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My 5 year old granddaughter loves these books I purchased Under The Sea and she enjoyed it so much that I bought two titles Now she is asking for The books prompt her to ask questions and gives us the opportunity to teach her in depth. Nice science concepts and rich vocabulary in a well illustrated story children enjoyed Appropriate length. My Grandson wanted this book So glad to find it at.Could not find it in stores. I bought this book so that I had something winter timeish to read to my 2 year old It s excellent She asks for it again and again Milbourne even describes how snow forms at an appropriate age level and in an appropriate way It is a very good book and I highly recommend it I would say that this book is for 2 6 or so I m not sure on that high end, maybe higher depending upon if they are reading it themselves But, it s definately something for a 2 year old to grow with into. Snowy Days Are Such Fun Snowmen, Snowflakes And Footprints In The Snow Little Ones Can Discover All The Fun You Can Have In The Snow And What Animals Do When It S Snowy, Exploring The Hushed Snowy Woods Until It S Time To Go Home With Simple Text And Gorgeous Illustrations From Elena Temporin Throughout