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Zorus CharlieZorus is the guy that you love to hate The most important member of the Ruling Council, he usually gives orders and Cyborgs follow his rules Zorus absolutely despise humans They had tortured him, raped him, belittled him The best day of his existence, was the day the Cyborgs manage to escape killing a few humans in the process Unfortunately now Zorus is back in their hands and he is suffering So when a fierce, brave little female rescues him, he thinks that she will betray him and does not trust her He will behave like a jerk, but I suppose this will be easy for him because he is already a rude jerk We have met him in the previous books and he really loved make people suffer.Charlie just wants to help her stupid brother She agrees to rescue this Cyborg without knowing what to expect She does not know whether Cyborgs are cleverer than androids and whether they can think of themselves And Zorus does not help She almost has to drag him in order to save him Funny moments there But she will succeed.When the two of them meet Zorus soldiers, Charlie will find herself owned by him Zorus does not intent to let her go They will eventually fall in love, but Garden s Cyborgs and especially Zorus son will not be very welcome.Love heals everything Even a jerk like Zorus Good addition to the series Charlie S Brother Has Put Her In The No Win Situation Of Having To Rescue A Cyborg From Earth Government It S Dangerous, She Ll Become An Outlaw On Earth, But It S The Only Way To Save Her Brother S Life The Imprisoned Cyborg Is Rude, Conceited And Probably The Biggest Jerk She S Ever Had The Misfortune To Meet His Only Redeeming Qualities Are His Handsome Face And Sexy, Muscular Body Just Wow Still, She Can T Wait To Be Rid Of HimAll Cyborgs Hate Humans, But Zorus Is Consumed By It Chained, Enslaved And Facing Death On Earth Once Again, He Vows Revenge To His Utter Astonishment, A Human Female Comes To His Rescue She S Rude, Mouthy And Bossy And Very Brave She Baffles Him Almost As Much As She Arouses Him Zorus Cannot Deny That He S Fascinated By Her They Are About To Lock Wills And Ignite A Firestorm Of Desire That Defies Every Rule He Lives By You know how every series has at least one guy who is such a jerk that you can t wait for someone to kill him Each book he does something even vile than the last, so you think that eventually he will die He has to Well, don t we all love it instead if he gets his own book and we all suddenly have to like him and let go of our enduring rage No, me neither I m pretty angry that Zorus the asshole turns into Mr Nice Cyborg as soon as he meets the right girl I m pissed off that I ended up liking him How am I supposed to keep warm at night without my rage to heat my blood Okay, I admit that maybe I m not the most forgiving person, but it takes quite a bit to piss me off in the first place, so if I m angry at someone they deserve it I m still angry at that doctor who delivered me and slapped my ass when I was born Who the hell hits a baby Jerk I ll get my revenge some dayZorus is the jerky cyborg leader who hates humans He has tried to kill or harm every human woman that the other cyborg dudes have mated with just to be a dick But, he is kidnapped and taken back to Earth to be imprisoned and is awaiting his autopsy Hmm, not good when they are talking autopsy while you are still aliveCharlie, a girl with a boy s name what s up with that It s crazy gets the job of rescuing Zorus Lucky lucky her He makes sure to let his lovely personality shine until she s ready to hand him back over to the mad scientists with knives Not really, but I wouldn t blame her Of course they fall in love It takes days for his hatred of humans to be overcome in order for him to love her And, boobs He really likes boobs, apparently, and the cyborg women aren t packing like we are Oh, boobs They never let us down, right ladies Since the dawn of timeSo, now that he loves a human woman, things need to change Suddenly, he doesn t want his son to torture the human that is in his apartment Suddenly, he wonders if it is the best idea to have a law that all humans on their planet are slaves Suddenly, he gets all offended when he loses his job because he must be insane to be with a human Funny how boobs change everything, huh They are pretty powerful weapons, ladies Use them wisely I have got to get me one of those bras and then I ll find that doctor I ll find him real good Finally, I get to meet the biggest asshole of them all and my oh my, he s redeemed indeed Surprised Me tooZorus was a councilman ruling in a planet cyborg, the Garden He s the evil one because he hated all things human up to the point that he ordered humans be killed because they re dangerous His hatred towards human was legendary amongst his people So, either karma is a bigger asshole or a blessing in disguise for him because when Zorus was captured by humans, the one who risked her own life was a human female, named Charlie.Zorus is an example of someone who they said is the one who s the hardest to love is the one who needs it the most He s broken, damaged and a product of abuse since he was created by human He has known no love and never be the receiving end of it.Charlie was able to see behind the fa ade Her sincerity to help Zorus escape didn t lost on him and soon Zorus started to learn trusting Charlie, then realized he had certain emotions for this particular woman Charlie s wonderful She s strong without being feisty, she refused to take shits from Zorus, intelligent and witty Love is a crazy thing, isn t it It hits when you least expect it, grabs you by the shorthairs, and tugs you in whatever direction it decides to go Zorus chuckled Your words amuse meNo easy way for this two Zorus fellow cyborgs didn t believe him taking a human as his property was a good intention of him considering his history with human Then at the Garden, Zorus son believed Zorus was under Charlie s influence.Overall, I m pleased with how this story turned out to be It has so much depth than the previous ones A love story filled with passion, redemption, sacrifice, and forgiveness I totally devoured it, making it my favourite of the series 4,5 STARS Second reading just as fun.Another good one by Laurann Dohner Zorus was a total ass in all the other Cyborg books He really needed to be redeemed He hates humans especially human women He was the one that made it a law that humans are property on the cyborg world He tried to have the human mates of the other cyborg guys killed or at least have their marriages denied Plus there was one time in an earlier book where he tried to get another cyborg to stay behind on an exploding space ship so that he, Zorus, could escape and live LD explained or justified all of the asshatery except that last bit which was conveniently ignored Authors shouldn t make characters so bad in earlier books that they can t justify somehow their actions later when they have their own book.Zorus did change his mind about human women pretty quickly but he did have some pretty solid evidence that Charlie was a totally good worthwhile person even if she is human Charlie was a great character Spunky and fun There was a pretty solid plot that mostly revolved around their relationship as she rescues him and he takes her back to the Cyborg planet There was fallout from his extreme and sudden change from being a human hater killer to being in love with a human woman The other cyborgs had difficulty believing in his transformation There were not as many sex scenes in this one They were there and they were nicely done but I didn t feel like they overwhelmed the plot as happened in some of the earlier books.Can t wait for the next one Krell maybe I m not sure how many times have I said this beforeI already lost count XD but I LOVE every single book of Laurann Dohner and this is no exception she never disappoints me at all If you are looking for action in every single meaning of the word D then you REALLY need to read one if not ALL of her books ASAP.Now lets begin For all the fans and readers of Laurann Dohner that have been reading her CYBORG SEDUCTION SERIES you DO lnow who Zorus is right ZORUSZorus one of the biggest pricks that ever put a step on the Cyborgs planet and besides one of the most powerful cyborgs on the planet as well, given that he is part of the Council and one the biggest oppositors to anything related to the human race..that includes any cyborg having any relationship with a human because He considers us inferior, given that he was treated that way for us when he was created and slaved on Earth.CHARLIEShe s a woman that has fight her all life to gain a life where she could be somebody for what she really is and deserves and not just someone marked by her birth status, which was very low and almost treated as nothing she s a woman that won t make a step back and will always find the right way to follow her believings even if that path puts her at the reach of the wrong people as her older brother so HOW DID THESE 2 CHARACTERS MET Well Zorus was taken back to Earth by the human government and forced to be study subject in the last book rememberand as he s a COUNCIL member he HAS to be rescued soooooo the cyborgs arrange a rescue to get him out of it Guess who the rescuer is yep Charlie is.So now put in a room, An alpha chauvinist male cyborg A non take nonsenses sassy adventurous woman What do you getA story full of twists, LOL moments an murdering desires to any stupid enough chauvinist guy that ever dare to think that women can t take care of ourselves hahaha They should have sent a male to break me out Women on thisplanet obviously are still as irrational and irresponsible as ever Anger rose instantly inside Charlie She d risked her neckto get him out of the cell, saved his life in the process, and he had the nerveto insult her Do you see a guy standing before you No, you don t Guesswhat Nobody else was irrational or irresponsible enough to take on thegovernment to save your big, gray ass You should drop to your knees before meand show some gratitude But of course.that can be pass a little if you ever manage to have a body like Zorus grinning Now, Zorus being the prick he has been all his life he ll keep doubting Charlie, not only for the simple fact that she is a woman but also because she is a human from time to time ever again he ll keep doubting her and from time to to time again Charlie will leave him speechless.Until they both get to a point where challenging and bothering the hell out of each other will no longer satisfy their curiosity So everything while fugitives of human race and in the run for their lives in order to get home they find a new experiment to distract each other that soon enough would bloom into something else But of course not everything is gonna be easy for them both but I won t be telling you what will happen either evil grinning OMG I was so swoon by this story 333 come on if you are a follower of this series YOU HAVE TO READ TIL THE VERY END I was sheding a tear and a huge joker smile at the endI m dying to tell you about it but no spoiler here XDSo summing up as I already said.I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT I was needing my Laurann Dohner monthly dose XDFull rev to come But loooooooove it Can t believe how that assholw actually fell so hard for her, after all the bad things he has done to the humans and all the cyborgs in love of us I m so in love of the ending , though A family unit with humans , YAYYYYYYYYY How did this bastard become my favorite What the heck is wrong with me Fun sci fi romantic escape with some erotic sex.It put me in a good mood Nothing made me angry at the author The characters and plot were simple I enjoyed watching the heroic heroine breaking the cyborg out of prison and leading his escape He grumbled at following orders from a female.Sex scenes were good There was one beating with an attempted rape There were some references to cyborgs being tortured and raped Those were referred to, no details.So far there are seven books in the Cyborg Seduction series These are not full length novels They are about 2 3 the length You don t need to read them in order, but I d recommend it A couple of characters were mentioned in this book and I thought I can t remember that guy s story, but it wasn t necessary, of a curiosity Other reviewers mentioned that Zorus was really bad in prior books, and I had no memory of that since it was two years since I read the prior books But this book was still good without remembering My favorites were books 4, 5, and 6 Touching Ice, Stealing Coal, and Redeeming Zorus I had problems with the first one, Burning Up Flint, gave that 2 stars.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 3,443, 120 to 202 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes about 7 Setting future on earth and planet Garden Copyright 2011 Genre erotic science fiction romance. I am a total fan girl now of Laurann Dohner s books.Reading one is like eating a bag of chips,the you eat,the you become addicted to the flavor of the salt and you just want to keep on eating and eating.That said,this book just sucked me in.The writing is tighter in this one and I was totally immersed in reding about Zorus and Charlie,the h.When I read the background story on Zorus,you understand now his complete and abject hatred for humans.If I went through what he suffered,trust me I would feel the same.Was he redeemed.YES the love between the two of them was beautiful.Zorus became a total ALPHA who loved and protected his mate.This is one of my favorites along with Valiant. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this story I never thought I would like Zorus but I really did Plus I liked Charlie a lot In the past, Zorus was a earther hating jackass Even in this book, he was a dick in the beginning, but certainly not cruel.Charlie was smart and got screwed over by her brother a few too many times Not to mention her ex But luckily Zorus saved her Zorus son Yep NO I talk about that in the spoiler.This was a good addition to the series I think these books have gotten stronger over time There was some drama, action and hot sex Plus Zorus fell HARD which was fun to see And he sees the stupidity of the laws he helped create that hurt human mates.Safety Gang view spoiler Breeding pact no he is sterile OW tries to offer herself to him for a favor Goes so far as to strip naked He says no many times and really means it But this is what he did in the past so she does not accept a simple no.Biggest issue his earther hating son almost and I mean as close to almost as you can get rapes and sodomizes Charlie because he thinks Zorus has kept her to torture.I have a HUGE problem with the general lack of repercussions against him Zorus was angry yes but he should have KILLED him But both he and Charlie feel guilty because it was his son Seriously hide spoiler