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Blossom Culp is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City always getting into trouble No one wants to cross her especially now that she's revealed that she can see the Unseen Then Blossom herself is stunned because her lie turns out to be truth She actually does have second sightand she is on board the sinking Titanic

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    An oldie from my childhood which I just finished re reading this October great timing because it begins on Halloween Excellent and now I remember why I hung onto this so long I was ghost crazy as a kid and adored witches and this book certainly filled the bill Blossom Culp social outcast and a girl with powers tells her early 20th century story in the first person voice Growing up in a small town like Blossom I loved the echoes this had in my own lifeI was very worried that the book wouldn't age well but even as an adult it's still a good and amusing read The humor is still there and even though Blossom is one of those loner girls without a friend in the world she never turns into a whiny heroine The first person voice is amazing And while the plot turns on something a little bit far fetched I've read much worse in books for adultsStill love it Would recommend it for even adults There is a paedophile villian but it's not too creepy and he gets his comeuppance One thing I didn't realize as a kid was that this was part of a series I may have to look for the others

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    For Harry Potter fans looking for a magical adventure that isn’t a rip off this is a must read Like Harry Potter it mixes magic drama humor and romance and throws in some historical fiction to boot Ghosts I Have Been is actually the second in a series of four but it’s the most action packed and therefore the best I read it first and then went backward It did not damage the experience at allThe series is set in a small Midwestern town in 1914 The two main characters are Blossom Culp and Alexander Armsworth both of whom are psychic Blossom is a spunky little adventurer from the wrong side of the tracks Alexander just wants to forget about his powers and live like a normal boy except that Blossom won’t let him Together they help ghosts find their way into peaceful graves sometimes in their own town and sometimes via time travel Author Richard Peck says that Blossom is so loved she gets fan mail than he does and you’ll immediately see why in the first chapter if not on the very first page Read it You’ll have loads of fun

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    I'm reminiscing than reviewing here this has been a favourite book of mine for as long as I can remember A teacher let me keep it in grade 6 because I had read it about 8 times that year Or maybe I stole it because I couldn't part with it? That's probably likely Either way that same ragged taped up copy has sat on my bookshelf for 17 years with it's little St John's School Property stamp inside For me it's one of those stories that when you think about it you can still remember the images it brought to mind the first time you read it I could practically touch the clothes and smell the curling smoke It actually gave me goosebumps and got my heart pounding This was definitely the book that started off my love for otherworldly stories and opened the door to a long obsession with Stephen King and Dean Koontz types not to mention Haunted Houses It's been a while since I've cracked it open now and I'm reluctant to reread it as an adult in case I'm disappointed but I think the nostalgia of it will override any critical thinking

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    This is such a great kids book Its one of those books that is fun to reread as an adult which I have done several times The best thing about this book is that I lent it to my mom and she and her husband liked it and went on to read of Richard Peck's books I always love giving someone a book they like to read

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    This review is originally posted to my blog FallingOffTheShelfblogspotcomTitle Ghosts I Have BeenAuthor Richard PeckPublisher Puffin BooksGenre Young AdultISBN 978 0141310961Series Yes #2Rating 5From Paperbackswap Blossom Culp is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City always getting into trouble No one wants to cross her especially now that she's revealed that she can see the Unseen Then Blossom herself is stunned because her lie turns out to be truth She actually does have second sight and she is on board the sinking TitanicReview The Gift of Second Sight is nothing new to young Blossom Culp as it is a gift that has been passed down amoungst the women of her family for years Her own mother is one to have been blessed with this particular gift Blossom herself doesn't believe she could possibly be gifted like her mother as people with gifts such as these come in hand with good looks and a good meal Blossom decides that she must stand against the local gangster boys from tipping out houses by scaring them witless with her ghostly costume She doesn't give her name away but she does give the name of another young girl Letty in her own class Letty gets attacked the next day at school by one of the young gangsters and feeling guilty Blossom finds herself defending the poor girlTo show her appreciation Letty's mother invites Blossom to their house to spend time with Letty and her band of friends The Sunny Thoughts and Busy Fingers girls as they call themselves Letty doesn't appreciate what Blossom has done and neither do the other girls so they make Blossom tell them a scary story She tells them about an encounter her own mother had with her gift of second sight only for them to tell her she's nothing but a liar Before Blossom can even think she tells them that she herself has the gift Blossom must prove to them that she isn't lying and so she begins to tell them that two of such girls will be punished the following day for cheating They believe her because they know they have cheated so she is in the clear To make things believable her own true gift shines through and she foretells an actual event that will stir the whole town She will soon become a celebrity for her gift of second sightThis book was recommended to me by a friend from work I didn't think I would enjoy it but I suppose he knew about myself than I did This story was truly captivating and at points even gave me goosebumps It was also a nice uick read only lasting a mere three hours total of reading time This book was originally published in 1977 and it shows in the way that it is written The author Richard Peck has written many books including Are You In The House Alone? Dreamland Lake and The Ghost Belonged To Me This is the first of Richard Peck's books that I have encountered and I look forward to reading of them in the future

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    Overall I liked this book and I'm interested to read by Richard Peck I loved the humor but it also had substance The descriptions were vivid but not longwinded and the book read like a movie I'm not sure how Peck wove all the elements together that he did There was a very magical flavor with the fact that the main character Blossom has the gift of second sight she can see ghosts and things that are currently happening and things that have happened long since and her mother can tell fortunes from tea dregs and other otherworldly things Then there's a kind of historical flavor he paints a vivid picture of the time period complete with servants tea cozies tea cakes streetcars and then Blossom's vision of the Titanic I would recommend this book for 5th and 6th graders maybe Blossom and another character Alexander seem to be going through the changes of adolescence and it just seems like a read for a younger audienceHowever The WarningThere are some scarier scenes one where the ghost that Blossom sees hangs herself and then the tragedy of the titanic Based on the vividness of the reader's imagination and their age this could be kind of a disturbing read Also a lot of parents discourage any kind of reading with witchcraft and such and there are those elements

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    Latest re read 72417This book has no right to be this good when I'm this old But it is God it really is And Peck who was in his forties when he wrote this book has no right to be so good at capturing Blossom's voice devastatingly self aware funny and wry out for everything she can Plus she sounds every inch a preteen girl who has experienced than a few uppercuts to the chin by the ringside opponent known as Life Blossom's circumstances were exotic and adventurous when I was a kid but that scene now where she's asked about three wishes and her first is an unthinking plenty to eat at least enough is a shot straight to the heart But it's never maudlin and Blossom is never anything but the architect of her own destiny That's even before we get to the side characters sketched in color and drama each with their own rich inner life The eccentricities and peccadilloes of small town personalities are on full display I'm mad I'm mad at how good this book is

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    This is a book that I first read when I was in 6th or 7th grade I have recalled the book over the years but could never remember the name Thanks to the internet I found it and recently purchased it so I could read it again and share it with others Re reading the story again now as an adult I still found it really written well and very enjoyableI would recommend this for any younger readers and for adults for a uick easy and enjoyable read Now that I know that there are others stories that include the character of Blossom Culp I just may need to read them too After all I'm just a big kid at heart

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    Shenanigans abound in this delightful little book about a teenage girl who can see into both the past and the present

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    from By Tamela Mccann taminator1Fourteen year old Blossom Culp lives in a small town in 1913 with her eccentric mother and a penchant for getting into troubles and adventures When she discovers that she has a sixth sense Blossom uses her gift to help a few local citizens and things proceed merrily until she has a crushing vision of the sinking of the Titanic a year earlier Fame and fortune brought on by the revelation of this vision bring many changes to Blossom's life not the least of which is a change in her relationship with her friendAlexander Armsworth Peck makes this story so much than a ghost tale; it's a delightful romp through the paranormal in a innocent time period Peck never fails to amuse and often makes the reader laugh out loud over Blossom and her antics This is recommended for kids of all agesThis is another book I still have on my shelf and I remember being enthralled by the descriptions of Blossom's visions especially one she has from the Titanic As with The Ghost Belonged to Me this is a good read for anyone who likes a little bit of romance and a little bit of spooky in their reading