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What Would You Do If Your Whole Family Mutated Into Hideous Creatures Would You Have The Courage To Do What Had To Be Done When They Threatened You Life Emeline Hart Is Faced With This Horrifying Decision When The Miraculous Haum Vaccine Changes Into Something Monstrous When The Mutations Start, There Is No Way To Hide The Fact That The World Is Now Filled With People Who Are No Longer Dying Of Cancer, Heart Disease Or Diabetes Instead, They Become Werewolves, Vampires And Trolls In The Midst Of This, Emeline Must Search For Her Missing Brother And Unravel The Conspiracy Of Events Surrounding His DisappearanceThe Heart Pounding Action Intensifies As Medical Science Goes Wrong In EMELINE AND THE MUTANTS

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    This was a well written tale that combined some of my favorite elements of story telling Emeline s world has changed drastically since the government sponsored cure for Aids took a wrong turn and turned everyone into zombies, werewolves, fairies or vampires Emeline is one of the strongest in her village and it is up to her and a few trusty friends to unravel a larger plot.I read this book over the course of two or three days It was fun and fast paced Very enjoyable

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    I loved how Rachel joined elements of mythical fantasy, such as fairies, trolls, and mermaids, with urban fantasy themes such as zombies and vampires, and threw in some conspiracy theory and kill em all action with it Emeline is a strong female character, and I found that I strangely enjoyed the fact that she had killed her boyfriend and most of her family when they had turned into mutants It had many gasp moments, as well as have to read just one chapter even though it s already 1 a.m moments.I would recommend Emeline and the Mutants to lovers of Resident Evil and other post apocalyptic fans It is definitely for mature readers, who don t mine a smidge of gore, as the blood spattered cover suggests.

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    I d heard some good things about this book and had wanted to read it for a while I m pleased to say I wasn t disappointed.It did take me a few pages to really get into this the meticulous world building at the beginning read like a bit of an info dump yet the author managed to keep my interest Once I read past this, I was engrossed.Emeline is feisty, independent and doesn t take crap from anyone She s also a crack shot with both gun and bow and has a very keen sense of smell With the exception of her brother, Warwick, all her family are dead, so when he s murdered in their kitchen her world turns upside down.I loved Emeline s character She is very well crafted as a sort of urban warrior who s in the Australian bush Her hardened exterior makes her a little aloof from people around her yet it s understandable with all she s been through It was nice to see her vulnerable side emerge as a result of Warwick s murder and endearing the way she grows to really care about Gwennie Warwick s girlfriend When she sets out to discover why her brother was killed, Emeline has to dig deep in an effort to piece everything together whilst coping with her grief What she uncovers shakes her foundations, especially when someone she trusts turns out to be the biggest villain of them all.The supporting cast are equally as well drawn Gwennie grows on you as she becomes Emeline s companion she has a gritty determination which blends well with her softer and caring side This makes her a perfect sidekick for Emeline Milosh, the charismatic, caring and handsome leader is not all he seems and as the author s skilled hand reveals his alter ego , we see a deliciously cold, power driven, murderous individual who doesn t care how many lives are lost including that of his own brother as long as he can continue down his chosen path Besnik Milosh s brother is a little difficult to puzzle out at first can he be trusted or not It is a testament to Tsoumbakos s characterisation that she keeps you guessing as to his true intentions for a while.The plot is well thought out and scarily believable Tsoumbakos portrays the mutants and how they came into being in a plausible manner and the story races along at quite a pace At the end I had a few unanswered questions, leading me to wonder whether a second book was being considered However, there was enough closure for this to be a standalone novel and a damn good one at that One of the things I liked most was the originality this book is a blend of genres which work really well.My only criticism of this very enjoyable read was the number of mistakes I found which should have been noticed and corrected prior to publication This didn t really spoil my reading pleasure, but did lose it one star.Overall, I would definitely recommend this

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    I love books that defy genres, ones where it s difficult afterwards to pigeon hole where it would go in a bookshop Emeline and the Mutants is like that You start thinking its a straight post apocalyptic survival sci fi you know, I am Legend stylie , then you think there s zombies and vampures so horror but then up pops fairies, trolls, harpies, mermaids so fantasy But hang on, it s a mystery thriller with a death that s being investigatedNow this would have the potential to be really maddening, were it not so well written The author s style is intimate, fun and articulate The main characters are enjoyable and well developed I adored Gwennie, the tattooed midget with attitude, and the strange and quirky supporting cast.The story is set in Australia, where a cure for HIV has created a mutating virus that has populated the world with creatures of legend and fairytale Humanity lives in enclosures, surviving by learning the weaknesses of each new species they fight Emeline is one such survivor, gifted with great aim and a sensitive nose As a heroine she works very well, at times tough and uncompromising, at others scared and vulnerable The world building is done well especially the meticulous detail at the start of the novel It errs at times towards long stretches of information, but the author manages to sustain interest during this I struggled with one or two elements the survival of the Internet didn t quite ring true for me but they were far outweighed by the plausible society that the author creates.In summary this was a great book unique in many ways I think the setting has only begun to be explored and I d really enjoy reading any sequels And Emeline can certainly kick ass

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    REVIEWER WALKI3.0 ON THE MASQ SCALEA cure and a vaccine were developed to deal with AIDS It was administered to the population, and caused mutations in most people Vampires, werewolves, zombies, fairies, mermaids, trolls, harpies, etc, started to appear.Emeline is a valued member of the Daisy Hill compound because of her sniper skills She specializes in zombies and vampires with a rifle or a bow and arrow When her brother Warwick is murdered at home and his body is missing, Emeline starts reconsidering who she can trust, and with Gweeny Warwick s girlfriend as an unlikely ally, she escapes from Daisy Hill in search of answers The characters are well introduced and the plot is well developed The two main characters, Emeline and Gweeny, are very different in appearance and in personality They turn out to be a good team against the various odds of their dystopian world.I liked the addition of newspaper items and diary entries in between chapters They gave a greater depth, a global depth, to the story But the ending felt a bit rushed and there were so many editing mistakes disturbing my enjoyment that I struggle to give it three stars.However Emeline and the Mutants is an entertaining and suspenseful take on the dystopian genre, one where science turned some people greedy and humankind has to pay the price.

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    Novel approach to dystopian fiction It kept my interest from start to finish I loved the interaction between the main character, Emeline and Gwennie Tsoumbakos developed her characters well and maintained a great tension throughout the book The interesting thing is that I m not much of a science fiction fantasy dystopia fan, but I felt an unexpected compulsion to learn what happens in the end to characters that I grew to care about Looking forward to reading from this talented author

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    Crazy I am loving it

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    I enjoyed Emiline and The Muntants and found it very much in keeping with the True Blood series I found that it was quite a short story so got straight into the action and the supernatural creatures were introduced in a way that made them plausible I found the conspiracy to be well explained and I liked the main characters, mostly Gwennie I was suprised when Milosh turned out to be a bad guy, that snuck right up on me, and was happy with the events of his demise I like the concept of the journals and newspaper clippings explaining how the world had become mutated and I thought they were inserted at the right moments in the story I really really liked the two fairy characters of Nore and Harriet and would like to read about them in the future I did find a few typos and a couple of minor detail inconsistancies but they didn t deter from my overall enjoyment of the book Great job Rachel

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    Although the beginning was a little difficult to navigate, I still kept wanting to continue reading as the whole concept was interesting Usually I do not like all my paranormal creatures crammed into one story like with Vampire Diaries , but with the apocalyptic atmosphere and the mutation of the virus, it fit well that there would be different strains to the mutations I suppose almost like different races and nations A very original story, which I enjoyed reading very much.