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Angels, it is said, are often unsure whether they pass among the living or the dead. Rainer Maria Rilke When trying to characterize Cees Nooteboom s novel Lost Paradise 2005 in one word, ethereal immediately comes to mind Synonyms of ethereal are many delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful, fragile, airy, fine, subtle Except for fragile , all these adjectives fit the book perfectly I would add three adjectives to specify my perception of the book whimsical, enchanting, and magical Now, what do the real critics people who unlike me can write well in English say about Lost Paradise Their adjectives are luminous, numinous, glorious, dreamy, self conscious, daring, poetic, provocative, cleansing, brief, beautiful, mysterious, radiant, imaginative, dense, layered, magical, innovative, cool, sophisticated, ironic the last three are courtesy of J M Coetzee.Even if one can say that Lost Paradise is about angels, the novel has an earthly plot, and not an insubstantial one at that In a stunning Prologue, Mr Nooteboom performs the best metafiction trick ever Let s only say that suddenly while being inside the story we are outside of it and looking in Highly virtuosic Part One takes us to Australia where two young Brazilian women, girls really, fascinated with the indigenous people s culture, visit the sacred Aboriginal places For one of the women, the narrator, this journey becomes a life altering event, in spiritual, physical, and artistic dimensions Towards the end of the story the women perform as angels in the Perth Angel Project this is an event that really happened in 2000 Part Two is narrated by a middle aged Dutch literary critic who travels to a rejuvenation clinic in Austria and is subject to sophisticated healing and anti aging treatment Eventually, the two stories merge obviously angels must have helped.While the synopsis may sound superficial, an incredible amount of weighty substance is packed into this slim volume 150 pages Mr Nooteboom obviously follows Italo Calvino s advice that books ought to be short the dying of the Aboriginal culture, the serendipity of intersecting trajectories of human lives, the transforming power of art that lifts the human existence to transcend its earthly form, the celebration of life, the role of chance, loving as the essence of being, even the trauma of rape, and perhaps most touchingly the homage to the ancient humans, our ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago.This being a Cees Nooteboom s work, it is beautifully written, and the translation from Dutch by Susan Massotty is superb as well After the rating I am quoting a dazzling passage And despite all the depth, this is a very readable book The last scenes of the first part, the vividly portrayed happenings from the Perth festival, are unforgettable Cees Nooteboom has joined the list of my most favorite authors After the ascetic and serious Rituals, metafictional In the Dutch Mountains, and unforgettably beautiful The Following Story, Lost Paradise is another exceptional work by the Dutch writer One may be stunned by how different the books are the supreme quality of prose is the only similarity between them which to me is one of the marks of truly great writers and artists in general they rarely if ever repeat themselves A few weeks ago I asked my wife who knows much about serious literature than I do to read Nooteboom s The Following Story, which has recently become one of the very best books I have ever read She liked it, but not as much as I did Impenetrable , she said, Too enigmatic Maybe Well, if we put these three novels on a scale of impenetrability, then The Following Story would be somewhere in the middle, with Rituals at the enigmatic end, while in Lost Paradise all is in the plain view of the reader thus yielding a very low score on the impenetrability scale Perhaps only the references to Milton s Paradise Lost are a little obscure Finally, I should add that the readers who have seen Wim Wenders magnificent movie about two invisible angels who roam over Berlin, Wings of Desire, will find some similarities in the overall mood Perhaps one needs angels to reflect so sharply on the human condition.Five stars I would like to say something about my body, about how I have realised, than ever, that it will be there only once, that it coincides with what I call me , but I reach a point where things can no longer be described in words One cannot talk about ecstasy And yet that is what I mean I have never existed as much. Nooteboom is a unique stylist, and this is another beautiful miniature a cryptic, allusive and dreamlike meditation on the nature of paradise. Cees Nooteboom, Hailed By A S Byatt As One Of The Greatest Modern Novelists, Is One Of Holland S Most Important Authors In Lost Paradise , Nooteboom S Most Ambitious Book Yet, He Sets Out To Uncover The Connections Between Two Seemingly Unrelated Travelers A Beautiful Stranger Aboard A Berlin Bound Flight And A Haggard Looking Man On A Holland Train Platform With His Fleeting Impressions Of These Encounters, Nooteboom Builds A Complex, Haunting Story Of Longing, Regret, And Rebirth In The Dawn Of The New Millennium Alma, A Young Woman Of German Descent, Leaves Her Parents Sao Paolo Home On A Hot Summer Night Her Car Engine Dies In One Of The City S Most Dangerous Favelas, A Mob Surrounds Her, And She Is Pulled From The Automobile Not Long After, Dutch Novelist Erik Zontag Is In Perth, Australia, For A Literary Conference And Finds A Winged Woman Curled Up In A Closet In An Empty House The Intersection Of Their Paths Illuminates The Ways In Which The Divine Touches Our Lives Lost Paradise Is An Affirmation Of Our Underlying Humanity In An Increasingly Fragmented Age, A Deeply Resonant Tale Of Cosmically Thwarted Love La historia empieza a tambor batiente, llega un momento en el que no sabes que est s leyendo, pero la idea que ese hecho o hechos se entrelazar n con algo m s adelante te hace seguir, llega el fin del libro y nunca llega el climax de la historia Quiz s el que no me haya agradado es porque me hice mi propia historia del libro Como historia no es buena, pero da tela para filosofar. Jeste vrlo elokventno i divno napisana knji ica, na po etku interesantna i obe avaju a, ak i obrazovna, ali me je kraj zbunio i pitam se jesam li razumela sve to se razumeti moglo ili sam se i ja izgubila me u svim onim an elima u Izgubljenom Raju tak to som absol tne ne akal kr sneh adanie anjelov v opusten ch budov ch austr lskeho Perthu ke to zjednodu m Grata sorpresa result el sumergirse en esta novela corta de Cees Nooteboom es un autor del que no hab a o do hablar y que invita a conocer su obra y empezar a buscar por autores holandeses He escuchado comentarios de que, al igual que Murakami, ha estado entre la pl yade de eternos candidatos al Nobel de Literatura.Cees es un autor que le gusta viajar, y sus historias emergen de dichos viajes Aprovecha de sus vivencias para inyectarle veracidad y tener historias contemporaneas que parecieran surgir en nuestro entorno Tal es el caso de Perdido el para so , historias de dos chicas brasile as que las circustancias y sus sue os, las llevan a vivir una temporada en Australia, y descubrir la cultura ancestral que existe en dichas tierras desde hace miles de a os Mientras tanto, un cr tico de edad madura, busca curar su alcoholismo cr nico en una cl nica famosa de Austria.Esta historia ejemplifica la peque ez del mundo, donde las situaciones acortan las distancias, y las casualidades son m s un reflejo planeado de las circunstancias Aunque pudiera resultar un tanto predecible, realmente llam mi atenci n la forma en que un a los personajes, y justificaba el desenlace de una manera natural, lo anterior sin ver forzado los eventos que se suscitaban al final de las p ginas Perth es una ciudad de Australia localizada al otro extremo de Sidney, es la sede del Perth s Writers Festival, y es el evento que sirve de n cleo de la historia Inclusive, el festival de los ngeles ocurre durante el festival de letras Habr que visitarlo.Novela entretenida que invita al lector a conocer m s Recomendable para lectores nivel b sico intermedio, y adem s, puede ser le do en un tiempo muy corto. Cei care fac cuno tin pentru nt ia dat cu Cees Nooteboom, prin intermediul Pierdutului paradis Editura Humanitas Fiction, 2016 , ferici i ar fi s lase a tept rile n afara coper ilor n untru se g se te o lume profan , cosmopolit i zgomotoas , cu planuri de ac iune care se desf oar precum l na pe un ghem.Deja ai ajuns la jum tatea c r ii c nd realizezi c tr ie ti experien a unei lecturi puzzle n care nc nu e clar dac te g se ti pe picioare de om sau pe aripi de nger.Cite te continuarea aici Gaily bedight, A gallant knight,In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, Singing a song,In search of Eldorado But he grew old This knight so bold And o er his heart a shadow Fell as he found No spot of groundThat looked like Eldorado And, as his strength Failed him at length,He met a pilgrim shadow Shadow, said he, Where can it be This land of Eldorado Over the Mountains Of the Moon,Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride, The shade replied, If you seek for Eldorado Edgar Allen Poe Eldorado 1849 Lost Paradise is Susan Massotty s 2007 translation of the Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom s delightful 2004 novel Paradijs Verloren This is one of the most touching books that I ve read in 2015 I truly enjoyed this short wonderful novel about travel that remind the reader that much about life is about pilgrimage.Nooteboom is a great travel writer as well as a novelist His globe trotting serves him well here In this book, a writer on a plane looks at the elements that surround him as he becomes inspired to put together a story He writes about a ravaged young woman who searches for beauty in strange and distant lands and a cynic, who while attending a writers conference, meets an angel.Angels are curious creatures According to the poet John Milton an angel blocks the way to Eden, as a reminder to mankind that paradise is lost forever Conversely, angels bring messages of hope to mankind Like the poemEldorado by Edgar Allen Poe, this book reminds the reader to seek what is important in life be it truth or beauty or whatever Please read this great book Never stop looking for angels. When I stand outside here, I do not just seethe stars, I hearthem.My first Nooteboom and it was a good one This book is in two parts, two stories, separate stories, but they re related And as the title might suggest he taps into the energies from Paradise Lost I ve never read Milton s Paradise Lost but I m sure there are some theme overlaps or a game of theme tag going on in this book But then maybe not Like I said, I never read Milton though there are a few excerpts of his epic poem scattered in this book.What might you find in this book Lost souls searching for meaning, Aborigines, spas, and angels beautiful angels Angels you can make love to while their wings flap.Nooteboom is a clever writer and his words are delicate He makes you think without giving you a headache He makes you laugh And he makes you just say, Damn while shaking your head and smiling How much thinking can you do without ever leaving the room I took a trip in my head and ended up back where I started in the stillness.