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Originally bought to share with my 7 years old grandson When it arrived I started just looking a few pages at a time, before I knew it I had finished the book My husband, myself and grandson all enjoyed it Lots of unusual information. Exciting And Information Packed, Facts For Kids Explodes With , Interesting And Funny Facts On Entertaining Topics That Kids Love Loaded With Fun And Knowledge This Book Is The Perfect Gift For Any Young Adventure SeekerStudies Show Kids Who Read Books Do Better In School Get Them Interested In Science, Nature, Math, Engineering, Space, Dinosaurs, Technology, And Order Now This was a Christmas gift for one of my grandbabies Since it was in my possession for several weeks before Christmas, I began to leaf through it , and found it to be most interesting I actually sat at the table with a cup of coffee and began to read it very interesting and fun I would say this book is appropriate for all ages from quite young beginning readers to old geezers like me Some of the facts I really enjoyed, like the one about Neil Armstrong s boots On the other hand, some didn t make since like, how fish can smell with their tails or giant octopi being able to fit into a golf ball sized hole Also, I believe that the author had mixed up some of the facts I do suggest this to people, but as a fair warning, I was slightly underwhelmed. If I don t like a book, usually I prefer not to review it at all maybe it will be right for someone else But sometimes, duty beckons.This book was not worth even the low price I paid for it Yes, this is trivia, but few of the items qualify as even mildly amazing, strange, or funny Gorillas sometimes eat insects But their diet is mostly bamboo and leaves Many are so vague as to be pointless Alaska sometimes gets as hot as Hawaii Many are not facts Cats communicate with each other using a vocabulary of about 16 words Cats can communicate with sounds, as everyone knows But sounds are an entirely different thing from words, and putting words in quotes doesn t fix that What convinced me to write this review is that I read this after reading another collection, Wacky Facts, by a different author and published eight years earlier Again and again I said, Didn t I just read this Yes, it was in Wacky Facts I didn t try to do a count, but an excessive number of items in Facts for Kids are copied from that earlier book. This is perfect for my son He is not enthused about reading but, he will do several fact pages out loud to me Even I am impressed with some that I never heard of