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What In The World Is A Tornado In This Age Of Extreme Weather, Gail Gibbons Informative Introduction To Tornadoes Answers All Your QuestionsTornadoes Form When Hot, Humid Air Rises From The Ground And Meets With The Cooler, Denser Air That Is Falling Back To Earth The Two Airstreams Begin To Swirl, Pulling In And Air To Form A Funnel Shaped Cloud The Winds Can Swirl Faster ThanMiles Per Hour Using Her Praised Combination Of Clear Text And Detailed Illustrations, Gail Gibbons Shares Tornado Facts Including How Tornadoes Form, The Scale Used For Classifying Them, And The Safest Places To Go In Case One Should Happen Near You Featuring Simple, Kid Friendly Text, Colorful Paintings, And Well Labeled Diagrams, Gail Gibbons Nonfiction Titles Have Been Called Staples Of Any Collection Kirkus Reviews And Offer Clear, Accessible Introductions To Complex Topics For Young Readers Beginning To Explore The World

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    Bought as a gift for someone who was obsessed with tornadoes at the time He loved it

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    This was a Christmas present for my 8yr old grandson who loved it.

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    Excellent book for any I retested youngsters

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    My son was asked to do a project on a type of weather and he selected Tornadoes I purchased this book for him to read for his fact finding My son is in 2nd grade We went through the book several times and I will say that it is very well done It is highly informative about tornadoes, chock full of facts, and the pictures do a good job of representing a tornado I actually learned quite a bit myself that I was not aware of.HOWEVER, I strongly disagree with giving this book an age classification of 6 and up as it is classified on I would venture to say that most kids in this age range are not mature enough to handle the full details about tornadoes presented throughout this book My son is very mature for his age and just a few weeks shy of being 8 Yet this book was just way too much for him He actually got very teary at the end of the book and started asking me all kind of questions Yes, I m glad he learned a lot from the book, but I would say this is appropriate reading material for an older child The book is vey explanatory and even talks about how may people died in one of the worst tonadoes in history In addition, as we happen to live in Florida and one of the states called out as having a large number of tornadoes this became a huge fear factor for him I don t feel that the end of the story made him feel assured in it s closure that he would be safe.So, in a nut shell, you know your child best This book is very well done for a child with the right age and maturity For me, I wish I hadn t made the purchase and waited until he was a bit older I d venture to say like 4th or 5th grade Keep in mind that my child normally has no problems with things that are fairly intense like star wars movies and such yet this book totally frightened him Probably because it s a little too real to life.

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    My 4 year old son has recently become fascinated with extreme weather, especially tornadoes We got him this book for Christmas and he has literally read it every night for at least three weeks now and is starting to memorize it This book touches on the science of tornadoes nothing too complicated , clearly explains the EF levels 0 5 with great graphics not too scary my son loves comparing the detailed before and after pictures of destruction for each EF level , highlights a couple of major historical tornadoes and their impacts, discusses how meteorologists track tornadoes, and provides great info on what to do if you re in a tornado It covers it all Thanks to this book, my son has learned SO much and it s only fed his fascination of tornadoes and I m amazed that he can say words like cumulonimbus cloud now, he can name all the states in tornado alley, and knows exactly what to do if a tornado watch or warning is in effect I m so glad I found this book for him

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    My son age 5 loves tornadoes and extreme weather He liked all the science information in this book It explained how tornadoes form and the Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale with both wind speeds and pictures to illustrate what damage could occur We have a few Gail Gibbons books and I like her watercolor and ink illustrations This book also includes information on the damage and death caused by two historic tornadoes in the U.S This was a great beginner book for my son s interest.

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    My son is so into weather something it s hard to talk about anything else This book has proper wording for a kid his age He loves the pictures and it really explains the formation of tornadoes as simple as possible Highly recommend.

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    The cover makes it appear as though it may be TOO childish as a resource for a 10 year old s science fair project but it s SO PERFECT Learn how tornados form, how the EF Scale came about and what it means, and much This book is AMAZING it ended up being the single most useful resource for my daughter.