The Dance Instructor, Laurie Parker, Who Can T Seem To Stay Out Of His WayLaurie Was Once One Of The Most Celebrated Ballet Dancers In The World, But Now He Volunteers At Halcyon Center To Avoid His Society Mother S Machinations It Would Be A Perfect Escape, Except For The Oaf Of A Football Player Cutting Him Glares From Across The RoomWhen Laurie Has A Ballroom Dancing Emergency And Ed Stands In As His Partner, Their Perceptions Of Each Other Turn Upside Down Dancing Leads To Friendship, Being Friends Leads To Becoming Lovers, But Most Important Of All, Their Partnership Shows Them How To Heal The Pain Of Their Pasts Because With Every Turn Across The Floor, Ed And Laurie Realize The Only Escape From Their Personal Demons Is To Keep Dancing Together 5 Dancing Stars so beautiful, so real and a very good touching M M storyAnother book that has been lying way too long I m hoping for a nice dance experience filled with sensual dance moves, beautiful movement and great sweet romance of course And I got it all My big romantic heart pounds for these two amazing men And as they danced so atmospheric and beautifully described Ed and Laurie s story was great to read As so often when I read a great great book, I have great ambitions to write a long eloquent review But then it s usually not done and the days go by This time I blame it all on a weekend trip who came between In order not to increase my mediocre review writing and everyday stress, it is now here, instead a short and concise summary of my thoughts.Ed and Laurie are two guys around 30 who meet and get to know each other by coincidence Laurie is a former trained, professional dancer with a background from the big stages and dance societies One mistake and a controversial appearance a few years earlier did to put his successful dance career on the shelf and now runs a local dance school Ed is a shoulder injured former american football player who has aches and feels that his life goals disappeared too quickly After losing a battle must the big bulky muscle guy Laurie s bias Ed set up as a dance partner to the rather silly and hefty ballet guyEd s bias in ten dance on one of Laurie s dance classes From the beginning, they feel most contempt for each other, but after a while makes love to dance Argentine tango that emotions change into something much, much stronger It heats up.Streisand s My Melancholy Baby began to echo Ed held up his arms in an open dancing embrace and smiled a crooked, slightly shy smile Dance with me This is so damn nicely done and worthily written I loved every single line and every page I read For me it is a must read romance in the M M genre The dance is so sensual described and their growing feelings for each other is heartbreaking to follow Both guys have their own problems to deal with It s lost careers and life goals, injuries, stage fright, raw relationships with parents There is anxiety, physical pain, denial and sometimes fear to show what they feel for each other This story invites us to participate in everyday life and not just a sweet romance, and it s wonderful to be part of their journey.What is it that makes this particular book so good For me this was a beautiful and so very emotional story, a story I really believed It was realistic and not rushed in any way I got instead to follow this two men, Laurie and Ed, in good and bad times and I loved the end here and their realistic and tender HEA The final scene was both grand and so heartbreakingly beautiful, and then came almost my tears Very nicely done Ms Cullman Sigh, so good it gets sometimes.Since I have a penchant for ordinary, human, normal characters that I can recognize from ordinary real life, it is of course beyond doubt FIVE strong stars to this novel I could praise this long and hard but content myself now by saying RECOMMENDED I LIKE romantic about two ordinary guys and real life Some beautiful dance pics with men I want to shareview spoiler hide spoiler 4 STARS You don t simply feel the rhythm You must feel the soul, both of the dance and of your partner The tango isn t something you dance It s a story you create with another Ed Maurer is an ex semipro football player that has had to leave his athletic glory behind due to a neck injury that bans him from ever playing again Ed doesn t want to accept his fate that he is disabled as a result He is determined to live his life as normal as possible even without football, by trying to ignore the pain he sporadically gets That means having an office job he hates While also volunteering at a community center, the only thing he looks forward to With the right partner, it s like I m anchored, and I can do anything Ed s lips brushed Laurie s ear, sending electricity through his body, but his words burrowed into Laurie s soul I want to be your right partner Laurie Parker was once a rising star in the ballet community But after an event left him feeling humiliated he has turned his back to competing professionally Now, Laurie is a dance instructor at the same community center Everything is great for Laurie until Ed enters the picture pestering him about the volume of his music he uses in his classes Things change when Ed ends up being his dance assistant in exchange for turning the volume down I can t tell you how much I loved these two characters They were so freaking cute together When Ed and Laurie begin dancing together, it made me giddy seeing that attraction between them grow They were pretty opposite as well Ed was a manly broad football player making average pay, while Laurie was a slightly feminine dancer with a wealthy background Yet, they worked so well together I loved being inside Ed s head and seeing how he was falling for Laurie, it was so damn adorable Another thing I really enjoy, and something have noticed from ready many of Heidi s books, is that she thoroughly researches what she writes about In this case, it was the dancing It was described so well with some delicious sensual tension that the only thing that could make it better was to see it live I don t ever want to disappoint you I want to stay here, like this Always I don t want to just take care of you I want you to take care of me too This book also had many emotional moments that made me feel for Ed and Laurie They were both a bit broken, but together they calmed, supported, and healed each other I loved how Laurie took care of Ed It was really just a beautiful story The only reason I didn t give it a higher rating, was because some parts of the book were a bit slow at times I also didn t really care for one sex scene in particular But other than that, it was a wonderfully written story that was very enjoyable I loved both the characters and really connected with them I definitely recommend this one. I almost gave it up at 92% because of the hot tub scene It was an over the top repulsive kind of a foursome with Ed, Laurie, Laurie s UNCLE , and his husband, oh, and cum floating in the water Just try to imagine having sex while your uncle watches Just no I enjoyed the first few chapters the theme was great and promising a permanently injured, retired football player and a retired ballet dancer with destroyed reputation meet I was really curious how they would overcome it the romance seemed to be promising too slow built, filled with tension and tenderness the characters were sympathetic Ed was flirty, funny, and perceptive Laurie I really felt for he was so lonely, with no friends, and no support only expectations from his family the sex scenes were hot.But as I proceeded, I realized that there was no progress in the story there was no character development They were unable to solve their problems Their non communication, insecurities, and misassumptions drove me crazy, and I just stopped caring about them there were no effective dialogues.As I mentioned, I liked Ed at first But it turned out that his cheerfulness was only a fa ade, his effort to cover his depression It is great that he made efforts, still, what s underneath was not appealing He is not good in relationships he is unable to talk about important things There are entire conversations, no, monologues when Laurie just talks and talks, and Ed knows that Laurie s assumptions are wrong, and he could easily assure him otherwise, but he is unable to say even a word No wonder Laurie felt being kept in the dark, in constant doubts And when finally there would be a normal dialogue between them about something important, Ed cuts short it with sex Laurie just became too much At the beginning I sympathized with him very much, but his character didn t develop His impressionable, easily influenceable, weak personality made me disappointed in him The story hardly progressed the dance descriptions were boring, the dialogues were rather monologues I usually like the alternating viewpoint but it was so repetitive that I skimmed a lot The writing was elongated and tiring, sometimes weirdly poetic This style is so not for me The sex scenes were pretty good at the beginning, but became dull and repetitive, and as I mentioned above I really hated the hot tub scene There were some great moments that s why the two stars , but the main problem is that there is no progression, or only a very slight, and only at the end of the novel The story was depressing, the romance was unsatisfactory, the writing style boring and annoying, and the final sex scene was inappropriate and IMO disgusting Originally posted on my blog on November 24, 2015.My favorite quotes on my Tumblr page. This was such a beautiful story 5 stars from me Ed and Laurie are complete opposites Ed is a former football player, all butch and manly, while Laurie is a former ballet dancer, a bit feminine and totally stylish They can t stand each other, and whenever their paths cross, they end up fighting XD Now I won t go explaining all the plot, but basically Ed asks Laurie for a favour, and in return he has to assist him with his dancing classes Very soon, Ed finds he really likes dancing, and most of all, he really likes dancing WITH Laurie Ed is the first one to fall , but he doesn t do anything about it because he s convinced Laurie would never fall for a blue collar guy like him And then he got drunk it was actually very very sweet to read Ed with his guard down, acting silly and saying and doing stuff to Laurie he wouldn t do sober But boy that didn t help him a bit XD Still, Laurie finally gets that there is something between them, and they decide to give it a shot The dancing lessons were GREAT I found myself wishing I could actually SEE it instead of reading it Beautiful This was full of emotion, Ed with his neck injury and depression, Laurie with his panick attacks on dancing in public, and together they found a way to get past that, embrace their faults instead ignoring the problems Really well written While I was reading this, especially the parts where Laurie was in glitter and tights, and dancing his solos, I had this performance in my head, I couldn t get it out, a beautiful song, and a beautiful dance although it s F M lol but I think it could go with this well The translation is I want to dance for you my love Dralion Ballarehttp www.youtube.com watch v 2DeVZx This book caught me off guard.I never expected to fall in love with it and when I found myself CRYING at the end all I could think was,DAMN YOU, HC And your feels sorceryI thought it would be a nice little enemies to lovers dancing story Y know sweet and cute with some blazing sex Uh ho ho Never underestimate the power of HC The sorcery is strong with that one Laurie and Ed have been snarking at each other over a PA system at the community center they both volunteer at that s intrusive and annoying Ed comes to Laurie in the middle of his aerobics class to strike a deal and Laurie takes him up on his offer to do anything on a lark He asks Ed to be his assistant for another class teaching retirees ballroom dancing and the die is cast.Laurie was on track to becoming the next Baryshnikov until his career imploded on a Toronto stage He s listless and looking for something that speaks to him Something he can be passionate about again Ed is a former semi pro football player who suffered an injury in a game that had it been a millimeter or two over would have put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life Ed is also that guy You know that guy The one everyone loves because he can talk to a leper and make them feel like his long lost buddy Ed oozes charm, but Ed also excels at subterfuge Ed s stuffed all of his anger and sadness about the loss of his former pain free self and because of his continued denial about his limitations he suffers both physically and emotionally To go from being a professional athlete capable of bench pressing a car to struggling through hydrotherapy in a class full of geriatrics is both humbling and depressing for him It doesn t help that his job brings additional stress because everyone s always on pins and needles wondering whether or not they ll be the next to go in yet another round of lay offs A job he pretty much hates but needs for the health insurance.His acceptance of his new reality comes in fits and starts What made me fall in love with Ed and Laurie was vulnerability they both harbor about life and love and the future all of which is shown through HC s poignant narrative They both need each other, rely on each other, are passionate about each other and they both love to dance With each other most of all And in each other they find what they ve been looking for As odd as this statement may strike some of you I appreciated that they didn t jump into butt sex Laurie s carrying much confusion over his sexuality and has never really enjoyed sex Ed never rushes him instead showing him love and acceptance so when it does happen Laurie has none of his usual anxieties HC managed to make me feel a little like a voyeur peeking into their intimate act, but I have no shame I m a hedonist and every filthy sweet nothing, every please I squirreled away like a chipmunk readying for winter He wanted Laurie so desperately that a part of him wanted to plow through and take him, strip him bare and suck him and fuck him until the man couldn t move, couldn t leave Ed s arms In all honesty there were a couple things that I would ve liked expounded upon, but my love of this couple overshadowed everything else and the ending was so very satisfying I actually sighed with relief to see there is a follow up novella coming soon Ed and Laurie and their dancing are infinitely deserving of page time because sometimes life does require a partner I couldn t recommend this re issue It s not a fussy or fancy tale It s a story of two men who at one point in time couldn t stand the other and then that changed and then they built a life together and it s exquisite in its simplicity A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Second edition coming very soon Audio soon to follow, narrated by Iggy Toma. This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession 4.5 Stars I love everything about this book..the story ,the character, and the cover..so beautiful.Ed Maurer and Laurie Parkerthey meet at a local community center where are both volunteers of Halcyon Center.At first, they did not like each other and there is tension between them until the situation makes Laurie ask Ed if he wants to be his dance partner to a ballroom dance class where he is the instructor.It is the beginning when everything changes between them because they start to dance together.Ed Maurer Former semipro football player.Due to a neck injury during a game is forced to give up his football career and lives with pain every day.He has a job that hates but he loves to volunteer at a local community center.He discovers a new passionDancingDancing with Laurie.Laurie Parker He was once a famous ballet dancer.After a competition which changed the course of his career he doesn t want to perform on stage any.Laurie just wants to teach dance classes and avoid public society.and his motherwho insists that he must return to perform on the stage where is his place.This book is about hope to do what you love,acceptance for who you are as a person, pain, and fear for the changes in your life and learn that sometimes to accept help from the loved ones is not a bad thing Ed and Laurie trying to get over some things in their past that changed their lives.Will be Ed able to accept the changes in his life that he has to live because of his injury Will Laurie perform on stage again so that people can enjoy his beautiful dance Will they succeed together to get over the problems they have and try to have a beautiful future together Will they dance together until to the very end I really recommend this book for those who want to read a sweet love story. 3.5 stars I am a big fan of Heidi Cullinan Honestly, her sex scenes are stolen right out of my brain how did you get in there and I could read a book solely of her filthy, dirty bedroom talk However, this book was a bit on the schmaltzy side for me I am not a dancer and I appreciate dance in the way that I can say, Oh, that looks pretty good but that s about it This book was a bit too let s rumba our way to happiness for me Also, I really liked Ed as a character but Laurie was a bit too whiney or something for my tastes As always, Heidi s writing was excellent I wish I liked the main concept i.e dance a bit but the romance was there in spades I felt the lurve radiating from these two guys It was very sweet in a nice way I honestly think that I would have given this book 4 stars if it wasn t for the WTF sex scene near the end NONONONONO That just seemed so out of place and so strange Cue 80s porno music. All in all a very enjoyable read, though I could have used sex and less dancing But that s just me. 4.75 just short of perfect.This book was FABULOUS I loved it so much I have to admit that I am a sucker for stories with starting over themes, second chances, main characters reinventing themselvesI love all of that in a book And Ed s and Laurie s story was all about that.Ed and Laurie don t like each otherEd had begun to teach a weight lifting class at the local community center in St PaulIt makes him happy to do it, he hates his drony job and he can t play semipro football his real passion any because of a neck injury he suffered playing the fame Laurie teaches aerobics at the community centerhe volunteers his time, he used to be a lauded classic dancer, he was supposed to be the next Mikhail Baryshnikov, but a serious error in judgement at a Ballroom dancing competition ended all that.So Laurie teaches his class and hogs the sound system and Ed can t even teach his class with all the noise from Laurie sThey need to come to a truce They do, and they agree on Laurie sharing, IF Ed helps him teach a Ballroom dancing class at his studio.Things progress from there Ed is a great dancer and Laurie and him make a beautiful dancing pair The dancing helps Ed s injury and Laurie can dance again after his horrible experienceEd wants LaurieBADLY, and Laurie reluctantly gives inThey dance around each otherOver what they want, what they need, against what they can give, and the difficulty in overcoming their hangs ups and all the baggage they come with But they have the dancing and they are SO certain of their love for each other.I LOVED this romance, just loved it Ed was the sweetest most reliable man How can you not love a guy who unapologetically listens to Britney ALL THE TIME He had humor, and he brought Laurie out of the wall he had built around himself and HOLY MOTHER was he SEXYOh those two men were so hot together they almost melted my KindleThey were reverent and kinda of dirty, and it just worked for me.There were challenges and difficulties, and at times I wished they could have JUST TALKED But they learn how to overcome themand they work so well together I cheered for these boys.If you are looking for something a light and sweet and funny romance with some serious hotness Give this one a tryI knew there was a reason I had Heidi Cullinan on my auto buy listShe writes books I love to read I recommend