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This New Extended Edition OfStory Of Life Is The Perfect Gift For Those With A Love Of The Natural World Wander The Galleries Open Days A Year And Discover A Collection Of Curated Exhibits On Every Page, Accompanied By Informative Text Each Chapter Features Key Species From A Different Geological Era With Fantastic New Artwork From Katie Scott

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    I forgot found this book in a shop in the kids section but had a screaming child so had to vacate before I could buy I was so interested in the book I can straight home and checked it out on I was disappointed with the first previous review as I do not think it accurately represents this book I ve not brought any of the previous welcome to the museum books but this one is brilliant It is well written with lovely illitrations It is of good quality and has an old fashioned feel to it It is presented well Not just aimed at kids but adults would find this interesting and enjoyable as well hence why I ve got it but have every intention of reading it to my child The timeline of life is not too small, and you definitely do not need a magnifying glass to read it if you are ok reading normal test Pronouncing the words is a bit difficult I m not sure what the previous review is on about, the pictures between text are too big and only of back ends This happens on only one page the one page the previous comment has taken a picture off , the pictures are fine and I ve included photos The illitrations are really great I highly recommend this, looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and going all the way through.

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    This is a standard size book which has the same content as the Big Picture Press series The attraction of these is not just the beautiful artwork and the fantastic colours, but the size big to hold, and needs to go flat on a table but has a magic and would loved by children.To me the magic is not there and it would be less attractive, if easier to hold.If you have not seen the large version you may have a different reaction Three stars seemed harsh, so 4 stars given.

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    Bought for my future husband to hi with his dinosaur book in the same series and he completely loves it The illustrations are fabulous and it looks amazing in our library room.

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    This book was great for me to read with my son at bedtime and to discuss all the species that evolved The book is written in such a way in that it flows like a story than simply a non fiction factual book Highly recommended.

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    I bought this for my son as he has the dinosaur one already I wanted to read this book and all the others to him before he goes to sleep However I have found that I have learnt so much from this too Great layout Well written and detailed illustrations.

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    Gorgeous book Perfect for any kid that s fascinated by the world around them, and how things came to be Illustrations are exquisite.

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    A great introductory book, would recommend to curious young adults wanting to learn about prehistory and it s timeline

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    A little disappointed that it isn t the same size as the other books in the series, but a stunning book none the less.