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My 9 year old God daughter adores this book She s very interested in climate science and this was perfect She had no trouble with the material and got a kick out of the videos you can get with the downloadable content. my son was very happy with it A Comprehensive Modern Reference Book All About Disasters For Expert Readers In This Exciting Addition To S Discover More Series, Follow A Tornado Chaser Into The Heart Of A Storm, Track The Path Taken By A Hurricane As It Sweeps The Ocean, Or Find Out Which Natural Disaster Is The World S Worst Killer Easy To Follow, Step By Step Illustrations Show How Natural Disasters Occur And The Destruction They Wreak Timelines Show Events Unfolding Minute By Minute Or Hour By Hour Read Eyewitness Accounts From People Who Have Lived To Tell The Tale And Mind Blowing, Up To The Minute Facts And Figures