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Another couple of hours with Georgia and, as expected, no life lessons but tons of hilariosity Can t say much happens in this installment The highlights are Georgia s ever growing nunga nungas a.k.a basoomas a.k.a breasts which once again attract a wrong kind of attention, this time from a Scottish lad a serious case of red bottomosity a.k.a general horn a.k.a sluttiness and Angus s trouser snake removal operation.Some favorite bits Saturday, November 6th1 00 pmI d better start my makeup soon It s only seven hours till the gig But as I fully expect to be snogged to within an inch of my life, what about snogproof makeup As Billy Shakespeare said, To lippy or not to lippy that is the question 2 00 pmResults of lippy snogging poll Jas only wears lip gloss, which she says gets absorbed in the general snogosity Rosie says she puts on lippy AND lip gloss, then just goes for full frontal snogging with Sven She also says that by the end of the night he is usually covered in lippy, but he doesn t mind and wipes it off with his T shirt.Good Lord.We must remember, however, that he is not English.The rest of the gang seemed pretty well to go along with the lip gloss absorbed into the general snogosity theory.So lip gloss it is 9 30 pmJools has been looking at Rollo for about a million centuries and moaning and droning on about him He was hanging out with a bunch of lads round the bar I was trying to concentrate on looking at the Sex God He is soooo cool He s by far the coolest in the band Dom, Chris and Ben are all quite groovy looking but they don t have that certain je ne sais quoi that the Sex God has That extra snogosity That puckery gorgeosity combined with fabulosity That sexgoderosity.Jools didn t seem to know I was in Snog Heaven because she was rambling on He is quite fit, isn t he Yeah, he s gorgeous and he s all mine, mine, miney Gee, I mean Rollo, you banana I was less than interested but she went on and on Should I go across Pause Or is it too pushy Pause I think it s always best to play a bit hard to get, don t you Yes, that s how I ll play it He ll have to beg to get my attention 9 35 pmJools was sitting on Rollo s knee and snogging for England Oh well I said to Ellen, She s obviously gone for the playing hard to get ticket I personally think the series started to lack.It has started to become a bit repetitive in topics for Georgia to think of and I now it s boy focused I m a little less interested In the first two boys weren t the biggest topic I have the fourth so I may finish that just to add to my read shelf but I m unsure at the moment. I got a real kick out of these funny, honest, unsentimental YA books I would have loved and I mean LOVED them in high school They re written as the diary of a British girl named Georgia, and she covers all the drama, hilarity, embarassment, etc., of the high school years, only with a delightful Englishness Really fun, reeeeeeally amusing I don t imagine they d meet with much approval from the parents of American teenagers, though Georgia is pretty frank even crude she s a teenager after all about matters of anatomy, and she s very cheeky and disrespectful of adults I wasn t bothered, though I think those kinds of things are what give it an honest ring It was hard for me to believe that Georgia s voice was actually written by an adult Here s an excerpt, the opening of the first book Dad had Uncle Eddie round, so naturally they had to come and see what I was up to If Uncle Eddie who is bald as a coot says to me one time, Should Bald Heads be Buttered I may kill myself He doesn t seem to realize that I no longer wear romper suits I feel like yelling at him, I am fourteen year old, I wear a bra OK, it s a bit on the loose side and does ride up round my neck if I run for the bus but the womanly potential is there, you bald coot Talking of breasts, I m worried that I may end up like the rest of the women in my family, with just the one bust, like a sort of shelf affair Mum can balance things on hers when her hands are full at parties, and so on, she can have a sandwich and a drink and save a snack for later by putting it on her shelf It s very unattractive. Sex God or A Laugh Jelloid knickers or strange dancing Dave The Laugh I am definitely team Dave the L but Aaron as Robbie s image floats up y mind and i can t deciiiide my red bottom is speechless as well.Altho Georgia is quit awful to loads of people i can t help but love her warts and all on to the next Three books in and I m done with the series Already they re getting really tiresome Georgia is 14 but acts like she s both 20 and 5 at the same time Whinging on about her parents who have absolutely NO consistency to their weak characterizations being weirdos and her egg headed uncle one minute, and then snogging the life out of guys who are quite a bit older than her, wearing short skirts, and going to clubs the next.I realized that so far there has been no real plot to the series Georgia whines, her little sister comes in and is weirdly cute at random points Georgia whines about this also , her mother flirts with any random guy, Georgia is mean to her best friend Jas who usually doesn t deserve it, and Georgia can t decide between and whines about the pluses and minuses of Robbie the Sex God who makes her legs go jelliod or Dave the Laugh who nibbles her lip during snogging and who she can coherently communicate with Gee, I wonder who she ll FINALLY end up with It s so obvious and the plots are never interesting enough for me to care Granted, I did get a few laughs out of the 3 I ve read, but the laugh to boredom ratio wasn t worth it If you re looking for a high school guys and drama series, read E Lockhart s Ruby Oliver books start withThe Boyfriend List 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver, which are much funnier and have a much mature and less whiny main character. Aw, Dave the Laugh is the cutest. Georgia Nicolson Is Now The Girlfriend Of The Sex God Aka Robbie , And Things Are Wonderful Except Her Loony Parents Are Dragging Her Off To Och Aye Land Aka Scotland , And The Sex God S Band S Chance At A Record Contract Has Left Her Something Of A Pop Widow Then Up Rears Temptation In The Form Of Old Flame Dave The Laugh Is Georgia About To Become A Shameless Vixen Second Booktubathon book completed Listened to the audiobook for this all in one sitting and it had me laughing just as hard as it did 10 years ago Buddy read with the Jealous and the Knicker view spoiler Please don t kill me hide spoiler