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Sixteen year old Priscilla Delacroix was declared legally dead by her mother High Priestess of the Goddess Banished to survive on her own Priscilla has roamed the galaxy for ten years as an outcast—to become a woman of extraordinary skill An experienced officer assigned to the Liaden vessel Daxflan she's been abandoned yet again Betrayed by her captain and shipmates she's left to fend for herself on a distant planet But Priscilla is not alone Starship captain Shan yos'Galen is about to join Priscilla's crusade for revenge He has his own score to settle with the enemy But confronting the sinister crew will be far easier—and safer—than confronting the demons of Priscilla's own mysterious past

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    July 2016 455; 5 stars; AI just listened to this story again and have upped my rating Maybe it's because the lines have been blurred from re reading the books over and over but I really appreciate the tone and pace and characterization in this book Looking closely one sees the depth and breadth of balance and melanti as they shape the flow of Liaden life Beyond the interesting crew and all the goings on of a trade vessel I really enjoyed the masterful orchestration of Balance that happened between Korval and Clan Plemia Andy Caploe did a fine job as narrator March 4 2015355; 4 stars; BI recently re read this book in Audio format This book could be skipped in terms of the cohesiveness of the series It was a good look at how Shan and Pricilla met but both their characters seemed a lot solid in later books like Plan B I really enjoyed the character of Mr dea'Gaus We got a chance to see why clan Korval has had a centuries long alliance with this group of lawyers and accountants

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    A chance to catch up with Shan yos’Galen whom I met as a youngster in another Liaden universe book Local Custom In addition to seeing how life is for a grown up healer I got to see the fireworks when he meets a woman of the same talents who is even an outsider than he is His human blood makes him suspect on his home planet of Liad and a nebulous act in the past of Priscilla Mendoza has caused her to be banished from her homeworldShan has a reputation for collecting strays much like Miles Vorkosigan in The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold Priscilla has been betrayed by her employer and shipmates and abandoned on an obscure planet When she obtains a job interview with Shan the reader may be assured that she will get a job Now she has to decide whether she wants revenge or merely to live a good life on the theory that is actually the best revenge As so often happens in life the decision doesn’t get left up to Priscilla aloneProbably the weakest of the Liaden universe books that I have read thus far but still a very enjoyable book

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    I actually finished this a few days ago but I haven't written anything ye because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to say beyond Yeah I really liked rereading this one too and this is such a cool series While honest that's not really very helpful even for someone who writes such subjective reviews as I doI've let it all percolate a bit and I think that now as I type something hopefully useful will appear on the pageIt's been a while since I first read this series My wonderful book pusher Barbara set me on them around the time as best as I recall as Balance of Trade came out The Ace editions had been published and I know that BoT is the last one I have in paperback After that I was buying hardcovers as they were published BoT came out in 2004 so okay perhaps it hasn't been as long as I thought But it's been around 10 years and I've had CFSME all that time so as usual I didn't remember a lot of detailsWhat that ramble is leading to is that when I look back on this series which is a series I love and am loving rereading I still look back with impressions that solid memoriesOne of the impressions I carried with me Shan and Priscilla are cool and all that but I'm a Val Con girl and Miri is awesomeI stand up now having reread this book and admit I was wrong What I should have been remembering was Yes I'm partial to Val Con and he and Miri are cool but Shan and Priscilla are absolutely eually awesomeTheir interaction was wonderful their adventure was exciting and their romance uiet and controlled and I liked that by the end they were ready to try it rather than an established coupleI think the problem I probably had the first time is that Priscilla and Shan are both Healersempathsdramlizwizardswhatever you want to call them That was a brand new concept to me I had read Local Custom and Scout's Progress which looked at the concept briefly and I think in regard to Shan and his sparklies although that may have been in Mouse and Dragon but this was the first time I'd hit against it hardWhile the basic idea is easy to follow some of the writing isn't There is talk of Walls and Trees and Dragons Priscilla calls what she does spells Shan thinks about pathways and other words I can't remember as I sit here now The standard SF trope words aren't used for telepathy and the like and while I think they would be out of place in this book it makes it harder for the reader to get a solid feel about it all Yet it's all very important to the characters and their relationships and I felt that as a reader even as a rereader there were parts where I was thinking huh? and not actually getting a clear sense of what it was the authors wanted me to pick up onI'm don't want to be too picky about this as this was one of the first books in the series to be written at least as long ago as 1988 and the vocabulary may not have been fully established but I do think it's probably why I originally responded better to Val Con and Miri's debut than I did to Shan and Priscilla'sHowever don't let that put you off It's still a great book with some wonderful characters The crew of the Dutiful Passage so diverse and interesting create a wonderful backdrop to the story and on the whole this is a very good introduction to the whole idea of Balance and melant'i on a small scale before we hit the much larger expression of it as we reach the next books and it is Clan Korval entire that has been wrongedI found myself left with a couple of uestions the main one of which I hope will be resolved as the books progress I was trying to figure out how this book fitted time wise with Agent of Change In that one Val Con talks of Shan but there is no mention of Priscilla When I sat down and worked out the dates it seemed that this book occurred seven Standard years before that one Priscilla was on Liad setting up her clan and getting to know Shan better by the end of this book Does this mean Val Con didn't make it back home between the scouting mission he was mentioned as being on in this book and his recruitment by and missions for the DOI which is where he is at in Agent of Change If so and I expect this to be cleared up as I keep reading I just can't remember now then that's another sin to be laid at the DOI's doorFinally two little things everyone took to Priscilla so fast when she joined Dutiful Passage such as Rusty being so friendly almost as soon as she arrived What was up with that? And secondly while she needed it what right did Shan and Lina have to unilaterally decide Priscilla needed Healing and set right in on doing it without her permission?In summary this is another great book in the series and I'm loving my reread My current plan is to keep straight on going reading a Liaden book something else a Liaden book something else etc until I'm all caught up Right now I'd then like to go right back to the beginning and start all over again But I don't seriously plan to do that as I have a whole lot of other things I want to reread too Maybe in a few years Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have just announced that they've sold another five Liaden books on top of the two already under contract so I'm not going to run out any time soon

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    I have read almost all the books in this romantic space opera fantasy series Some Liaden Universe installments are much better than this one I read this in the The Dragon Variation ebook a collection of three novels In the audio version narrator Andy Caploe does a superb job Audible In my view Conflict of Honors is just too weird with all the goddess power shamanistic garbage the free pleasure sex and the sexual therapy across genders It is also dated first published in 1988The book is primarily set on Dutiful Passage a near utopian spaceship with a loving and happy crew and an expansively liberal captain Shan yos'GalanNow I know how Shan met Priscilla This couple shows up in seuels where they each grew on me Good to see the dea'Gauss show his melant'i and shrewd legal skill in so many scenes Note that Clan Plemia led by Delm Taam Olenik and including villainous trader Sav Rid Olenik play a role in this book This clan shows up here and there across the series beginning with Crystal Dragon The Great Migration Duology #2As for the suspense or adventure in Conflict of Honors a few brief scenes were interesting and tense but with a goddess dramliz wizard at hand all threats are easily overpowered Yup Priscilla Sue takes on a view spoilerlocked storage unit a runaway jitney vehicle a knife wielding assassin a rapist an attacking spaceship a religious fanatic etc hide spoiler

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    45; 4 stars; A I really enjoyed re visiting Shan and Pricilla and all the others aboard the Dutiful Passage There is such a feeling of warmth and camaraderie amongst the crew of the ship that can be directly attributed to Shan's great personality This book is set about 30 years past where we met Shan as a youngster in Local Custom The authors didn't mention anything about Shan's 'dramliz' abilities so I felt a lack of continuity I think this is to be expected thought because this book was written before Local Custom Considering that the writing of a lot of the Liaden universe books is out of sync with the internal chronology Lee and Miller do a commendable job of keeping it straight

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    I am so glad to have discovered the Liaden Universe books which I enjoy as much for what they are not as what they are ARE character driven space opera ARE NOT rapey scarey horror filled glorying in guts self consciously artistic cliffhangers serious political preachy So if you like Nathan Lowell's uarter Share books but ran out or the Aurora Episodes but found them a little too short and tv script like or Lois McMaster Bujold's character driven scifi but are scared that's she is retiring and hasn't written enough for you yet then try this series There is a lot of them and they are a safe bet to be comfortable and satisfying Like macaroni cheese Recommended

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    45 to 50 stars Excellent novel Anne McCaffrey described this book and its seuels best when she referred to them in the introduction as her favorite comfort books This is grand space opera with great characters great world building and a well written plot Highly Recommended

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    This sci fi book was the second of the Liaden series to be published I liked all the different alien races especially the turtles and the adventure aspects of the plot

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    Science fiction romance This is focused on a group of “Traders” engaged in speculation buying goods to transport and sell between multiple planetsThe story is a cozy one Our heroine has been traveling the galaxy unappreciated and misused until she is taken on as a crewmember on the happiest ship ever where people are astonished that her beauty and brilliance have never been acknowledged She acuires friends lovers and a new career and with the help of her powerful new allies she vanuishes her enemiesThe writing is improved from the previous book although there are still occasional passages where the action is confusing I would have liked this better without the psychicempathic abilities that are manifested by a few characters

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    I think the description of the book is a bit misleadingOn the cover is two personsand people who reviewed it compare the book to a regency romance in outer space So when they spring the lesbian relationship between the girl on the cover and another girlnot on cover You cant help but be a little surprisedIm not making a statement about on same sex relationships mind you only its like putting something you think is a piece of chocolate in your mouth and tasting licoriceIts not a bad taste per sebut you sure wish youd known it was filled with licorice end of metaphor