[[ Audiobooks ]] Look at the WeatherAuthor Britta Teckentrup – 91videos.co

Beautiful European style illustrations I love it Good for any age As a used book, it arrived in pristine condition As for the book itself, the illustrations are beautiful and the text is simple and slightly poetic. When You Stop To Think About It, Weather Is Incredible It S Whimsical, Varied, Ever Present, Sometimes Destructive And Other Times, Beautiful This Immersive Illustrated Nonfiction Book Is An Invitation For Readers To Ponder Weather And Approach It With A Newfound Sense Of Understanding, Awe, And Wonder Through Four Chapters Sun, Rain, Ice And Snow, And Extreme Weather This Book Explores Different Weather Phenomena, From Rainbows And Sunsets To Clouds, Frost, And Rainstorms Moments Of Distress And Destruction Are Offset By The Calm After A Storm Or The Peaceful Feeling Of A Blanket Of Fresh Snow Evocative Paintings Convey The Sheer Power Of Weather, While Lyrical Text Captures The Richness Of Our Natural Environment The Book Takes An Inspiring Tone Rather Than An Exhaustive, Factual One The Book Explicitly Makes The Links Between Extreme Weather, Climate Change, And Human Activity, And Poses Questions Often, Inviting Young Readers To Observe And Inquire About Their Own Environment Or To Imagine Other Ones