read online Best You are Stardust: Our Amazing Connections With Planet Earth By Elin Kelsey –

I notice all the reviews are pre 2017, and the Wayland paperback was published in 2017, so I may be the only reader with this newer version Sadly I am very disappointed The book feels cheap and flimsy the physical cover is the worst part of the book and the images inside appear dull and flat, which detracts from the dioramas I suspect all this is the result of cheap printing Would not recommend the paperback for this reason, but haven t seen the hardback.As for the story and images, it is hard to comment as I am not seeing them at their best, although personally I d have preferred not to see the strings, which could have been taken out at a later stage with photo editing, as I feel they clutter the images, but perhaps they were kept to emphasise interconnectivity I usually enjoy dioramas, but this one feels too poorly printed, messy, and sometimes the text feels a little mawkish eg blowing a kiss to spread pollen or muddled You grow at night when your bones are resting, just like the sheep you count to help you sleep how do sheep relate to growing Unless a child asks further questions, the words and text would puzzle a child I feel the book is full of good intentions, but misses the mark, though I may simply be in a grumpy mood as I am disappointed with the quality of printing. If People Were Planets, We D Be A Lot Like Earth People Are Nature From The Water We Drink To The Trees We Climb, We Are Connected To The Natural World In Big And Surprising Ways With Simple, Poetic Text, And Exquisite Artwork, You Are Stardust Introduces Kids To These Connections Sparking Their Imaginations And Starting Conversations Combining The Ideas Of Environmental Author And Educator Elin Kelsey With Inventive, Three Dimensional Dioramas By Artist Soyeon Kim, This Remarkable Picture Book Reveals Ties That Are Often Sensed, Yet Seldom Explained Children Will Learn That The Salt In Their Body Is The Same As The Salt In The Ocean, That They Learned To Speak In The Same Way That Baby Birds Do By Copying Their Parents, And That Elephants, Bats And Whales Make Friends, Just Like They Do In A World Dominated By Technology, Never Have These Connections Between People And Nature Been Worth Exploring A friend who recently lost her mother and doesn t want to explain to her son s using religion so they choose or reject faith for themselves was finding it tough to explain life and death I sent them the book and it arrived overnight It s a short book which has beautiful artwork and despite being for children and simple it genuinely introduces important science concepts and the link between all life I also got a copy for my family as these concepts are important particularly as the children will live with the increasing pressures of climate change and they need understanding in my opinion It s probably not a good book if you re not interested in science for your kids though. This book is really beautifully illustrated, I love the diorama style The text is simple and probably question provoking for children without going into much detail, so I hope my brother was ready to explain about how it is that we are made of stardust if asked by my niece What an amazing creation It almost makes me wish I could see the dioramas in real life, as it seems a space presentation would do them justice Otherwise, a great work and a nice combination of fact with art Highly recommended. Brilliant book for little ones the illustrations are beautifully presented and it s a favourite in our home. Sweet book surmising some scientific facts for 6yr olds Demonstrates the interconnections of life on our planet Brings a lump to the throat Plus beautiful illustrations. An unusual and spiritually uplifting book Much food for thought.