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Once Upon A Time The Blood Sorcerer Vanquished The Kingdom Of Elden To Save Their Children, The Queen Scattered Them To Safety And The King Filled Them With Vengeance Only A Magical Timepiece Connects The Four Royal Heirs Now They Must Return And Save Elden And Time Is Running Out Princess Breena Had Been Dreaming Of Her Warrior Lover When She Was Ripped From Her Elden Castle And Thrown Into A Strange, Dangerous Realm Lost And Alone, She Prayed For Survival And Vengeance For Her Stolen Kingdom She Found Both In A Woodland Cottage In A Dark Bear Of A ManThe Goldenhaired Beauty Had Eaten His Food And Slept In His Bed When Osborn Found Her Though He Wanted To Awaken His Virgin Princess To Carnal Pleasures, Breena Wanted Including His Warrior Skills Skills The Oncelegendary Mercenary Had Long Buried Now Osborn Had A Choice Risk His Life Or Deny His Princess Her Fairytale Ending

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    Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who only really lived when she dreamed Then one day she woke up surrounded by three glowering bears With patience and love she tamed the fiercest, and with a kiss transformed the beast into a prince.Jill Monroe takes pen in hand or fingers to keyboard to bring us the second installment of the Royal House of Shadows series, Lord of Rage. This is the story of Princess Breena of Elden, and Osborn, the oldest of three Berserker brothers If you read the first book, Lord of Vampires which was written by Gena Showalter, you ll recall that Breena is Nicolai s sister and like her older brother, she was magically transported away from the tragic massacre that claimed the lives of her parents as well as many of the people of Elden As this story opens, Breena finds herself lost in a forest, being drawn in a particular direction, but not fully understanding of where or why The words revenge and survive keep playing through her mind, and so do the memories of her warrior, the man who had awaken her body to sensual pleasure but only in her dreams Ten years before the attack on Elden, on the night of his B renjagd, Osborn left childhood behind and became a man In an ancient ritual that not everyone survived, he journeyed to sacred land looking for the bear he d do battle with If he survived, Osborn would become a Berserker, a being both revered and feared for his terrifying strength and killing abilities He knew that one of them would die this night, and Osborn didn t plan to be the one When he and his father returned to their village after the ritual, they found it under attack by Elden s vampires It was a well planned attack, taking place when the men were away with their sons who were completing the same ritual as Osborn, and even though they returned as Berserkers, they were too late On that night Osborn vowed to hunt down and kill all of those responsible for the massacre of his people.Believe it or not, all of the above takes place in the prologue and first chapter Now fast forward to the present time of the story and Breena finds her way to a small cottage, and in Goldilocks and the Three Bears fashion, makes herself right at home, only to be rudely awaken by a gruff man who she recognizes as her dream warrior Her memories have been slowly returning and she knows that this is the man who can help her get the revenge she so desperately needs.I really enjoyed the world Jill Monroe created, and while it s very different from that of the first book, it s supposed to be Each of the royal heirs has a different power or ability, so it stands to reason the worlds in which their stories take place would be different, too As for the characters, Osborn, Breena, and Osborn s brothers, Bernt and Torben, I think one of the reasons shorter books seldom get than 4 stars from me is because there isn t enough time to develop the players into people I really care about That said, I know that the next books in this series are about the royal heirs, Dayn and Micah, but I wish they were about Bernt and Torben, who I became very fond of I m hoping we ll see of them in the next two books, or perhaps a spin off or a series extension I ll be keeping my fingers crossed Now, while I know the Berserker part of the story told in this book is fictional, it captivated me none the less because I ve always been interested in ancient traditions and rituals, and the deep meanings they hold within different cultures As I mentioned, Osborn goes through his B renjagd and I appreciated the reverence with which this scene was written I have such a profound respect for these ages old customs, and while they often ended in violence, they weren t just for sport Even though he came out the victor, Osborn felt the weight of what he d done as he realized it was much harder to take a life than he had thought it would be But his father s guidance and wisdom would stay with Osborn for as long as he lived and I m including this quote because it speaks volumes as to the man Osborn would become It was harder than I thought I didn t think I d feel this way, Osborn blurted out for no reason he could guess He regretted his rash words instantly.That was a boy s sentiments Not a man s Not a warrior s It s not supposed to be easy Taking of a life, any life, should never be something done without need and compassion He stood, slinging his pack over his shoulder Guide me to the bear We must prepare it They trekked silently together, crossing into the sacred land to where the bear had taken its final breaths His father taught him to honor the bear in the ancient ways, then they set to work Now you possess the heart of the bear As a warrior of Ursa, you will carry the bear s spirit with you Your ber spirit will always be there, waiting silent within you, ready for your call The strength of the bear comes to you when you wear your B renhaut, his father told him, lifting up the bear pelt Do not don your pelt without thought and careful consideration You will be able to kill, Osborn, and kill easily But only with honor The bottom line Lord of Rage is an entertaining installment to the Royal House of Shadows series, but it started strong then hit a plateau that lasted through most of the book I enjoyed the training scenes, and getting to know Osborn s younger brothers was one of the highlights of this book for me The ending felt a bit anticlimactic but I was still left wanting to know about this family I want to see them come together and, in the end, triumph over the evil which has invaded Elden This ARC ebook was provided free of charge by netgalley.com in behalf of Harlequin This had no influence on my rating or my review.3.5 5

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    While this was better written than the first book, it still put me off because of the following 1 Too many damn inconsistencies One minute, Osborn s father told him to be honourable, and then the next, he told him to kill easily and without compassion Um, I d like to know what dictionary he used because that seemed like a conceptual contradiction to me Also, the book mentioned that Breena knew nothing of sex nothing beyond a kiss but in a dream, she wantonly showed Osborn her breasts And oh, apparently Osborn hated vampires his family was killed by them but Breena s older brother was a vampire LOL That would certainly make family reunions interesting.2 Osborn was an indecisive asshole, and Breena was an invertebrate who went with all his fucked up whims Osborn I want you, Breena.Breena because she was a spineless chit Oh, yes, Osborn, take me Take me, lover boy I don t care if you disrespect me by treating me like a whore, I lurve you Torrid kissing ensues until Osborn suddenly stops Osborn I m angry because insert ludicrous reason here Get away from me.Repeat that scene for around 9000000000 times and you ve basically covered around 90% of the book Yawn.My expectations for this series are so low now that I wouldn t be surprised if any of the characters sprouted an extra head at some point.

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    I like the world created in this series, and I so far have really liked the fresh perspective in each book, since each book has a different author.I think the first chapter Osborn s history and the prologue Breena s present could have been switched to make the story a bit easier to follow The prologue is Breena running from the attack on her people, the first chapter takes place 10 years prior, then we re back to Breena a couple days after the kingdom falls I was confused a bit, as I thought in Lord of the Vampires Nicolai had been held captive for yearsBreena s story takes place immediately after the king and queen are murdered, and then send their children away with only two things in their minds avenge and survive btw Jill Monroe told me that the timeline will be cleared up by the 4th book So where I thought they would all run concurrently, I guess not Breena s memory isn t fully there when she finds herself in a strange forest She knows who she is, just not the details of what happened and how she got to be running through the forest with avenge and survive as her mantra Every time she tries to remember something, she gets a splitting headache, her magic is gone, and she is very afraid Then she comes upon a cabin in the woods This is such a cute spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.The three Bears are actually bers or berserkers In the first chapter we see Osborn getting his pelt he goes out, finds a bear, and he has to kill the bear, thus merging their spirits which the story of that, with the bermannen was super cool But his people are attacked immediately afterwards All but his 2 little brothers and himself are slaughtered It is awful At 14 he not only is responsible for the care of 2 little boys think ages 4 and 5 , but his people are gone He hires himself out as a mercenary until he can no longer justify that job which for a man who feels he has no honor, is a pretty big deal He then takes his now teenage brothers and retreats to the cabin on Ursa lands.This is where Breena finds him.Breena has been dreaming of him, and entering his dreams for a while now, and finding her warrior is not only real, but standing in front of her is just what she needs She thinks he will help her avenge her family, and fight to get her kingdom back Breena never expected him to say no But Osborn will be no one s mercenary again Not even Breena s.What I liked was watching them grow to love each other My favorite part in the whole book actually has to do with the cover I love this cover this is a case of the artist getting it exactly right the gown, the armband, the color All of it See, Osborn went into the village to get info about her people, to see if any survived, and he sees a gown, a cloak and an armband he just has to get them for her And this big tough warrior gives them to Breena like this, I uh, got this for you awwHe was so sweet.But the main thing that makes this book a 4 rather than a 5, is that during that whole time where we see them falling in love, and learning each other, it gets a bit slow There was one attack, almost immediately, then nothing until the very end I did like how the end battle played out, but I thought it was over too quick, and I really wanted to scream at Breena for believing Osborn could just walk away like that But on the whole, I was hooked instantly, and I think that this book flows a lot better than Gena s book, I loved the world that these authors have created, and I am not only loading up Lord of the Wolfyn onto my Nook right now, but I really like Jill Monroe s writing style I m looking up Ms Monroe s backlist on fictionwise right now ARC supplied by netgalley.comhttp www.demonloversbooksand.co

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    Meh The story and the characters were awfully inconsistent Being in the middle of second decade of her life means being 15 years old so either the h was 15 years old or the author had made some miscalculations

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    Book 2 take off of Goldilocks Way better than 1 At least here we have better storyline, better dialogue and much better hero heroine The writing is far sophisticated, not jumbled, and the POV thinking of the characters are clear and precise The logic of the plot and magic is reasonable and believable My only beef is the last fight scene was lame No tension, little description of action, and way too short Lastly the author never goes into the significance of the timepiece.

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    Princess Breena had been dreaming of her warrior lover when she was ripped from her Elden castle and thrown into a strange, dangerous realm Lost and alone, she prayed for survival and vengeance for her stolen kingdom She found both in a woodland cottage in a dark bear of a man.The golden haired beauty had eaten his food and slept in his bed when Osborn found her Though he wanted to awaken his virgin princess to carnal pleasures, Breena wanted including his warrior skills Skills the once legendary mercenary had long buried Now Osborn had a choice risk his life or deny his princess her fairy tale ending. Breena is definitely out of her depth Not only are her parents dead, but she s all alone in an unfamiliar place And to top it all, she has two contradictory impulses that her parents imprinted on her Survive and Avenge Luckily for her she s not alone her dream warrior or lover as she calls him in the privacy of the night is there But Osborn refuses to get involved.Osborn s childhood had been great, up until the night that his entire family and hell species, was brutally slayed He swore vengeance on the kingdom on Elden and it s royal family But survival was his first mission He had to do a lot of things that wounded his soul so that his younger brothers could survive He accepted his fate, such as it is But then he met Breena, and his entire world changed.I like the premise of the book, the kingdom in jeopardy, the royal heirs scattered around, having to fight for their birthright and their people And the entire Goldilocks and the Three Bears theme not a one I see often, and I did enjoy it.Unfortunately, I didn t like the book that much Mainly the problem is in Breena I know her entire life was turned upside down, but I simply couldn t understand her I admire the fact that she wanted to help her people even though nothing in her life has prepared her for it When she failed to convince Osborn to help her, she made him teach her how to fight But I kept thinking what s the point of it I would ve understood if she wanted to learn it so that she could protect herself, but no it s all for the revenge If she led a rebellion her people wouldn t need her to fight, the need a leader, a planner, or at least a figurehead And I was surprised to find out that she had memory loss, it didn t feel that way, didn t she think of her family, kingdom and being a princess a lot Osborn is an OK hero A berserker with a lot of heart He spent most of his adult life taking care of his brothers, true sometimes he was bad at it, he tended to be overprotective, but still an admirable feat He comes across as a gruff, unfriendly, sometimes down mean guy, but he s such a softy inside When he went to the village and bought all the stuff for Breena Sigh view spoiler The only thing that was marginally wrong is the entire revenge deal, it was just way too neat, the bad guy confessing it all, leaving Breena and Osborn with no obstacles to cross hide spoiler

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    Lord of Rage is the second book in the 4 part Royal House of Shadows series by Jill Monroe, Gena Showalter, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh From reading the blurb, Lord of Rage appears to be inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears As a lover of fairy tales and fairy tales retold, I was very excited to read this book about Princess Breena and the Ursa warrior, Osborn Unfortunately, Lord of Rage did not live up to my expectations.First, the good I enjoyed learning the lore about the Ursans and how they embodied the revered bears The respect they showed towards the bears after battling to the death was particularly touching I also enjoyed the scenes with Osborn s little brothers, Bernt and Torben It s easy to create child characters as fodder for the hero and heroine and I ve seen it happen too many times to count But in Lord of Rage, you get a feel for Bernt and Torben s personalities, instead of them just being the little brothers cast to make Osborn look good I would have liked to learn about them I also enjoyed the intimate scenes between Breena and Osborn Osborn has the strength and instincts of a bear, so of course he went completely animalistic on her That scene against the tree in the woods Let s just say that I crossed and uncrossed my legs so many times in class when I was reading that scene that my instructor asked me if I had to use the bathroom.On to the not so good Breena was a complete damsel in distress She referred to Osborn as her warrior on several occasions and would ve liked nothing than for him to help her save her kingdom and avenge her parents It got to the point that she came off as extremely selfish for wanting him to put his brothers and his own life in jeopardy because she needed someone to kick ass and take names Not to mention, I personally enjoy heroines who save themselves instead of waiting for the hero to chop the wood and bring home the bacon While it s true that Breena became independent as the story progressed Osborn taught her how to sword fight and Breena learned how to use her magic I still expected her to swoon over a broken nail There was so much she could ve done to prove that she was a badass heroine worthy of the masculine and powerful Osborn, but she fell short She was definitely not the kind of heroine I go for and only tolerate in old school bodice rippers.I also didn t enjoy how cranky Osborn was for most of this book I get it Bears are grouchy Osborn has lots of guilt from a devastation is his past But was it really necessary for him to act like such an ass It made it very hard for me to find anything redeeming about his character in terms of personality Yeah, he s hot But I find my BOB to be pretty damn hot as well and he doesn t come with chip on his shoulder.I guess what I m trying to say is, this book wasn t anything special Nothing really stood out to make me have a bookgasm Lord of Rage was enjoyable but it s not a book I d put on my keeper shelf Then again, there s something to be said about mediocrity I d rather read a book that was okay than one that made me want to drink bleach and this book definitely was not that.

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    e ARC provided by Net galley 4 stars 2 in Royal of Shadows seriesBrenna is the only princess of Elden Kingdom, and her parent already arranged a marriage for her, even she doesn t want it But when Blood Sorcerer attack Elden, she must flee and escape, then gather force to once again take over Elden from the enemy With her parent s last help and dying wish, Brenna had teleported to the land of the Beserker..Osborn is beserker, who make bear spirit as his power When he s first reach his beserker status, his village is attacked, and he s recognized the attacker are Elden s vampire soldier After that he hate Elden with passion and become mercenary So, he s so surprise when he find a beautiful woman in his bed That beautiful woman of course is Brenna, who stumbled over to Osborn s home Realized Osborn is beserker, Brenna asked for his help to gather force and help Brenna s brother, Nikolai to attack Elden, under Blood Sorcerer s reign Osborn must fight his hatred to Elden, and his passion as well, since he s falling in love with that princess deeply.Lord of Rage are less action and less steamy than the first But I really enjoy the story Dare I say this book is better than Lords of The Vampires gasp Osborn is better than Nicolai , he such a bear, big man with big heart Lord of Rage is a retelling of Goldilocks and The Three Bears I can enjoy this than the first book, because the story most focused to Brenna and Osborn To how they manage their relationship No confusing term here, because the world building already explain in the first book Brenna and Osborn are so cute together and they are my favorite couple from this series Ms Monroe s writing are good too, make readers can easily understand and enjoy the story Royal House of Shadow series are a series that can t be missed by all of Paranormal Romance lovers.Readers will love the retelling of four fairy tales by four talented authors

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    Ok, I found this installment in the Royal House of Shadows series much better The first in this series was unfortunately, because I usually love Showalter s writing a bit of a let down, but I found that I enjoyed Jill Monroe s take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears especially since the bear who is just right is a yummy alpha Berserker.This story focuses on Princess Breena, one of the heirs to the kingdom of Elden, who s lived a rather sheltered life, has yet to really come into her powers, and has been dreamscaping with a sexy unknown warrior for some time When Elden is overthrown, the king and queen fling their children away to safety and Breena finds herself in Ursa where after eating his oatmeal, sitting in his chair and sleeping in his bed she meets Osborn, a vengeful, reclusive Berserker, who wonder of wonders also happens to be the warrior she s been sharing dreams with The two are of course incredibly attracted to one another, and while Osborn wants to get right down to, um, business , he is reluctant to help Breena avenge her family Sexual tension ensues, with the gruff Berserker trying to first rid himself of temptation ie Breena and then just plain old resist her while trying to train her to fight and defend herself Needless to say they share some very sexy moments I also enjoyed the other two bears , Osborn s much younger brothers on the cusp of manhood It would be fun to see how they end up hint hint Ms Monrow Now, I m awaiting the next in the series, Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Anderson an author I ve never read before.

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    Bu kitap serideki ilk kitaptan kat be kat g zeldi bence. Nicolai dan sonra k z karde i Breena ya ne olmu onu da rendik. S rada Dayn var bakal m o nerelerde Orduyu yava yava topluyor karde ler kendi aplar nda son kitapta birle ecekler san r m hadi bakal m DBir de s ylemeden ge emeyece im, u kitaplar n kapaklar na bay l yorum Birebir kitapta ne anlat lm sa onu yans t yorlar bizlere, ok da iyi yap yorlar D