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I bought this book for my granddaughter, she loves it and would like to have all the Gaia books.I shall look for. Extremely well written for an audience of 5th 9th grade students In the first part of the book, the author clarifies what we know about climate change while also addressing common myths and misunderstandings In the second part of the book, Gaia warriors are revealed that is people who are striving to save the planet in noteworthy ways are being revealed At the same time, these ideas are a call to action for the reader and many are within our reach of doing These ideas are not the same old either Dressing for the climate, a two page spread on one designer who is up cycling used clothes for her fashion line is one example of the innovation discussed in the book The layout and design of this book is fabulously appealing and engaging with quotes, photos, diagrams, illustrations, etc and a decent size print which aids the reader when the author describes complex concepts early on in the book Across the book, you, the reader, meet lots and lots of young people, scientists, and activists and when you are done with book, you feel like you ve met an entire world wide community and hopefully, you re inspired This would be a great book to read in small groups in the middle school science classroom or to adopt as a book in common at a middle school. A Book About Climate Change Like No Other A Collaboration Between The Inventor Of Gaia Theory And An Award Winning Non Fiction Writer For Children That Explains The Science And Answers The Commonly Asked Questions About Global WarmingThis Book Contains Interviews With Gaia Warriors All Over The World Who Are Working In Fashion, Architecture, Conservation, Research, The Law And Food Who Are Campaigning For People To Switch Off Lights, Cycle , Fly Less Who Are Trying To Live Differently And To Change Minds And Having Fun Doing It