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Help save Fairyland's flowers Every flower is bright and blossoming thanks to the Petal Fairies But when Jack Frost steals their magical petals the fairies are in trouble Flowers everywhere could disappear Pippa the Poppy Fairy's petal is lost in the local flower shop Rachel and Kirsty have to bike there as fast as they can or the goblins might reach the petal firstFind the magical petal in each book and keep Fairyland in full bloom

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    This took us longer than normal to finish and while I knew a lot of the reason was because of the shorter books we read during the day and just some chaos around this past week I started getting the impression Julia may be getting burned out on the whole fairy thing So I offered up the ideas to stop altogether and go back to them at a later date to finish this one and then break to finish this series and then break instead of moving on to another Daisy Meadows's fairy series etc Julia says she wants to keep going so we're going to keep on keeping on We read a wide variety of books during the day while these are usually reserved for bedtime for the most part so I'm not worriedPippa the Poppy Fairy is much like the others in the series Rachael and Kirsty I say Kristy when reading is it just me that has a hard time with Kirsty? are trying to find Pippa's lost poppy petal so the poppies and all the other red flowers can bloom again Jack Frost's goblins are always getting into trouble and causing the girls' plans to change In the end the girls along with Pippa manage to rescue the poppy petal and while Pippa returns it to it's place in Fairyland the girls get ready for the next day where they will try to find and rescue Louise's lily petal in Louise the Lily Fairy

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    Rachel and Kristy are still at Blossom Hall and they find Pippa in one of the flowers at the hotel They help her find her petal and help her find goblins to get it back from The petal is at Petal Perfection Flower Shop at the end of the driveway The goblins find the petal first and run out of the store with it Rachel Kristy and Pippa follow them They hide in a tree but Kristy sees one of their legs Pippa turns the girls into fairies and they fly up to the tree to try to get the petal but the goblins escape They run around the driveway and Rachel and Kristy follow on their bikes Rachel comes up behind the goblin with the petal and tries to grab it from his hand but he switches hands Kristy is on the other side so she grabs the petal while the goblin is still laughing at Rachel

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    This is the second book in the the The Petal Fairies series and our oldest just loves them She read this one in a single day and was very proud of that accomplishment This story had some comic moments and the typical predictable theme for these stories

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    the goblins in this bunch are better trained and aggressive than in the original series pippa is in charge of the red hued flowers the story is pretty much the same formula jack frost did something to a group of fairies the girls find one fairy they find the goblins they retrieve the magical item and the fairy goes to a safe place

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    loved these as a child found my copy and thought on would give them one read it's time they go to a new home for someone else to enjoy Still enjoy them as an adult but I finish them far too uickly to get the same amount of enjoyment as before

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    In this book Kristy and her best friend Rachel is on spring vacation The hotel they are living in is called Blossom Hall and they have a garden full of pretty flowers However soon Kristy and Rachel noticed that the flowers aren’t that pretty this year Soon they figured out that they need to find seven magic petals in order to save all the flowers They also know that Jack Frost and his goblins are trying to steal the magic petals and only if the petal fairies get their flowers back the flowers will be pretty again Yesterday Rachel and Kristy already found a petal but six petals are still missing Today Rachel and Kristy met a fairy by a basket of flowers and her name is Pippa She said that she was the poppy fairy and that the poppies are not blooming well Rachel and Kristy decided to help her find her magic petal for the poppies Pippa said that she is sure that her magic petal is at the flower shop of Blossom Hall When they arrived at the flower shop they started looking at the back of the shop for the magic petal but soon they saw Jack Frost’s evil goblins trying to steal Pippa’s magic petal What will they do? READ THE BOOK

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    hi this is 2019 15 year old me who remembers that 6 year old me loved this book soyeeti'm going to repeat this statement for literally every book i add to my children's literature shelf okay

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    So far all the books in the Rainbow Magic series have been a great simple read that are great for juvenile fiction readers just starting out reading on their own

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    The writing in the book Pippa the Poppy Fairy was effective The book’s strengths was it had well details about what's going on The book didn’t really have any weakness I would recommend this book to a classmate because it was entertaining when you are paying attention to the book The book has a series from this book is The Petal Fairies

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    Rachel and Kirsty are staying at the hotel and they discovered that a goblin has Pippa the Poppy Fairy's magic petal There the girls and Pippa are going to grab her magical poppy petal from a flower shop mystery to an awesome bike rideRead during RGYSP Week 2020 Reading Marathon