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Immortal Island 1, Spellbound by S L Ross will draw you in slowly as college student, Sarah Daniels is dreading her commitment to her parents to return to their island home and cat sit while they are away in Zurich There is just something creepy about her parents big old house, although beautiful, Sarah knows there is just something that totally creeps her out about being there, is it the shadowy figures The objects that seem to move themselves, only to be found in the weirdest places later Too bad these problems are soon to become minor issues in the Sarah s life when she gets sucked into the middle of a world she never knew existed where her very human self is a threat to the immortal paranormal world Sarah s world is taking a turn for the weird when she realizes she is having visions and the people in those visions start showing up in her life Enter one hot vision, Chase, whose touch is electrifying, whose looks are to die for and we have instant chemistry and a feeling of having known him before Meanwhile, Jeff, Sarah s equally hot ex boyfriend with the controlling mother and lack of self control still wants Sarah, even though their breakup was four years prior Let s not forget the creepy house, and the island it s on What is it about its inhabitants Poor Sarah, confused is hardly adequate to describe how she feels, as she learns about what Chase is, who she is, what Jeff is Not only does she have feelings for both men, but now her parents are missing, and her life is in danger as she is thrown headlong into the world of supernaturals Who is she really What is her role in the immortal world Who is right for her, Chase or Jeff Where are her parents For that matter, where is that stupid cat S L Ross took her time building the world in which Sarah finds herself, filled it with rich detail and gut knotting twists and surprises at every corner Sarah s mental acrobatics as she narrates the story from her POV adds to the tension perfectly I swear I was there with her, okay, so maybe sometimes I wish I was there with her Each character was given a well defined personality and role to play with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep me guessing as their lives were peeled apart, layer by layer and their secrets unfold The dialogue was playing in my mind in realtime, I swear I was really hearing what was said, complete with the emotional inflections Nice job, Ms Ross Now you have ME hearing things Be warned, hang on tight at the end so you don t go over the edge of this HUGE cliffhanger Talk about a great draw into NEEDING book two 4.5 Stars May Contain SPOILERS Spellbound follows the story of Sarah Daniels When Sarah is asked to house sit by her parents she gets upset The old house creeps her out It s located on an Island outside of the city and growing up there strange things always happened in the house As Sarah makes her journey to the home she comes in contact with some strangers that don t seem too strange to her She experiences visions and when one of them reveals one of the strangers, Sarah doesn t know what to think.When contact with this stranger whose name is Chase, causes Sarah to get another vision, one of the past, Sarah is in awe Chase s touch is shocking and sends tingles all the way through her body Who is this man As the attraction between Sarah and Chase increases, she discovers the truth of who he really is Chase is a vampire When Sarah realizes that the Island she once called home is actually full of Immortals she s thrown into a world she can barely understand When Sarah also realizes that she s actually an old soul, born multiple times over the centuries she questions the love Chase has for her Is he in love with her or what she once was With Sarah having so much knowledge of the Other world she s now in a dangerous position When others start coming after her, she must protect herself and the ones she cares for, but she s not being attacked just for her knowing too muchSarah isn t who she thinks she is What do they want with Sarah Will history repeat itself Spellbound is a fast read that leaves you hanging at the end.Spellbound was a great story The Concept was great and the characters are detailed, the only problem I had with the story was the writing style I have a hard time reading stories that are completely proper I like when a story flows wells and is written in the way people speak When words like do not and cannot are used instead of don t and can t it cuts the flow of the story for me and makes me pause in the line of thought I understand that Chase is suppose to speak like that but with Sarah being from the modern world i think it would have fit better if mordern speech was used The end was very sudden, crazy cliffhanger leaving a lot of questions and anticipation just the way i like a story , it makes you wonder what is going to happen to Sarah and Chase in the end Will it all work out Will Sarah remember who she once was If you like a fast paced book, with love, action and heartache and a quick read Spellbound is the book for you.Melissa SilvaThe Bookshelf good story line not 1 boring part, constantly something going on which I liked she made a love triangle with 2 male characters who seemed equally as sexy and loving which leaves u as confused as poor old sarah lol although I think I am on team chase I liked the general idea of this story.However I am regretful in only voting 3 stars because the actual writing style was very obvious as to this being a new author she needs an editor desperately it was too choppy, paragraphs were too short, it jumped from 1 thing to the nxt without notice, grammar was off leaving me feeling like I was reading it at 100 miles per hour also it was it was absent of realistic aspects such as lets see um her parents disappearance not seeming to be a major issue Id av felt like I was in some sort of twilight zone if all that shit was happening and the police hadn t made too much of an effort in their help I guess that s small, creepy towns for ya.I will be reading the nxt one because she has left us with the sort of cliffhanger that felt like the end if the book is missing spoiler.I wonder if Sarah and chase will be re united. Although this is not the genre I typically read, I found this novel interesting and entertaining Sarah is a great character She s being pulled in so many directions and is confused about which to follow Her old boyfriend Jeff says he still loves her, but then Sarah falls for another man What should be her carefree life turns into a nightmare as Sarah discovers that nobody is who they seem to be, and she s not sure whom to trust Even her parents are suspect as Sarah learns about a world beyond her wildest dreams.The author does a spectacular job with the characters The novel is exciting and hard to put down, and for that I give it five stars The novel needs an editor, though It is full of mistakes With corrections made, it would be spectacular. I was given this book for free in exchange for a review I could not put this book down I was drawn in by the mystery around the Island and the people who lived there Sarah is your average, everyday college student she has issues with her ex Jeff, she has good friends, and she doesn t want to go home Her parents are on vacation and ask Sarah to come home to feed their cat Home she goes, but it s so different, the house has always been odd haunted off Her first night there she is freaked out and calls Jeff, who dutifully comes to her As the book goes, you realize people are not what they seem, including Sarah, who has been hidden away from it all She meets Chase, a police officer, and from that moment, there is a connection A deep familiar connection Sarah doesn t understand it, but she accepts it and loves Chase Slivers of information are fed to Sarah, so she understands and accept We find out that Sarah is the last in the line of Hunters She has the power to destroy it all And everyone supe wants a piece of her There are good people to help Sarah and there are bad people who are out for blood lust They would stop at nothing to destroy Sarah and her lineage But can this be Do Sarah and Chase have a chance together Can the fates allow it What about Jeff and his undying love for Sarah This book is a strong first book in the series SL Ross builds the world with such amazing details, it s like you are part of the story The book pulls you in This is such a fun book A girl in college who has some special powers, except she doesn t know it When her parents go on vacation, she has to go home to watch their uber creeptastic house It s pretty cool actually, but you know how things always happen when you re already nervous LOL Sarah has a somewhat complicated life as it is Her ex boy friend is also her best friend, and one of her roommates But weird things happen in Sarah s house She dreads going home, so she tells Jeff, the ex BF room mate, to come stay with her But he ll be there later, so she spends a few days by herself And that s when it gets real Sarah has visions of the future, she meets a guy, others attack her And there s a ton of mystery surrounding everything And then she finds out she s not fully human and she is a threat to the paranormal world In one of her visions, she finds Chase, and the real life Chase is even hotter Except he s a vamper And Jeff, he s not human either And they need to protect her from these threats And then along the way, she meets witches, vampires, and scary things The writing was fun The beginning may seem a little slow, because the world needed to build We needed to learn who Sarah is but when the action got started, things moved quickly I m usually team Wolf, but this time, Team Chase won me over I look forward to seeing where the book is going to go with that little cliff hanger I wanna know if Sarah is really going to turn into the kick ass chick everyone wants to kill her for supposedly being 4.5 PAWS I received this book in exchange for an honest review.SpellBound is Book 1 in the Immortal Island Series We are introduced to Sarah and Jeff, exes who now live together to save on rent They are both in college and living normal lives Sarah, is upset nervous cause she has to go to her parent s house and stay until she can find Wiskers, their cat She gets weird feelings when there and doesn t like to be there longer than necessary She is convinced something is going on with the Island.Enter Chase, he is an immortal Vampire that lives with his family and several others on this Island Chase and Sarah have encountered each other various times in previous lives Sarah doesn t know this but is instantly attracted to Chase and can t explain her strong feelings for someone she just met We spend most of Spellbound going back and forth between Sarah, Chase and Jeff Along with a few other very attractive strangers and Sarah can t explain any of it or her interest in any of them It slowly comes out that Chase is a Vampire and that life as Sarah knows it doesn t exist She has a heritage that she knows nothing about but is introduced to and learns that the man she thought was her best friend has been keeping secrets as well This is an introductory book and there were times when it felt a bit Twilightish but I like Twilight so I was down.I am glad that I was able to read this and am currently reading the 2nd in the series, Vampire Masquerade I recommend this book and hope that the rest of the series is as good a read as the first. Immortal Island Spellbound 1 is the beginning of a very promising paranormal series that I m anxiously waiting to collect and place on my keeper shelf I truly enjoyed reading this book and getting to know a great new author I hope to see many books from S.L Ross and here s why 1 Immortal Island is a great paranormal tale with many refreshing twists and turns It s not just another paranormal It has many surprises and is thought provoking.2 The emotions the characters displayed throughout the pages were heartwarming and sometimes gut wrenching 3 S.L Ross managed to create a story that wasn t easy to guess what was going to happen and in my book that s a big plus If I can figure out who did what, how it will all end and etcetera than I lose interest.4 Sarah, the main female character, is a strong character but not to strong that it seems lshe s unbelievable5 Last but not least is the author s writing style The author was awesome and managed to write in a way it was easy to follow and not get lost I could see every detail in my mind as if I was looking at photographs or video.I give this book 5 out of 5 red crows blog rating system A Fast Paced Paranormal Love Story Set In Contemporary Times It Combines A Diverse And Intriguing Loveable Set Of Characters, With An Unrelenting Sense Of How Powerful Immortality Really Is Sarah A Human Is Thrown In The Middle Of It AllSarah Is Your Typical American Girl, Happy, Loving Parents And Off To College She Even Falls In Love For The First Time With A Perfect Take Home To Mom Kind Of Guy Jeff But Like Everything All Things Must Come To An End Trust Is Now An Issue With Sarah Jeff Had Destroyed Her Feelings On Love And All That Comes With It It S Now Sarah S Senior Year Of College When Strange Things Begin To Happen To Her She Meets A Mystery Man She Feels She Knows And The Only Problem With It Is That She Had A Vision About It Before It Happened Then Her Parents Go Missing Sarah Is A Strong Person But With Everything Falling Apart Around Her She Doesn T Know How Much She Can Handle Especially Not The News That Her New Boyfriend Is A Vampire And Her Ex Is A Werewolf ARR I received this book I m exchange for a review I will start off by saying I loved this story This story starts you of with meeting Sarah who lives with her ex boyfriend turned best friend and get 2 other best friend Sarah had to go to get parents house to house sit for them but she doesn t want to because she feels like the house is haunted while waiting for the bus to go home she sees this really cute guy who she feels like she had met before but before she can set anything to him he disappears Now enters Chase again another really hot guy she again feels like she knows him from somewhere I promise you I could go on and give you details I loved the story so much I want my fellow readers to enjoy the story I am so glad I got this book, it gave me a chance to fall in love with a New author this story is fantastic and I can not wait to read the second installment really great story