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Former Vice President Al Gore S New York Times Bestselling Book Is A Daring Call To Action, Exposing The Shocking Reality Of How Humankind Has Aided In The Destruction Of Our Planet And The Future We Face If We Do Not Take Action To Stop Global Warming Now, Viking Has Adapted This Book For The Most Important Audience Of All Today S Youth, Who Have No Choice But To Confront This Climate Crisis Head OnDramatic Full Color Photos, Illustrations, And Graphs Combine With Gore S Effective And Clear Writing To Explain Global Warming In Very Real Terms What It Is, What Causes It, And What Will Happen If We Continue To Ignore It An Inconvenient Truth Will Change The Way Young People Understand Global Warming And Hopefully Inspire Them To Help Change The Course Of History Don t waste your money on this Mr Gore claims that there is a normal temperature for the Earth, when there is no such thing For the past 3500 years, the world has periodically cycled between hotter than today and colder There were no coal fired plants, airplanes, automobiles, or internal combustion engines for the climate alarmists to blame those shifts on Environmentalism is about ENSLAVING the earth, not saving it. Before I read this book I hadn t had any information about Mr Gore s climate change activities I had some doubts about his Nobel prize I believed to malicious comments like He won Nobel for slide show.Now, I think that Mr Gore deserved much than Nobel prize The slide show, the book and the movie are the best channels for dissemination of information related to all of us I think that his contribution to rising awareness about dangerous climate change was critical in past years.I strongly recommend this book The book is rich in scientific facts as well as in personal observations and reflections.The book is indispensable reading for any person who wants to participate in so called generational mission climate change mitigation which should ensure our survival on this planet. Some useful data and commentary a kind of snapshot in time A mix of text and graphics which makes this fairly accessible. Excellent stuff Really This book is for Romper Room Very few facts, if any Hardly any science What a joke And this is what all the panic and anger is about 408 ppm of CO2 That s.04% You know CO2 is plant food, right It s the air they breathe Oh well, I guess that s the mentality of the world, influenced by fake news Of course there may be a problem, it might even be partially aided by mankind But you re not going to get there from this idiotic book I guess I really shouldn t be surprised a quack like Al Gore wrote such a nonsense book. Received in good condition, had to have a copy. Very useful thanks Ten years on, we find it was all a pack of lies.But Gore s bank balance has grown