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Acclaimed Alaskan Duo Debbie S Miller And Jon Van Zyle Bring The Beautiful And Mysterious Arctic Lands To Life In This Smart, Stunning Picture BookImagine A Land Where The Sun Rises At Am In The Summer And Shines For Less Than Four Hours On A Winter S Day The Animals In The Wilderness Near Fairbanks, Alaska, Witness Some Of The World S Greatest Temperature Extremes And Light Variations Ever Year At An Average Low OfDegrees Fahrenheit, The Winters May Be Unpleasantly Frigid, But The Light Shows Are Always Glorious

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    Lovely reference book Too old for my 4 6 year old group.

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    I read this book as an adult simply for pleasure I think it goes beyond being appealing only to children because it captures with an intense sense of wonder this faraway place in the world, it speaks to people of any age who still feel a thrill when they view a beautiful sunset.The collaboration of author and illustrator is almost musical Debbie S Miller is a natural lyrical writer, and Jon Van Zyle meets her with very moving acrylic paintings on the same level And that level is artistry at its best In fact, I am so impressed that I put several collaborations of the two on my wish list for future enjoyment.The enjoyment of this particular book is being introduced to a faraway place that, for me at least, one knows little about It is like opening a door to a treasure trove here is the snowshoe hare whose coat is brown in summer, white in winter here is the cow moose that I had never even heard of bears, ground squirrels, wolves, trumpeter swans are just a few of the Artic inhabitants.One learns of the most extraordinary weather, formation of clouds and what blinks are, the awesome changing light, what sun dogs are, and what is exactly meant by the term Midnight Sun And, of course, the northern lights which I have always longed to see.Enchanting is the best word I can think of to sum up this book Ms Miller has a natural gift for choosing the right words And the illustrations are perfect.

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    This book is wonderful Each page represents a month, Jan 21, Feb 21, etc The hours of daylight night are listed at the top The illustrations are beautifully done As you go through the book it describes in a story like way how each animal reacts to the change of seasons I just used this for a read along The kids and parents all loved the book I highly recommend it

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    This is a beautifully done little book My kids and I enjoy reading it together.

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    Very good book to explain day and night patterns in the Artic Relevant for first grade NGSS standards.

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    Beautiful pictures Informative story.