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There seems to be something compelling about hearing disaster stories Especially if they happen to someone else And to be honest, I m no different in that regard When I think about what it is that draws me to these stories I come up with three reasons it makes me happy to be living my own life, I admire the determination and courage that often shines through in such stories not that everyone behaves that way , and I m looking for ideas for how I could survive if such a thing ever happened to me.Young readers aren t any different than older readers when it comes to disaster stories And true disaster stories are especially appealing for some readers This nonfiction companion to Tarshis s historical fiction series I Survived, takes a look at real disasters that have occurred that involved children The stories in this second volume of the True Stories series looks at a shark attack, a jellyfish accident, a volcanic eruption and a wildfire Tarshis briefly shares each story after which she includes some interesting back matter including photographs, historical living, statistics when available , her sources, and related topics This book is bound to send students looking for other such stories and information about these topics and stories As a librarian, I especially appreciated her explaining about the research she does before writing each story. From The Author Of The New York Times Bestselling I Survived Series Come Four Harrowing True Stories Of Survival, Featuring Real Kids In The Midst Of Epic DisastersAL KIDS REAL DISASTERS The Author Of The New York Times Bestselling I Survived Series Brings Us Harrowing True Stories Of Real Kids Up Against Terrible Forces Of Nature From Fourteen Year Old Lone Survivor Of The Shark Attacks Of , To Nine Year Old Who Survived The Peshtigo Fire Of Which Took Place On The Very Same Day In History As The Great Chicago Fire , Here Are Four Unforgettable Survivors Who Managed To Beat The Odds Read Their Incredible Stories The Deadly Shark Attacks Of The Great Peshtigo Fire Of A Venomous Box Jellyfish AttackThe Eruption Of Mount Tambora This series of books has captured the imagination of my 11 year old grandson The books are all based on real events written in a way that young minds can grasp and identify with The kids are learning true stuff without even realizing it How wonderfully sneaky is that Thank you, Lauren Tarshis I kids love I survived books And my youngest loves sharks So this book was perfect It s great So interesting also And I love that it s true stories. My nephew loves these books He s not a big reader but they held his attention really well and he was excited about the story lines It s neat how they get some accurate history along with an interesting story line.