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MATT LOVED EVERYTHING About Emmy He Loved Her Freckled, Luminous, Magical Body He Loved Her Free Spirit He Loved The Future He Saw When He Found Out Emmy Was Pregnant And He Loved Her Answer When Her Parents Protested Their Decision To Keep The Baby We Ll Just Love It, Okay Full Of Emotion And Insight, Mahalia Is The Story Of One Teenage Boy S Struggle To Be A Better Father Than He Knows How A Poignant And Memorable Love Story Of A Young Father And His Daughter School Library Journal A Starkly Candid And Sensitive Portrait Of Teenage Parenthood The Horn Book Magazine A Children S Peace Literature Prize Recommended Book Children S Book Council Of Australia Awards Shortlist

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    matt and emmy were only teenagers when they discovered they were expecting a baby but they decided they would love her and worry about the other problems later but emmy can t seem to cope and before mahalia is six months old she leaves them and goes to stay with her godmother in sydney matt is fiercely determined to take care of mahalia by himself and be beholden to no one this is a beautiful story and very realistic again set in lis reading jo s novels you expect to see characters from every book just wandering about and the landscape and the people flesh out the story, no less important than matt and mahalia and the main action another set of characters that i want to be friends with particularly matt s mate otis and his family, and the lion like eliza.

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    Another in the teen dad genre Better than Angela Johnson s The First Part Last, but not as compelling as Hanging on to Max, by Margaret Bechard Set in Australia, and that s interesting I did love the main character and his determination to care for to his daughter.

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    The book Mahalia is a poorly written book, with little story line The story revolves around a young man named Matt and his baby Mahalia and the distant memory of their dead beat not in the picture mother I would recommend this book if you were a light reader or wasn t into novels with a dunce story line and plot These books left me screaming someone call the child services I give this book 1 out of 5 stars on the fact that the author little to no explanations of characters and their thoughts and feelings.

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    I have found this book very simple and slow going with little action But I liked the fact that it was a 17 year old boy who became Mother and Father to Mahalia, and as such he loved being with and looking after his dougher It was inspiring how he didn t want to fail as a father and how much pride he took in looking after Mahalia The rest of the characters were likable and interesting I would recommend this book to all teenagers to learn that all actions have their consequences.

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    It wasn t bad, I liked the main character and how much he adored his daughter I liked how imperfect he was as a father and how honestly raw it could be at times I liked the vividness of the setting What I wasn t a fan of was the writing It seemed amateurish I suppose that could be because it was written from a teenage boys point of view but I didn t find that aspect appealing I wouldn t read it again but I m glad I read it the first time.

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    OMG this is one of the best books i have ever read A 17 year old teenager becomes a Father and Mother to his daughter Mahalia i love that this book is about a guy who became a man when he decided to take care of his babyOHH it was such a cute book,

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    beautifully written Takes a while to get used to the slightly fragmented style

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    I thought that this book was great i enjoyed it all, and its simplicity appeals to me Loved it

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    I didn t like this book.

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    Nothing much really happened Was tempted to give up part way through, but figured something must happen soon.