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Xander Karcek Has Only Wanted Two Things In His Life Christian Edwards And Basketball The Man He Loves And The Game That Let Him Escape A Childhood He D Rather Forget His Two Obsessions Have Served Him Well He And Chris Beat The Odds And Stayed Together Through High School, College, And Right On To The NBABut Life Under Fame S Microscope Isn T Easy, Especially When Two Men Are Pretending To Be Frat Buddies So The World Doesn T Know They Re The Next Best Thing To Married Their Relationship Survives The Sacrifices They Make And The Lies They Tell To Stay Together, But When Their Secret Is Exposed, The Fallout Might Destroy Them When Nothing Else CouldChris And Basketball Are The Two Things Holding Xander Together Now The World Is Asking Xander To Make A Choice Is There An Option That Includes A Future With The Man He Loves FIVE SIZZLING, THROBBING, FUCK ME NOW STARS LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book SO MUCH OMG I loved this book so much Chris is so perfect I have fallen in love with books I have fallen in love with authors But I have never fallen head over heals for a character Chris I love you I have read this book at least seven hundred times I LOVE IT For all you Xander lovers out there you went for the wrong guy CHRIS ALL THE WAY The book that started a phenomenon and opened my eyes to the wonderful, vast world of romance I just can t say enough about it Just simply that it s a beautiful and sweet against all odds love story I love Chris and Xander s awkward, tentative, honest, sweet, and bold relationship Lane truly captured the innocence and excitement of young, first love and made the reader feel right alongside Xander The book that made so many of us want our very own Chris I just love it and love the entire The Locker Room Saga As a reader, I was fully enraptured in the day to day life of Xander and his emotions for Chris I cannot wait to read the rest of the saga and I cannot wait to see the film I do hope that it does it justice His story is one that any romantic girl who has loved or desires to love can fall into and be held to the pages as the story unfolds I recommend this book for anyone and everyone It truly is a keeper for my shelf Put into the realm of the supernatural basketball skills, this story portrays all that is dear and near as any Romeo and Juliet story in a different atmosphere can There will always be two people that by appearances should not be together It is in the making it work and love enduring that proves that there is a way for anything to happen when you follow what is good and not evil.This book touched me in profound ways The Locker Room was a book that I got deeply involved with It was not a casual read that was easy to put down and move onto everyday life It was a book that I carried around with me and tried to read every chance I could The characters are MOVING AND INTENSE, their relationships with each other intimate and touching I felt Chris s anguish that he can t let go of Xander, although he know he endangers him I walked in Xander s shoes, feeling his fascination and intense love for Chris Every touch, word, look between them was deep with emotion and that emotion went straight to my heart I can honestly say that this is one of the best romances I ve ever read Everything is there that a romance needs The intensity, the emotion, the joy, the edge of despair of knowing that one is in too deep And the fulfillment of knowing that your intense love is very much returned It s what I read romance for Romance aside, the other elements also make this book involving I was fascinated with Xander and what made him tick His interactions with his parents and his friends His outlook on life His courage at facing a horrible situation out of love for another person Even everyday things in his life were interesting to me.Like Xander, I fell deeply in love with Chris He is one of the most magnetic characters ever written, in my humble opinion I know now that my reading life will consist of Before Chris Edwards and After Chris Edwards Yes I am a grown woman obsessed with a homo book, but I like it that way It is one thing to really enjoy a book and wish the journey wasn t over, but to miss the characters so much that you have to read the series over and over again, just to numb the heartbreak of not being in their world is another thing I fell in love with this series and have never, in my life, been enchanted by anything Need I say This book is my favorite book ever I love it and always will It is about a basketball player who falls in love with another basketball player, and he is also deeply in love with him The amount that he loves him is literally to die for love The amount that he loves him is literally unbearable Some people feel that Amy Lane puts too many emotions in her book, which I agree with a little Sometimes there are details that simply aren t necessary and do nothing for the plot But I actually appreciate that she s put in so much detail, especially how Xander s feeling about everything I know that I wouldn t have had the patience for that And it makes you feel for a little while that you actually are Xander The only thing that bothers me is what has happened because of The Locker Room Now everyone is leeching excuse the punn off of the whole gay thing, but the truth is The Locker Room isn t as much about homos as it is about forbidden love and that s what people don t understand and why they decide not to give the series a chance Xander really shouldn t be with Chris, but neither of them can stay away It s a truly classic love story with a fantasy twist to it I think that if a lot of people that are so against it put their differences aside and actually tried to enjoy it they might end up liking it view spoiler Unfortunately, this book is not so good But if I have learned one thing as a parent it is to not make empty threats So, to show Kate I meant it, see the comments on my status updates here s my gushing review Of course, she still isn t catching up on Daron s Guitar Chronicles, which everyone should read instead of this, btw, but at least my threat wasn t empty As it turns out, it is not so easy to gush about a stupid book So I borrowed some reviews from Twilight readers and did some find and replace functions on Bella and Edward and such For realz this book is high on the melodrama and the emotional puking and feels about as true to life as an emo Barbie doll I haven t read Twilight, but from what I gather from the reviews, this could very well be the gay version ETA Now updated with gifs, because I was being outgiffed hide spoiler TRUE LOVETHE REAL DEAL, beat the odds, makes you better, gets you through anything, worth the pain, selfless, makes the happy better because we re together, strong, will outlast ALL hate, pain, bigotry, sacrifice, and come out FUCKING SHINING in the endTrue.Love.This bookThese menAt 14 years old Xander met Chris on basketball court while he was trying to escape a bit from the horribleness that was his life An addict mother, hunger, desperation, and Chris he saved him, they played basketball that day and they became them and they were everything to each other.High school, college, the NBA they were the golden team, unstoppable and at home they were a marriage, but no one could know and after so many years it took its toll They had to lie and they had to hide, and it was destructive.I love a good sports book, and this one made me love and hate basketball Man, I could see these men playing like gods on that court, and reveling in doing something they loved so perfectly I loved basketball like Xan and Chris did, the game gave them so much, but god I hated that sport for making them live a lie and feel like the love that they had from the fans would turn on its head in a second if they knew about their relationship No matter how hard they worked or how well they played.Xan and Chris15 years of loving each other and beating the oddsAnd OH what love it was I loved the passion these two men had for each other, the loveUNWAVERING No hesitation, not for a second, it was them, and everything else could come and go I hated to see them have to give up so much for a game they loved.Amy Lane s characters are flawed and make mistakes and can be soooo self destructiveBut she brings about reckoning, forgiveness and redemption in a way that makes you laugh and cry and cheer all at once.I recommend.ETA Re read 12 2011 Xan and Chris are still my favorite couple Yup, this is without a doubt my favorite romance this year I LOVE THIS BOOK. This book is everything a M M romance should be Amy Lane seriously raised the bar with this one I am usually not a huge fan of sports books They either veer to the end of too buddy buddy or they have too much sports info and I get bored I m not a sports fan in real life so I don t get anything extra from reading a book about guys in sports falling in love However, Amy Lane just showed me how amazing this sub genre can be I am completely in awe of this book This book is epic We follow Chris and Xander from childhood to adulthood and see them through ALL of their ups and downs I felt like I was with them on their journey I was so completely invested in their story that I was hanging on Amy Lane s every word I mean, it s Amy Lane so it was an angsty read, but it worked in this book without seeming whiny And I honestly think the ending was perfect I know I m gushing but this book was so beautiful and romantic that I am still breathless. BR with Alona and Mark.Well, I m devastated I might write later Right now I don t want to think about it. This book was kinda epic And yes, it s another book that could use a new cover If I wouldn t have been so desperate for a new book this weekend, I would not have given this novel a chance, and that s mainly because of the cover It s harsh but the truth.Now let s get to the good part.I honestly didn t want to put the book down.It s a M M sports romance that covers at least 10 years of relationship like I said EPIC From high school to the NBA One epic story And what I loved the most was that the couple stayed strong the entire time No silly misunderstandings etc just a lot of trust and most of all LOVE EPIC is the word that makes the most sense to describe this book Not only because of the many years the couple was together But also all the hurdles they had to overcome The soulmate feel I got from both of them didn t hurt either It s rare to read about a couple that has this bone deep faith in each other, and the notion of doubt never even rears its ugly head I was in love with them myself.The story really hooked me from beginning to end.There was a lot of swoon happening from ME A lot of AWWs and Xander would have piped up with we are not puppies but they were just so adorable together.Two things prevented me from loving it even than what I already did.1 The writing I skimmed a bit here and there Mostly in the beginning The writing was very dry Factual at times But still, I didn t want to put it down So, whatever my issues were, they were not strong enough, because I devoured this book in one sitting.2 The ending Actually I should say the ABSENCE OF AN ENDING Because there was NONE I needed at least a couple chapters There was just too much at stake at the end Too much turmoil to leave it at that So, yes, the ending sucked.But the book was GOOD So, all in all, a book I still would recommend to anyone that LOVES a new M M sports romance for their tbr. I like the beginning of this book, as I always do when I read this Author.Please hold your tomatoes as not everyone have to like this story, and I m one of them.This story has so much angst, drama and cheating One of the ladies wrote this and I agree completely with her How could they go off and have sex with some one other than the love of their life it s one thing if you haven t found your soul mate, but to have made the commitment they made and then go screw around I don t care what the coach said or how bad they felt about it and this is after 12 years of a relationship Yes, the coach said so, and the loser off course listen to the coach and have sex with a woman That just fantastic in a M M story Even if you don t read the steamy details Then we have the problem of alcoholism, and the drama goes on and on. After months and months and months of refusing to read this, I finally put on my big girl panties and decided to do it And once I started it I could not stop It kept me up into the wee hours or the morning I took a little break for sleep but once I woke up I had to finish it Of course, like most of Amy s other books this is all angst, angst, and angst I think I may have laughed a handful of times but I guarantee you I cried times than I laughed These guys just broke my heart over and over The beginning was so very sweet and I could feel the love between Xander and Christian from the very beginning I was so attached to and in love with themhence the breaking my heart over and over Thank someone for my Goodreads friends for helping me through it You know who you are Ok, so I must bring up the big controversial topic with this story view spoiler Xan and Chris having to sleep with women in order to hide their relationship Yes, it killed me No, it did not make me love them any less It made me HATE and BLAME the bigots and homophobes I Xan and Chris FUCK the bigots hide spoiler Jesus, Amy Lane is going to kill me.I can t read any of her books until I ve been through another round of therapy Beauty and kindness and bravery and loyalty on this scale is too intense for a fragile heart like mine.Haven t cried this much in years No Amy Lane for me view spoiler HAHAHAHAH just kidding, I read her all the time hide spoiler I was really looking forward to reading this, given the nearly five star rating on I was thinking if I had come here prior to reading it, I d have been better prepared for it, but it has over 4.5 stars here, too.I liked the storyline itself boys who meet as teenagers, fall in love, stay together through challenging circumstances, and then run into issues when their private lives are in danger of becoming public It s a really great plot with a ton of potential I love sports, too, so I was looking forward to some good, intense basketball stuff.But I really did not like the way the author told the story It very much had the feel of a tale being told around a campfire More than half of the book felt passive and detached, like someone was relaying a story fourth or fifth hand I know that s a danger of third person writing from two different POVs, too , but I ve read plenty of third person, past tense books that do not have this issue I think we just got far telling than showing and it made for a very lackluster read Halfway through the book, I wasn t sure if I d even emotionally connected with the characters yet, or if I even really knew them There was so much narration and so little dialogue I want to be IN the story, have the characters tell me about themselves, not have the story just relayed to me This improved somewhat in the second half, as we caught up with present time, but it never truly went away One of Vonnegut s 8 rules of fiction writing is start as close to the end as possible, and this started sooooo far back that I think it just bogged the story down What had so much potential was lost in cumbersome storytelling She also has a habit of leading a scene by telling what s about to unfold, so while there was a lot of drama in the really big scenes, some of the smaller scenes lacked it because we already knew what was coming There was also very little sports stuff probably fine for the average female reader, but I was a little disappointed.On top of that and I m not saying that sex is the most important thing in a book by any means but I don t know the last time I heard an 18 year old boy use the word cock whore The sex was rarely although not never sexy I have a hard time with authors that use a lot of exclamation points for male characters, and while she didn t go overboard, there were enough that they were conspicuous Obviously, a lot of people really loved this book Far than disliked it, so I think it just comes down to personal preference and what kind of story you like to read I like active, intense stories about relationships that have some highs and lows and while this had some drama, their relationship was really a little bit too perfect to be strictly believable But I get that some people just want to read that perfect romance with only external drama story, and those folks will probably love this.Man, since I seem to be offloading, there were also some grammar editing issues that bugged me.There s nothing that makes my opinion important than anyone else s, but here it is And despite how I felt about it while I was reading, I did stick with it, hoping the tone would change and it would start feeling present The second half and the last twenty five percent were definitely better, and I did cry in a few places, so it s not a bad book by any means It s just not the best book for me.ETA 03 21 2012 I was just looking reviews for another of Amy Lane s books and wondering if I should give her another try or if all of the things I didn t like about her writing style would be present in that book, too I pulled up this review to reread it and was really surprised that I had given this book 3 stars I was thinking I d given it 2 stars, and nearly nine months after having initially read it, all that really sticks with me from the story is the bad stuff my memory of it is a 2 star memory So I am going to modify my review from 3 stars to 2, calling it a 2.5 rounded down If so much time later, I m still feeling the disappointment of the book, then I should probably give it a accurate rating.