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I wanted to like this because I really do love the series but I just didn t buy Lin s turn to the dark side and I thought the ending was really abrupt I think part of it is that this isn t a book about the Thomas Kitten Garret menage and as curious as I was about Dr Psycho I just couldn t get into it Plus, I was a little bummed about the change in the club The whole tone of the book was just really sad. I could not get into these books or these characters I took me awhile to understand the relationship between Gigi and George I never liked Gigi so I took no real interest in what happened to her She was obviously sick and disturbed Lin s near desperate desire to hang on to George just didn t compute And George all the changes in the club it was just too much.And then the ending with Gigi heavy sigh The whole book just felt like on big dark downer. This book was pretty intense and emotional George Kirkpatrick is also known as Dr Psycho in the BDSM community He is in love with Lin Kuan who has no idea that he is a sadist When she finds out she is shocked but thinks she can change him I respected and applauded Lin She did not give up her self respect or her principles to please George In the end George had to make some compromises.Gigi was a very sad soul Both parents are into BDSM and illegal activities It makes me wonder if her parents life style and things she might have observed as a child turned her into this pityful human being She is a maschocist and even gets off on almost being killed What was really disturbing was the actions and behavior of the people in the humiliation room at the fetish club While Gigi did not object to the treatment it did make me question the safe and sane What type of person would enjoy treating another one like that It made me question their morality, integrity and sanity The ending was kind of a cliffhanger. Something is missing in this book It is not the same thrilling story as the past 5 in the series I almost feel as if this was written as an after thought just to give George a story I feel as if it could have been so muchAfter not being able to put down the first 5 books, this 6th was a let down Sorry Roxy I honestly consider the first 5 of the series make my Island list the sixth I am leaving home and using my imagination for George. Is Love Enough To Sway Destiny George Kirkpatrick Is Reeling From The Loss Of His Friend And Boss, Garrett Lawrence, The Owner Of Lewd Larry S Fetish Fantasy Nightclub He Finds Solace In The Arms Of A Very Vanilla Womanuntil A Female From His Past Returns To Further Complicate His Life Lin Kuan, A Renowned San Francisco Metal Sculptor, Met George Kirkpatrick Under False Circumstances She Believes She S Dating A Psychiatrist, Not A Sadist Too Late She Discovers She S In Loveand Is Determined To Change HimGigi Marconi Seeks Penance In Pain, But Not For The Life She Ruined Will The Vow She Made As A Child Destroy Her Before She Has A Chance To Face The Truth Or Will The Love Of The Man She Once Betrayed Be Her Salvation Contents Warning Violent Sexual Interactions, Consensual Gang Rape, Bukake, Electrical Torture In A Bdsm Context I m so pleased you carried on with this series, as you could have ended so neatly with the last book Wasn t sure how this one was going to pan out, after the pace and depth of the other books But wow loved every page can t wait for the next one.