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The Gentle, Affecting First Volume Introduces Elderly Mr Putter, Who Decides That A Cat Will Keep Him From Feeling Lonely Rylant S Texts Reflect Admirable Concern For Brevity And Meticulous Consideration Of Every Word They Are In Perfect Sync With Howard S Expressive Sketches, Which Slip Abundant Visual Jokes Into Sunny, Transparent Watercolors And Gouaches, And Fluid Pencil And Pastel Scribbles Publishers Weekly

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    It s probably biased to give a book 5 stars because the cat reminds me of my own cat But I don t care I also adopted a cat that was old and orange.And he likes all the same things Tabby likes.Like lying in the sun.And eating.And sleeping on me.And not getting wet or exercising or having adventures.

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    I completely and utterly love this book Reading it makes me feel like I am hearing the purr of the cat I love and as cozy as I did sitting on Grandpa s lap as a little girl Mr Putter is old and creaky And lonely He thinks about getting a kitten But they are so wild and playful and exhausting BUT, the pet shop lady assures him, EVERYONE wants kittens They are so CUTE Well, Mr Putter does NOT get a kitten He waits for the perfect feline match And it comes in the form of Tabby She is a little old, and a little creaky, just like Mr Putter But she and Mr Putter are kindred spirits in so many other ways, too This is the start of their adventures together indeed, the start of several Mr Putter and Tabby books.Rylant is really a genius with these easy reader books the words are relatively simple and few, but she weaves them in such a way that you are still completely drawn into the story The accompanying illustrations are so charming, sweet and humorous a perfect match to the text Highly recommended for anyone who loves cats, or needs to be reminded that no matter how old or worn out or lonely or seemingly forgotten we might be, there is always the possibility for love to walk in, if you let it.This book also holds a special place in my heart because I volunteer at a cat shelter and see kittens get adopted almost instantly, where as the adult cats some barely than two years old take months to get adopted Some are never adopted at all thankfully, they get to live out their days in a beautiful cat shelter where they are visited by lots of volunteers who love them as much as I do But, not every cat in the world is so lucky Mr Putter is a wonderful spokesperson for the joy that can come from adopting an adult cat.

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    I read this on the recommendation of my Goodreads friend Kathryn thank you, Kathryn even though I thought it might make me feel a bit melancholy, what with yearning for a companion animal yet unable to have one But, this book is so wonderfully lovely in every way, I couldn t help but feel happy as well as slightly sad.The cover illustration won me over, and the whole book got better and better.This is an incredibly sweet story about a lonely old man who wants a cat, not a kitten, and finds one at a shelter The story is beautifully told I wonder if it appeals to kids as much as it will to adults, especially older adults I hope so because it s a good early reader book, and I notice that it s the first book in a long series about Mr Putter Tabby There are 3 chapters Mr Putter, Tabby, and Mr Putter Tabby.The illustrations are perfect They re comfy and pretty and I love the style of art They were done in pencil, watercolor, gouache, and Sennelier pastels on 90 pound vellium paper I was going to refer to some of the illustrations but I like too many of them to single out just a few This is a gem of a book, and I am curious about the other books in the series This is a book I d like to own I enjoyed it so much.I m giving this 5 stars not only because I loved the story and illustrations, but I was also deeply emotionally touched, and because I ve never read a children s book quite like this, that addresses the issues of older animals and older people and shelters vs pet stores in quite this way, and there is so much included that can be discussed Maybe the story and illustrations aren t truly amazing, but they were to me, and so from me it s 5 stars.

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    The most heartwarming children s series for the most curmudgeonly old farts begins here I ve read and reread every title I could, and loved almost all of them.

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    When I asked for this book at the circulation desk, the children s librarian popped up from her desk all the way across the room and ran over to show me where it was She was very excited that I was going to read it and made me promise to come back for the rest of the Mr Putter books I definitely will I was so enthralled with this book that I made my husband read it He s not really a picture book kinda guy, but he liked it a lot Then, on my way to take it back to the library, I detoured to a friend s house so that she could read it, too It s the kind of book you want to share with everyone Wonderful illustrations and an endearing story.

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    An excellent series that causes my 7yo to burst out laughing hysterically The illustrations by Arthur Howard are superb That man knows his cats, and the cat expressions, emotions, and body language are sometimes funnier than the text.This is the first in the series, and it is so sweet And funny.My older son also loved these books at about the same age and he is sneakily listening in to me reading them

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    I love these books, the whole series They are warm and funny Mr Putter is so earnest, and kind, and polite It s just that funny things keep happening to him The illustrations are very expressive, they really communicate the emotions of the characters, especially Tabby.These books are written for children who have outgrown early readers but are not quite ready for chapter books They re still easy to read and have a picture on each page, but they have words on each page, and an increased vocabulary So I really, really recommend Mr Putter if you have a child at that stage I also recommend Mr Putter for reading out loud Legomeister loved these books when he read them, and now Little Miss is reading them and she loves them too.

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    I couldn t tell you for sure which Mr Putter Tabby books my mom read to me as a child, but I think this is one of them.Super charming all around Except for the fact that tulips are VERY POISONOUS FOR CATS and caffeine is bad for them too If your kitty gets into your tea briefly it probably won t hurt them toooo much, but don t make a habit of it So maybe keep them away from both of those things.

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    This has always been one of my favorite series of books to read to my children I love how Mr Putter realizes he needs company and how he chooses to get a cat instead of a kitten He finds the perfect cat for him and they become inseparable They share meals and snacks together and thoroughly enjoy one another s company The book is so sweet and the characters are very endearing

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    I just thought this story was so sweet I loved how Mr Putter found Tabby at the shelter and she was old and he choose her.