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This Collection Includes Two Of Tolkien S Best Fairy Stories The World Of Faery Is The Setting For Smith Of Wootton Major The Preparation Of Great Cake To Mark The Feast Of Good Children Was A Human, Cheerful Occasion, But Other Less Material Powers Were At Work And The World Of Man And Of Faery Met And Blended In A Strange, Haunting Union Leaf By Niggle Is An Apt And Beautiful Illustration Of Tolkien S Theory That Fairy Stories About The Faery Have Either Own Literary Value And Should Not Be Seen Either As Academic Exercises Or As Stories Written Specifically For Children

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    This tale is magical and enchanting but for me it seemed incomplete Well, a little unresolved A young boy gets to enter the wonderful world of Fay he is chosen especially for it, but when he gets there he doesn t do a great deal I mean, talk about a wasted opportunity I would have done so much over there.Every twenty four years Wootton Major has a massive celebration feast As per tradition, a giant cake is baked In it is placed a star by an anonymous trickster The star allows the person to enter the realm of Fay, a boon by all accounts On entering the realm, and experiencing the power of it, the lucky person must then return home with the star for another child to be given the gift in another twenty four years To me it sounds like a fantastic opportunity Imagine living in a dull boring world, not that hard to imagine really, and then you are given a little ticket to somewhere much better It s a very simple story, one that avoids all dark themes There are no cunning dragons or evil dark lords instead we have the world of Fay Sure there are some dangers involved in crossing the border, but I think all those that have the opportunity to cross it would overlook such peril in the face of such a chance The story is written in Tolkien s usual mastery of tone, but for me it needed something else It needed a stronger sense of purpose and perhaps a greater point to it This is far from Tolkien at his best It s still worth a read though for enthusiasts of his writing For that he was grateful, for he soon became wise and understood that the marvels of Faery cannot be approached without danger, and that many of the Evils cannot be challenged without weapons of power too great for any mortal to wield He remained a learner and explorer, not a warrior and though in time he could have forged weapons that in his own world would have had power enough to become the matter of great tales and be worth a king s ransom, he knew that in Faery they would have been of small account So among all the things that he made it is not remembered that he ever forged a sword or a spear or an arrow head

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    I want to have kids just so I can read them stories like this I wanted to eat the Twenty Fourth Year Cake I wanted to hear Smith Smithson sing while he smithied and just when my eyes were bugging out of my head because of the beautiful descriptions of Faerie, I remembered it all started with a Master Baker The story changed hands at least three times, but it was seamless Each one of the hands could have been a story of Their Own.I d rate this a G Read this to your chilluns They need magic So do you

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    A visit to Faery Beware It may touch your soul.Unlike The Lord of the Rings, which Tolkien labored over for decades, Smith came to him in a flash, and he dashed it off whole It has a rough quality which betrays both that inspiration and that lack of refining Nonetheless, it should entertain and enrich any reader who appreciates Farmer Giles of Ham or Leaf by Niggle An excellent companion for On Fairy Stories from The Tolkien Reader, since Smith of Wootton Major is just such a fairy story.BTW, it is only on the second or third reading that the wonder grew upon me The first time through, I read it like any story and of that it was quick and crude Subsequent readings, the Faery grows upon you.After fifth reading, it still grabs me as usually only real fairy tales do Most modern fantasy seems so contrived Tolkien had a grasp for what really works edited for minor correction on 9 9 2016

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    This is a funny and lovely fairy tale like piece of literature by the master

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    Bought with the same Christmas book voucher as The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Farmer Giles of Ham It is an extremely shabby, battered and worn piece of bookage now O

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    Smith of Wootton Major is a fairytale, by Tolkien s own definition The fairies are not small and precious, but real and potentially dangerous, and so is their land It s a rather quiet story, I think there are no great dangers, no dragons to be fought or Dark Lords to be overthrown, though you might see echoes of that story here The precious star was, in earlier drafts, a ring, after all.In any case, it s a thoughtful little story I almost said sweet, but I think that would be reducing it to something like the decoration on the cake which insults the fairy queen.This extended edition casts light on Tolkien s thought process, during all stages of his creative process with it It includes much of the backstory and explanations which support the story, which he had to know whether the readers did or not It also contains some early drafts, both reproduced and transcribed It s interesting, particularly if you re interested in Tolkien s creative process.

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    Il fabbro di Wootton Major un racconto di J.R.R Tolkien pubblicato nel 1967, l ultima opera mentre l autore era ancora in vita Romanticamente potremmo considerarla una sorta di commiato dell autore al mondo di Faerie, una fiaba per bambini ben ponderata come dimostrano le diverse stesure e gli appunti dell autore a riguardo ed equilibrata piuttosto che uno spontaneo volo d immaginazione La novella avrebbe dovuto essere parte della prefazione di Tolkien a The Golden Key, storia di fate di George MacDonald, ma si svilupp come racconto a s.La trama semplice, e pur non essendo collegata in nessun modo alla Terra di Mezzo, riecheggia il leif motiv di molte opere dell autore, soprattutto l attacco dei Racconti ritrovati nel paese di Wootton Major, immaginario ma indubbiamente anglosassone, ogni ventiquattro anni si tiene una festa a cui partecipano ventiquattro bravi bambini Per l occasione, il Maestro Cuoco serve una torta, ma in quella preparata da Nokes e dal suo apprendista Alf c una sorpresa una pietra scintillante nascosta nella torta insieme ad altri ninnoli, che viene inconsapevolmente ingoiata dal figlio del Fabbro La pietra si incastona nella fronte del bambino, e si rivela un vero e proprio lasciapassare nonch protezione per i reami di Faerie, che Fabbro esplora in lungo e in largo.Il tema principale della fiaba, forse pi alla portata degli adulti che dei bambini, quello della rinuncia ampio spazio viene dato, oltre naturalmente alle peregrinazioni di Fabbro nelle terre fatate, alle modalit di cessione della pietra a un successore, perch , come raccomanda Alf che forse molto pi di chi dice di essere al protagonista, ci sono cose che non possono appartenere a un uomo per sempre, n si possono conservare come cimeli di famiglia Sono solo prestate l accesso a Faerie, concesso a Fabbro finch giovane e pieno di immaginazione, diventa impossibile nel momento in cui all immaginazione subentra la saggezza della maturit Impossibile non lasciarsi tentare da un paragone con l Unico Anello, oggetto colmo di potere maligno la cui cessione quasi sempre accompagnata dal sangue.Fabbro, come dicevamo, rappresenta forse lo stesso Tolkien nell atto di ritirarsi da Faerie, cio dai reami della sua immaginazione, e di lasciare la sua pietra scintillante perch qualcun altro possa riceverla.Un commento all edizione Il fabbro di Wootton Major inserito anche nella raccolta Albero e foglia, ed di quella che consiglio l acquisto Le pagine di quest edizione in particolare dal costo spropositato giustificato solo in parte dalla bellezza delle edizioni deluxe Bompiani sono quasi interamente dedicate ad appunti di Tolkien, correzioni, apparati critici, tanto che la fiaba in s occupa solo quaranta delle sue centoquaranta pagine, illustrazioni di Pauline Baynes, le stesse dell edizione originale comprese.Recensione pubblicata anche suhttp www.lastambergadeilettori.com

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    Smith of Wootton Major narra a aventura de um simples mortal no rico e estranho reino das fadas criado por Tolkien N o querendo ser injusta para com o livro e o seu autor, Smith of Wootton Major um trabalho menos en rgico, sem a for a e o mpeto das aventuras liter rias que lhe conhecemos menos m gico Gostei do livro e estou obviamente contente pela adi o minha colec o de Tolkien, mas n o posso dizer que tenha ficado particularmente impressionada.

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    uma hist ria bem simples e direta, mas que d para tirar umas reflex es muito interessantes por tr s Tolkien n o foi quem foi por acaso.A edi o da Martins Fontes sensacional Os extras desse livro valem quase outro livro.

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    This story is grouped in with The Light Princess by George MacDonald for me as one of the books that makes me feel exactly the way I want to feel about magic This story has things that you want This story has cake.