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Jack Frost has stolen all the jewels from ueen Titania's crown Each stone controls a particular aspect of fairy magic Without them the fairies can't use their magic fairy dust or make pictures in ponds of water Rachel and Kirsty have to help the fairies get the jewels back before it's too late

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    It was really scary when Jack Frost came and he was guarding the diamond in the sky that was pretending to be one of the stars It was fun when Lucy called Pegasus and the girls and Lucy got to ride on his back And it was funny when Lucy got the diamond and Jack Frost screamed with rage And it was kind of scary when one of the girl's wings got frozen by Jack Frost's spells and then they rode back to the fairy king and ueen with the diamond on Pegasus' back It was a GREAT book I think that Daisy Meadows is a wonderful author

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    This was a stunning conclusion to the jewel fairy series The one thing that bothered me was that the fairy king told the girls the wings given to them by the fairy dust from their locket wouldn't last longand then their wings lasted for the remainder of the book A Disappointing inconsistency But other than that I was glad to see Jack Frost finally get what was coming to him You can't steal ALL the jewels from the fairy ueen's crown and not expect some sort of retaliatory action I was appreciative of the sneak preview of Katie and the Kitten Fairy at the back of the book Can't wait to check that one out as well as the other books in the Pet Fairies series

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    I have so many fond memories for this book and series as a whole When I was little I spent a lot of time at my Gran's house whilst my mum was at college We used to walk the block and visit the local library freuently It was a really small thing closed down now but I loved it with all my heart Scouring the shelves for a new “Rainbow magic” book I found this one and eagerly pulled it off the shelf “Look Gran Her name is Lucy too” I checked it out and we walked back to her house for juice and biscuits The minute we got it my auntie and cousins were there and I hadn’t seen them in a while but I was so excited for my book So they all sat around the table and I sat on the kitchen bench behind them reading this book and eating my biscuits Half an hour later I flicked the page over and realised I finished In one sitting I did it The first time I’d ever finished a book in one sitting I was ecstatic I had the biggest smile of my face and hugged the book to my chest “Gran? Can we go back to the library please?” This book really is a diamond and it’s always going to be very special to me Love Lucy xx

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    Very boring

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    It was the greatst book ever because I Like diamonds and fairy book

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    The Jewel fairies are India the Moonstone Fairy Scarlett the Garnet Fairy Emily the Emerald Fairy Chloe the Topaz Fairy Amy the Amethyst Fairy Sophie the Sapphire Fairy and Lucy the Diamond FairyTheir gems control different types of magic like good dreams changing appearing and disappearing etcWe love looking at the maps at the beginnings of the books A different location for this series as Kirsty goes to stay with Rachel this time Miss 4 liked the adventure playground bestMiss 4 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

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    Rachel and Kirsty heads back to Fairyland when they saw the fairies including Lucy the Diamond Fairy losing their wings and they can't fly Lucy's magic diamond is above the stars of Fairyland which allows all the fairies to fly and at least Rachel and Kirsty flutters their wings away to the skies to get the diamond when Jack Frost came to steal it This book has an epic battle against the girls and Jack Frost and they need to get the diamond for ueen Titania's crown to complete and recharge the magic in Fairyland Amazing story with a happy ending Read during RGYSP Week 2020 Reading Marathon

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    I really enjoyed this storyit is so cute and I love how it ends and I love what the story is about I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read It is a very enjoyable cute read There are only 6 Chapters in the Book and that is it I love Reading Children's Books Middle Grade Books than anything else They are a clean enjoyable fun reads I give this Book 55 StarsHappy Reading

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    it was interesting

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    hi this is 2019 15 year old me who remembers that 6 year old me loved this book soyeeti'm going to repeat this statement for literally every book i add to my children's literature shelf okay