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With Her Glossy Dark Hair, Classic Looks, Natural Appearance And Cut Glass Accent, Kate Middleton Displays All The Poise And Breeding Expected From The Wife To Be Of The Heir To The Throne Sophisticated Beyond Her Years, Kate Has Charmed William S Louche Circle Of Friends As Well As The House Of Windsor Yet Behind Her Polished Veneer Lies The Extraordinary Tale Of An Impoverished Working Class Family That Overcame Deprivation And Adversity To Rise To The Upper Echelons Of SocietyClaudia Joseph Has Spoken To Members Of Kate S Family And Friends, Who Have Provided An Intriguing Insight Into The Extraordinary Journey Her Family Has Made From The Mining Villages Of Durham To The Gates Of Buckingham PalaceDrawing On Exclusive Interviews And Containing Previously Unpublished Photographs, This Is The Authoritative Account Of Kate Middleton S Life So Far

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    I m getting tired of non fiction books being titled NOTHING like what the book is actually about I thought this book THE MAKING OF A PRINCESS would be about how Kate s childhood, parents, schooling, activities prepared her for the role of princess Maybe she earned awards for speech making in school or came out of her shyness thru a special technique her mother thought of Nope The second section of the book about Kate was all about the gossip In fact it wasn t even new, or better gossip The author was only looking at the gossip papers to get her story She admits this by saying things like the couple went here and here and did this, or maybe they just stayed in their rooms I thought this was a book where the princess and her parents and other relatives were interviewed to tell funny, poignant or interesting stories about her life and how they will help her in her new role.The first section of the book was a genealogy of Kate s family tree It was interesting at the beginning to see where her family came from and how they were living at the time of Victoria, the Prince s royal grand parent Unfortunately they put the family time line at the back of the book where i didn t see it til half way thru, when i was flipping thru the book for some reason instead of in the front where I could refer to it as needed This genealogy part of the book was too long.I thought maybe it would talk about some of Kate s views and ideas of what she thinks it s important for the royal family to do, how she plans to raise her children etc Or at least WHY she would make a good princess queen.I was not interested in what parties she went to, or where she spent her vacations i was interested in William s vacation to do volunteer work, tho or what clothes she wore That stuff is for the gossip pages, for people interested in it Why would i care what she wore to a sporting event 3 years ago

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    Synopsis from Borders.com Kate Middleton is the girl everyone wants to be Catherine Elizabeth Kate Middleton is living a perfect Cinderella fairy tale She is engaged to Britain s most desirable bachelor and now she s the future queen of England nBased on exclusive and intimate interviews with Kate s closest friends and relatives, and illustrated throughout with photographs, many published here for the very first time, Claudia Joseph s Kate The Making of a Princess is a fascinating portrait of the extraordinary young woman who will be queen and the story of a family s remarkable journey from the mining villages of Durham to an apartment in the royal residence of Clarence House nMy disclaimer is that I read this as a digital book So some of my issues with the book may or may not be a result of that nI was looking forward to reading this book since I have a mild obsession with all things royal but finished it feeling rather disappointed and unsatisfied It says the book is based on exclusive and intimate interviews I m not sure how valid that is There were a few quotes from friends and great aunts and second third cousins, etc But I don t know how intimate those interviews were And most of the material seemed like information you could have gathered from the society pages nAlso, the chronology of the book was not okay It kept jumping back and forth and back again between generations and branches of the family tree Now, this is one issue with it being in digital form apparently there was a diagram of Kate s family tree in the back of the book That would have been than helpful to reference throughout the reading However, since it was digital I didn t know it was there until I d finished my reading nEven with Prince William and Kate s relationship, the narrative would bounce around in time, often repeating events that had already been covered nThis is the first book I ve read on the current Princess Catherine My advice is to skip it and pick a different biography to get your royal info fix There is a plethora of them to choose from.

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    Total trash reading So unlike me Everyone has their celebrity fixation, and I ll admit it mine is the royal family The first half or so of the book is a relatively detailed history of Kate s lineage, tracing both sides of her family back into the 1600s It reads kind of like an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, pointing out random famous people who Kate is distantly related to like Sir John Gielgud and the Spencer family It felt like nearly all of the chapters ended with a dumb line like and they never could have imagined that their great great great great granddaughter would someday marry the heir to the throne The second part of the book is, basically, a long tabloid article, detailing inasmuch as details are known Kate and William s relationship, from the time they met at St Andrews through their engagement It seems like the book would have been well served to at least wait until after their wedding to publish it and get in all of that wedding related gossip but I suppose there was probably something to be said for getting out The First Biography Of The New Princess In any case, because I do she admits with some embarrassment read royal gossip, there wasn t really anything in here I hadn t heard before.It seems kind of besides the point to assign any stars to this book at all it is what it is, you know

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    Kate The Making of a Princess begins very much like a family history of Kate s early relatives dating back to the early 1800s If you like genealogy, you will like reading this book as the beginning is nothing like any other royal biography While I applaud the amount of research that had to go into this book, since there was not much written about her relatives it does tend to read like a series of facts name, date of birth, occupation, who they married next person than like a story However, they do tie in a lot of historical detail to paint a descent picture of what life would have been like as a coal miner in 1840, for example The second half of the book is like a typical royal biography While Joseph ties in events in Kate s life that correspond to what William was experiencing around the same time the focus is still on Kate which is than can be said of other biographies that claim to be about Kate but end up retelling Diana s final days.

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    Details at my blogThe first part of the book was Kate Middleton s ancestry, and though it was sometimes hard to keep all the names straight, it gave an interesting overview of English history from the point of view of ordinary people coal mines, diseases, world wars, etc The second half was mostly Kate s life, and the last bit about Kate s social life I was surprised at how often it would mention Kate and William doing exactly the same thing e.g William s hanging out with his friends, Kate s hanging out with hers , but William s excursion would be framed as cutting loose and having a good time, while Kate s was framed as consoling herself by hanging out with her friends or positioning herself so that William would know she could have fun without him or whatever That brought the book down to 2.5 stars for me It just seemed sounnecessary.

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    This is one of the books where the only reason why I continued to read it is because I was bored Hence the reason why it took me long.Anyway, this book in one word boooooring. I skipped the first hundred pages, because honestly, who is really that interested to read about Kate s ancestors like a few hundred years ago If I could care less about this woman, I could give no shit about where she came from.What I found so hilarious with this book is that compared to the other Kate books I read, everything is sugarcoated to make it seem like this woman is perfect and that she has done nothing but everything right in her path to be a princess Unlike other books, it showed that Kate is human, this one, much like a female robot forced to feel.Two stars for my patience to finish this book.

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    This felt like two seperate books The first part was largely about Kate s distant ancestors It bounced between what was going on in their lives, as commoners, and what was going on in the royal family at the same time, which was a really neat historical perspective.The second half of the book read like a long tabloid article on Kate s like where she ate, who she hung out with, etc I wouldn t call it a good biography but it considering I hadn t really kept up with the Kate William story until they announced their engagement it was new to me and a fun read.

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    This book was semi interesting I think the general consensus in America is that she s sweet and innocent and well dressed This book sheds some light on the Royal s consistent enjoyment of clubs and partying I honestly don t respect her as much after reading this Ignorance was bliss for me Also, the first five chapters are tireless amounts of genealogy that I ended up skipping Unless you re very curious about Kate up until being married, I wouldn t recommend this book.

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    interesting read about the world of royalty it s so unreal it feels like fiction I skipped much of the history befoe william and kate started dating way too in depth history of their ancestry for me.