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Most people who debate the Bible s legitimacy have never actually read it The NJB makes this task accessible to students of religion. the New Jerusalem Bible NJB This is the first of my Catholic Bibles that I have read I quite liked it, though less than the Amplified Bible.There is no maps, but there s a glossary, chronological table, and measurements that are helpful Each book has a small introduction and subjects are sometimes given title within the text, which are helpful I also like this one s size.Some things I like less, like only giving the name meanings of Job s three daughters I would rather have the untranslated ones if one would have to choose between the two choices The goddess of Ephesus was named Artemis, not Diana as the Romans would ve put it it s put as Diana here And then there s the sallying out of fortresses, now and then I haven t heard it elsewhere and it sounds a bit funny, like they re almost waltzing out, holding onto the hems of their shirts or something The second point here is the only one that s not about my taste, but stillBut, in the end, this is a decent translation, and a good Catholic Bible I still have to read some other versions, but this one I will keep, and can recommend The New Jerusalem Bible Standard Edition Will Satisfy The Great Need For An Authoritative Version Of The Greatest Story Ever Told In A Package So Attractive, User Friendly, And Affordable, This Edition Is Destined To Become A Classic Using The Same Translation That Has Been Hailed As Truly Magnificent Journal Of Bible Literature , The Standard Edition Has A Completely Redesigned Interior, Set In A Two Column Format For Easy Reading With All The Best Features Of Much Cumbersome And Costly Versions, This Bible Is A Must Have For Home, Church, And School It s the most accurate translation currently available, to my knowledge I like to go back and forth between it and other translations like the KJV or the NIV when I don t understand something. I am fortunate enough to own the edition illustrated by Salvador Dali and it is exquisite both a delight to the senses, but also so readable Yahweh is used in the Old Testament for clarity and authenticity I find myself going to this out sized edition often than a smaller King James version every time I have this in the large edition and also in the smaller paperback One of the reasons I was drawn to this translation is that it is directly translated from the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic I received this as a gift upon graduation and I have treasured it since then as one of the most beloved books I own. Best version of the Bible, in my opinion It balances accuracy with beauty of writing, and is fair to women without being politically correct in a fake way. I wrote a David Cross quote in the margins of Genesis when I read this translation for a class in college What was itoh yeah, it was regarding God resting on the seventh day God gets tired God needs a nap If you are looking for modern, clear language then this in my opinion is the best bible available.Although technically Catholic, the fact that the Church of England also approve of this version is very important to me. The Jerusalem Bible was the first English bible I actually read from cover to cover while taking the introductory courses in Hebrew and Christian scriptures in college The reason for selecting it had nothing to do with its identification as the newest Catholic bible It had everything to do with the fact that the scholar s edition purchased had better notes and marginalia than the Oxford Revised Standard or the New English texts also recommended for class.Unlike other Catholic bibles I ve referred to, the Jerusalem is intellectually honest They may have the trinitarian texts which appear in such editions, but they always include notes indicating that such texts are only found in very late manuscript traditions.Unlike the Oxford Revised Standard, the Jerusalem is free of the compulsion to copy, as much as honestly possible, the traditional formulations of the Authorized or King James Version This was a plus for me as all my previous serious study had been either with the RSV or AV I wanted a fresh look and something that wasn t tied to Protestant traditions There is, however, substantial reliance on the translations of the original French edition.The only great weakness of the Jerusalem is that it is not as complete as the Oxford R.S.V., not including all canons of all Christian sects as their scholarly edition does.In 1985 I went out and purchased this edition of The New Jerusalem Bible for classes with Loyola University s Institute of Pastoral Studies, giving my old edition away to someone who lacked a decent text This newer version is a bit literal than its predecessor. Spent months reading the bible and looking at it from a historical and literary perspective Eye opening stuff This is supposedly the most accurate translation, though I did notice that in the King James considered the most beautiful, if less accurate, translation there is a UNICORN in psalm 22, whereas in this version it is merely a wild bull.I m not going to pick a rating for the bible, Goodreads.