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Where In The World Can You Find Red Hot Volcanic Rocks The Size Of Cars Visit Geysers That Could Boil You Alive Sniff Some Stinky Sulphur Find Out In This Brand New Edition Of Violent Volcanoes Fully Updated For

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    a great read for my 7 year old studying volcanoes

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    My grandchildren loved this book

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    Does Geography grind you down Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rock piles and pathetic pie charts Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you venture into the fiery world of Violent Volcanoes Marvel at red hot volcanic rocks the size of cars.Tremble before geysers that could boil you alive.Gasp at stinky sulphur that smells just like rotten eggs.Cheer for the prisoner who is saved from death by an eruption.And if that is not violent enough for you.read the diaries of volcano survivors, get clued up with the spotter s guide to eruptions and plan an explosive holiday with our volcano vacation guide.It s earth shatteringly exciting Geography has never been so horrible 128 pages, split over 10 chapters IntroductionA very violent volcanoHorrible hot spotsGoing out with a bang Spit it outViolent volcano visitorHorrible high lifeStaying aliveViolent volcano studyNot so violent volcanoes Written with the typical humour of this series of books, in a variety of fonts, interspersed with numerous black and white illustrations cartoons.

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    I love these Horrible Geography books, they are written in such a way that the facts are told to the reader but in an exciting way, so that it holds your interest I bought this book for my 6 year old son, and after reading it to him, I re read it myself as it was so interesting and entertaining I will definately be purchasing in the series.

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    My first book as I learnt about volcanoes