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The 8 year old boy I bought this for absolutely loves this book The ickier, the better. Purchased it for grandsons ages 10, 7 and 5 Their mom and stepdad who are science pros thought it was great and look forward to doing the experiments. Kept a hyper 9 year old quiet except for the occasional gross fact relayed to the rest of the family for a four hour drive. Great resource for my classroom Bought for my nephews bday He loves this series The book came in amazing condition. From The Bestselling Author Of Oh, Yuckand Oh, Yikes , With Over Million Copies In Print, Here Is An A Z Compendium Of Hands On Grossness Featuring Interactive Experiments And Ick Tivities, O H, Ickdelves Into The Science Behind Everything Disgusting Stage An Ooze Olympics To Demonstrate Viscosity And The Nature Of Slime Observe How Fungi Grow By Making A Mold Zoo Embark On An Insect Safari To Get To Know The Creepy Crawlies Around Your Home And Learn What Causes That Embarrassing Acne On Your Face By Baking A Pimple Cake To Popand Eat Eww