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Jill Has Learned The Hard Way That Men Can T Be Trusted And Sex Only Causes Pain In The Lawlessness Of Space, Women Are A Sexual Commodity To Be Used And Abused She S Doing A Man S Job, With Only Her Father S Brutal Reputation And Three Androids To Help Keep Her Alive When She Sees A Massive, Handsome Cyborg Chained To A Freight Table The Abusive Crew Plans To Sell Him To Fight In Gruesome Death Matches It S Stupid, It S Insane, But Jill Can T Leave Him To Such A Horrible FateCoal Has Survived Being A Captive Breeding Slave And Irreversible Damage To His Cyborg Implants, But His Honor Is Still Intact He S Grateful Jill Saved Him And He Ll Repay Her The Only Way He Can He Ll Fix Her With His Mouth, His Hands And His Body He Can Teach The Little Human Just How Much Pleasure She S Capable Of Feeling

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    Well, let s start with the obvious the heroine in this book shares my name, and I liked her, so this pleases me She s not perfect like me But, she s adorable and funny like me also humble So, I ll allow it She also gets the best cyborg so far because he is damaged and sweet Ladies, can we resist that combination when put with a hot hunk No way Us Jills are very sympathetic to the plight of the gorgeous man who has a tortured soul.You are dying to make it all better , aren t you Don t lie And, Jill does make it all better for Coal That s what Jill s do.

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    Coal has survived being a sexual slave, and torture But will he survive being kidnapped and forced to fight in a fight club Jill knows that the fight clubs are illegal, and always suspected that not all contestants had consented to fight Her suspicions are confirmed as she witnesses Coal, being tortured and prepped for fighting Jill knows what it s like to be on the receiving end of sexual and physical abuse and she refuses to stand by and watch this beautiful cyborg die.Coal wants to thank Jill for saving his life so he offers her his skills because he can repair most things I ve decided to repair your ship, your droids, and you She felt gratitude right up until that last word Me I m not hurt You re afraid of males and believe sex is one sided That s a flaw on your part Your male harmed you We don t need to have actual intercourse but I will fix your fear of men touching you and show you that pleasure isn t one sided His hands shifted their hold on her ankles, lifting her legs higher until her bottom rose from the bed I hoped you would welcome the lesson Stop, Jill ordered I m not flawed or damaged Put the pants back on Her gaze nearly strayed downward to his groin I don t want fixed This book was action packed, and fast paced I loved Coal and Jill together They were both damaged by abusers from their pasts, but they were both strong willed survivors This series keeps getting better

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    4.5 starsAt first, I wasn t quite sure I was going to like this book It seemed like it was going to be too heavily erotica without enough romance love I also wasn t too sure how much I liked the cyborgs BUT, by a third of the way in, I was thoroughly enjoying myself The heroine, Jill, was great she was sweet, smart, brave and funny Coal, the hero cyborg, seemed pretty cool and wooden at first, however slowly but surely he got warmer and warmer, until he became a total sexy, badass sweetheart Yep that s how I am describing it Having skipped the first 4 books, I was a little lost in the beginning, seeing as the book starts right in the middle of an action scene But I feel like I caught up quickly I enjoyed the plot I enjoyed the sex scenes I loved the androids they were funny and endearing The ending was lovely.Overall, great read I may read the next book as well.

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    Coal JillI am a big fan of tortured heroes Coal has suffered and has been used a lot by the cruel female Cyborgs They had tied him down, taken his freedom, destroyed his enhancements, bred him without mercy and consequently he has a large number of children that he will never meet Now he does not want any females in his life.Jill has also suffered a lot She has lost both of her parents She is a fugitive from Earth and alone in space doing a man s job Moreover, her ex husband abused her systematically and he made her scared of men Now she does not want any males in her life.Coal has managed to escape the heartless females, but he ended up a prisoner again on his way to a fight club Jill will save Coal Together they will overcome their fears Coal will manage finding his friends again Jill will never be alone again.My favorite characters in this book are actually the three androids that she saved from junk yards Arm, Fray, and Roid They are keeping her company and she considers them to be her friends, not just machines But she is not a mechanic She has only managed to do partial repairs.Coal will be tender and helpful I ve decided to repair your ship, your droids, and you Rune, a female android and ex sex bot, is also a great addition towards the end of the book I was laughing out loud with her decision making techniques.Very sweet story, but action packed at the same time The sex scenes are steamy hot.Part of the book overlaps with the previous book Touching Ice and with the next book Redeeming Zorus.

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    Re read Jan 21 22, 2017Uhmmmwow This is my favorite cyborg book so far Laurann has topped herself again I really loved Coal, he thinks he is damaged but this makes him even endearing He seems in touch with his emotions and is not always trying to dismiss his feelings for Jill It s so sweet that when Jill tells him that she loves him, he sheds a few tears.Jill is so lonelyshe finds stray androids and turns them into friends She saves Coal and can t help opening up to him and falling for all his sexy goodness Coal decides to heal her aversion to sex and abusive men.oooooh doggie.I do wonder why he shaves his hair, but hey, bald men are sexy too.The androids were hilarious especially Rune She was originally designed as a sex bot but her advanced programming allows her to make her own decisions She doesn t like men touching her and soiling her with their fluids and to keep her clothes clean, she stripes naked to do chores I so love her.

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    5 Stealing Coal Stars I was already a fan of Coal at the end of Ice s book How he protected his own for his mate Then at the beginning of this book, I felt so much sorrow for the big guy He has already been through so much pain no one deserves that Then Jill comes into Coal s life at the exact right time She turned it upside down in the best way possible Not only did he need her but she needed him just as much She too has not had an easy life Trust is a huge thing for both of them to have to overcome and trust in each other I loved how much it took from them both but in the end it was kind of beautiful how much they need and love each other Willing to do anything for the others wellbeing I loved this book so hard Again Mindy has out done herself with this narration Love it as I have loved all the others before it You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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    LOVING THIS DAMAGED CYBORG Coal was once a breeder who s forced to breed female cyborgs Yep, he had been tortured to the point that he s now damaged, not as controlled as normal cyborgs but that makes him emotional He s different In the previous book, a pod which brought Coal and Zorus were missing They had been captured by illegal traders and sold Coal was going to be forced to fight in a space fight club Really, Laurann Dohner has made a totally new world with this series.Meanwhile, Jill was a trader having inherited her father trading business She travelled alone, her company were autobots When she did a trading she saw Coal strapped to a table He was going to be tortured Against her better judgement, she decided to save then release him when they reached the next station.I love the human side of Coal was apparent, his story made my heart break Abuse is abuse and this big, strong cyborg was the victim Jill used to be a victim too and each decided to mend the other Their relationship flow nicely It s sweet, what s not to love One good thing is the side characters The autobots were crazy funny, Rune in particular Would love to see her in the future.After this, Zorus is next I can t wait to read about our jackass councilman.

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    Poor Coal We met him in Steel s book and talk about getting screwed Coal deserved something good And Jill was a sweet woman who was trying to survive a pretty shitty life.Their relationship started a bit odd to say the least But I appreciated all that Coal was trying to do for her.I loved her androids Rune was hilarious Overall, this was the easiest read since the hero was not a dick and he really kicks ass for her Plus Jill was sweet and smart and tough.Safety Gang view spoiler Coal is NOT in a breeding pact thank goodness But he has been used and abused raped for years by cyborg woman so he does have 8 I think kids out thereJill had an abusive husband hide spoiler

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    Reread Just as fun the second time I wish LD would get back to this series as it is my favorite.The fifth installment in the Cyborg Seduction series is a winner This is the story of Coal who had been kept as a breeding slave by a planet full of Cyborg women When he finally gets free, he sacrifices himself for another cyborg male and his woman Coal ends up back in the hands of human traders who plan to sell him to a cage fighting planet to fight until he dies Jill, a human woman who is making a living on the edge of the blackmarket with only a couple of droids for company, rescues him Jill has an unpleasant history with sex as does Coal but he at least knows that it can be a pleasant experience She had an abusive ex husband and so wants nothing to do with sex Coal decides that since she has saved him he will fix up her shuttle for her and also fix up her sexual hangups while he s at it Eventually, these two broken people fix each other up and fall in love.There was good honest emotion here The heroines of these stories keep getting better and better They are strong women who have the compassion and openmindedness to fall in love with cyborgs who most humans either despise or fear The characterization of both the hero and heroine are deep and well developed Coal is damaged and he knows it He worries about being a good enough man for Jill I like that the two of them cleave to each other They don t doubt once they have declared their feelings When Jill is kidnapped, she knows he will come for her and he knows that even if it seems that way, she did not leave him willingly No silly misunderstandings just a sweet love story.Good sci fi romance Looks like the next one will be Councilman Zorus Boy, he s been a bad bad cyborg throughout the series Can t wait to see how Ms Dohner turns him around.

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    I saw all of the positive reviews of this story and thought it would probably be good I enjoyed Redeeming Zorus and Taunting Krell Unfortunately, it did not pan out that way The premise of this story, was that Jill, the pilot of an old cargo space ship steals a cyborg named Coal that she finds chained up and being tortured by the crew of a ship she is doing business with Against her better judgment, she saves him and chains him up in her own craft for a while, because she doesn t trust that he won t kill her and try and take over Then she s forced to release him once they are being attacked and there is no way to escape Coal saves them but then proceeds to chain Jill to her bed so he can force her to see that sex can be fun and feel good, as Jill was abused both physically and sexually by her ex husband, and he is the only man she had experience with up until that point Jill is very resistant and tells him no over and over, but he refuses to listen to her He goes down on her and suddenly, because she s turned on by this, that makes everything okay Then she falls in love with Coal just in time for them to be rescued by his cyborg brethren Oh yeah, and there s a kidnapping and some angst thrown in there too There wasn t much about this story that I liked At certain points I found the romance to be sort of sweet, in that after her initial resistance, Jill quickly embraces Coal as her lover and wants to be with him There was no novel length angst of do I want him or not or anything like that, which is always refreshing However The dialogue was almost unbearable It was stiff, awkward, and repetitive I swear the same conversation was repeated over and over for pages and pages in one part of the story Coal Let me go.Jill I d love to but I don t trust you.Coal Release me and I won t kill youJill I wish I could but I don t want you taking over my ship.Coal Set me free continues on and on for ten pages This woman needs content to fill her pages, as well as a better editor, IMO.Also, I really disliked the scene where Jill is tied to her bed and Coal basically forces himself on her Given that both he and the heroine have abuse in their pasts, it seemed really insensitive and almost kind of bizarre that Dohner would choose to go that route and have a forced seduction kind of scene I mean, does she want to reinforce ideas like women don t know what they really want but men know what s best for them or No means yes Why do I keep reading Laurann Dohner books Good question I ve found the cyborg seduction series to be kind of lacking in the sexiness department She certainly doesn t do kink as well as Lora Leigh does I m pretty sure I m done with the series, and probably with this author all together She is miss than hit , for me.