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I read the combined edition with both stories in one volume Gad s Hall and The Haunting of Gad s Hall This is the first novel or novels by Norah Lofts I ve read and honestly I found it them somewhat disappointing I thought that I was sure to find something spooky between the covers given the title But sadly this story just didn t do much for me in the spooky department The story is about two families There is a contemporary story and an historical one, both center around an old Tudor home in England The contemporary family moves into the old house and the daughter and the grandmother are afraid of something there The reader is taken back in time to learn what happened in the house that caused the evil feeling to linger I thought the story was rambling, the details somewhat tedious and the historical portion of the story lacking in period details I thought Lofts gave endless details about the lives of these characters but at the same time they didn t feel fully developed to me The story drags and there is plenty of filler that could have been trimmed out The haunting portion was very predictable and basically uninteresting I wish Lofts had focused on the events in the life of the youngest daughter in the family in the past as well as the relationships the contemporary mother had with the owner of the house Those two stories were the most interesting to me and also seemed to be the most neglected I did like some of this but overall I was disappointed and didn t feel satisfied when I turned the last page. I was very worried that I wouldn t like the Gad s Hall books They re two of my mum s favourites and I d hate to have to tell her they were a disappointment Luckily neither of them were.I have to say that once again it wasn t a book that focused on the spooky very much at all There s enough of it in there to deny Trading Standards a collar but it s a very minor part of the story.It continues where the first book left off In both time settings The vast majority of the story is dedicated to the historical family I was glad about this as their story was much interesting to me than one set in modern times This is a novel about family The trials and tribulations that families go through together Where is stands up well for me is the characters They are all vividly written It can t have been an easy job to write five very different female characters all so well I believed in each one and the actions they took It s not a sentimental book It writes its characters very honestly Faults and good points all included.I m not sure whether or not I would keep the supernatural element of the story in if I were to advise the author It seems only to be there to direct the tale back to the historical era I don t really think it s necessary It doesn t spoil the story but it does feel a little tacked on The historical tale is a great read and leaving it open to the reader to decide what was actually at work would have pleased me.I really enjoyed a story set in the not too distant past centred around well written women, No One At Gad S Hall Could Admit What They Knew About The Room In The Attic The Locked Room That Held The Thorley Family S Most Shameful Secret The Terrifying Room That Had Once Been The Living Tomb Of A Beautiful Young Woman Possessed By The Darkest Evil Years Had Passed But The Relentless Diabolic Force Abided Waiting Until It Could Once Again Possess An Innocent And Inflict Its Horror Upon The Living It Was A Force Countless Centuries Old It Was Simply A Matter Of Time Before It Would Strike Again And When The Spender Family Moved Into Gad S Hall, That Time Had Come Makes sense as a historical novel than a ghost story This MUST have been meant to be part of a single Gad s Hall book, because otherwise the structure is too weird the spooky events happened in the previous book, and the modern family who are affected by the haunting only pop up right at the end of the book having only appeared at the start of the last one Don t read this except as a pair with the previous book, Gad s Hall.However as a historical novel, great stuff Fascinating, well researched detail in which the lives of three Victorian girls develop along different paths The characters are well drawn and memorable, the events compelling This is good Norah Lofts but not her best. This made the abrupt ending of the previous book much better, and had a lot of good story, but had nothing scary and had a rather anticlimactic ending It was fine. Book 2 takes up where book 1 Gad s Hall left off, concentrating on the next generation of Thorleys It follows the daughters and their unhappy marriages and young George, who seems to lack the responsibility or desire to run the farm The second part of the book focuses on the present owners, the Spenders, whose daughter, Alice, is so upset by the attic rom, that she goes to live with her grandmother Since Bob Spender is disabled, due to an accident, it is up to his wife, Jill, to take things in hand What drastic measures will she go to in order to reunite her family Very well written. 1840 s England and current day Ignore the description about evil A fragment is there suppressed 100 years ago as a family s worst event Other than nuances of a haunting, this isn t horror Become entrenched in this saga I ve acquainted the Thorleys so well, I could write their essay Accept the lively journey these pages hold After George Thorley dies, his business minded second wife turns convention on its head His daughters Deborah Caroline are the most compelling, although Isobel Thorley s daughter, Diana gains my respect in this sequel Her youngest, the spooky but artistic Lavinia, died as her three elder sisters were set to marry.This portion sees us through the adult lives of the trio Isobel is concerned marriage didn t pan out the way her girls hoped Party girl Caroline married a wonderful doctor after her beau chose a friend She is stymied when their friend dies and he becomes single Deborah married for love too quickly to know her mate proselytizes a religion she couldn t abide Needing an income that couldn t be traced to horses she wrote a thriller about her sister, Lavinia She is a bestselling success Diana loves her husband but the lawyer was unsuccessful in London She impresses stores with her fashions Remarkably these few highlights tell nothing of this book s adventures George II, son of both parents, is such a partier Isobel strong arms him into learning their business before he s eighteen His son is the farmer from whom Bob Jill Spender buy Gad s Hall in 1977 It s perplexing that the farmer doesn t know the names of the sisters George adored Diana Caroline definitely have descendents in town There are no further heirs to George, Deborah, or Lavinia It s sad any of them would blink out of common knowledge, when every one of them made a resounding splash. 4 stars I really liked it These Gad s Hall books are so strange And though there s two of them, they re really just one big book They re supposedly haunted house gothics, but they re like gentle family sagas There s barely anything supernatural I was fascinated by the family and its history, though, so this mildness didn t bother me The modern family, that s used as a framing device, was barely touched upon but again, I was interested in the past family s saga, so that was fine.I liked the characters and enjoyed watching how their lives played out, so 4 stars from me. This is the follow up novel to the first of the duo which was titled Gad s Hall This one gives process and closure to Gad s Hall, but far less of the mood and menace And it truly is not a stand alone, IMHO In fact, you will have numerable questions and blanks here if you had NOT read Gad s Hall first This brings us into the midst of the original family with 4 daughters and a son from the mid 1800 s and continues their life paths until the oldest members are deceased The youngest child is named George and he is the Grandfather of the George that appears in the modern times post war England Those modern times are covered within the small portion named Part II, near the end of this Haunting of book So we have a bookend reverse of the first book within the two time ranges, exactly the opposite And within this second sequence book 90% is of the period 1840 s 1860 s at Gad s Hall It s an excellent look into that period of beginnings of outside jobs for wives and mothers, IMHO.Overall in effect, this one is far a novel of manners, domestic outcomes and workplace advancements for females than it is a mood piece Gothic or cross genre as the first title in the series was I would give it 3.5 star, but cannot round it up Primarily because it probably should have been included in the first of the series in one VERY long book, instead of two And should have been less within the 1800 s and much filled out for the final period of exorcism Spoiler here for the general description of the ending Gad s Hall is the exception to most HAUNTED HOUSE tales in completion.The intense and critical eyes within the 4 marriages both husbands AND wives for their emotions and cognition of this book are absolutely 4 star 4.5 star Excellent Marriage is seldom captured in its truth of reality and process of time passing as it is here And especially for that era when the months years days before marriage often saw little real contact or time spent within work or normal daily processes with their prospective spouse This book, I can totally understand, NOT being popular in and for today s sensibilities Also as with all of Norah Lofts, I notice time and again that PC police posters would balk.