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Its Another Normal Day In Alaska, Where The Beauty Of The Rugged Landscape Makes The Hardships Of Winter Worth Enduring This Northern Life Is Good, You Think, When Suddenlywithout Warningyour World Is ROCKED The Ground Sways Beneath Your Feet With Sickening Force Youve Just Been Caught In The Second Strongest Earthquake In History Witness To Disaster Earthquakesuses Eyewitness Accounts And Pulse Racing Narrative To Bring Readers Into The Terrifying Heart Of An Earthquake The First Chapter Documents The Alaskan Quake That Shook Prince William Sound With A Magnitude Force, And Set Off A Tsunami That Ultimately Caused Most Of The Deaths Attributed To This Frightening Act Of Nature The Following Chapters Explore The Deadly History Of Earthquakes And The Seismic And Geological Science Of This Phenomenon Readers Learn How And Why Earthquakes Occur, And What Scientists Can Do To Prevent Casualties The Expansive Back Matter Includes A List Of Sources To Discover About These Fearsome Catastrophes

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    Nobody really knows how many earthquakes we have in any given year because many go unrecorded, but when the earth shakes, rattles and rolls we really take notice Just why the earth does this is one of the many questions pondered in this book.The book is divided into four chapters Chapter 1 The Ground Would Not Stop Shaking Alaska, 1964Chapter 2 As If a Giant Foot Had Stepped On It Why Does the Earth Quake Chapter 3 The Heart of This Old Earth Was Broken Famous EarthquakesChapter 4 Only a Matter of Time Predicting and Preparing for Earthquakes.I enjoyed reading about some of the lesser known facts about quakes Did you know the Mississippi flowed backward for several hours after a serious quake in 1812 Did you know that sometimes mysterious earthquake lights EQLs sometimes appear in the sky before an earthquake Did you know that one time in China a serious loss of life was prevented because a large quake was predicted Many young people s eyewitness accounts are included.This book is wonderfully illustrated with color photographs, maps, a glossary words are italicized in the text , a bibliography and additional recommendations for reading Five websites to explore are also included, three specifically geared toward children This book would be a great classroom, home school tool or for those who are just plain old curious about earthquakes.