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Get Expert Insights From National Geographic Explorer And Volcanologist Arianna Soldati In This Lava Hot Book, Exploding With The Latest, Most Up To Date Geological Intel Straight From The FieldPlunge Deep Beneath Earth S Crust To Find Out How Volcanoes Form Get Up Close To Clouds Of Ash And Molten Lava Learn About The Biggest, Most Extreme Volcanic Eruptions To Date On The Hunt For Incredible Volcanoes, You Ll Travel Around The Globe, Dive Into The Depths Of The Oceans, Journey Into Space And So Much History S Most Famous Volcanic Eruptions Are All Included Vesuveus, Mauna Loa, Stromboli, Mount Etna, Olympus Mons, And With Special Features, Sidebars, Wacky Trivia, And , It S The Ultimate Book To Help YOU Become An Absolute Expert On One Of Your Favorite Subjects In some places people learn to live with tornados, earthquakes, fires and floods, but could you live in a place where volcanoes can erupt at any moment This guide will answer all of your questions Readers will learn where active volcanoes are, how they are made, how to live with them and how scientists navigate around them on land and under the water.Did you know that the moon has volcanoes Researchers discovered lava tubes running under the surface Did you know that there are tiny organisms like Methanopyrus Kandleri that can live and survive in the extreme heat of a volcanoe A volcanoes lava erupst black, dries white, and then turns into powder This guide has some amazing survival stories too There is a system that was designed to measure the strength of a volcanic blast it is called Volcanic Explosivity Index or VEI.Readers who are curious about volcanoes will find amazing photos, illustrations, activities to create an eruption and evenresources for eager scientists Parents and teachers will love this guide for any library It s small size is great for travel too. I ll admit that the very thought of being around an erupting volcano is fiercely frightening to me The intensity of a stupendous eruption from beneath the earth, the debris, the heat, the force, the destruction are fearfully amazing.After perusing Absolute Expert Volcanoes a bit I can see that aside from the frank and absolute destruction, that actual good can benefit mankind.I thought the recovery from volcanic destruction would be hundreds of years However, information in this book shows that recovery begins shortly after the eruption in the form of fungi that begins to sprout and begin its work of breaking down materials left behind and then new growth begins Amazing Also, man has begun to harness the power of geothermal think volcano thermal to generate power And even gardens can benefit from the ash left behind.The book looks at volcanic action on an extraterrestrial level as well with information about activity on various celestial bodies.I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review Opinions are mine alone and are freely given.